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I love performing live - I can't get enough of it!
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19 Jan 2015
What d'ya think? Would this CL ad interest you enough to call? Does it tell you enough? Does it narrow things down too much? Before I post it, I'm getting my ducks in a row, so I figured while I do that, I would try to get some feedback from you on how to refine the ad.



I'm a guitarist/singer starting an "original" indie/rock/metal project
I'm seeking a bassist/drummer/keyboardist able to sing (gender doesn't matter).

If you enjoy the musicality & complexity of bands like the following (in no intentional order),
then you may be interested in the musical direction of this project.

Katatonia / Cult / Opeth / Alice in Ch / Fleetwood Mac / Triumph / Silverchair / Civil Wars

Short term goal:
Perform under-played covers (plugged & unplugged) exceptionally well at open mics, and random venues,
for fun/practice and perhaps even pay if I can create the opportunity.
Entertaining is one of the joys of music right?

Long term goal:
Write, record and perform originals - perhaps take a short vacation/tour of the country-side.

1. have your own pro-gear
2. possess relative pitch / ability to sing in-key
3. are able to commit to an agreed apon (fixed) day of the Week to practice/write as a group.

1. able to play softly / tastefully
2. able to play loudly / aggressively
3. able/desiring to play other percussion instrument(s) in unplugged environment

1. able to play with a pick (for sound definition)
2. able to play back-beat rhythms
3. able to keep time without a drummer
4. able to fast-drone consistent 16th notes for duration

1. Able to create sound-scapes like John Horner?
2. Able to control / sample sounds / wurlitzer?

You don't need to be a "pro", but you do need to be proficient at your instrument.
You also need to be notably disciplined in your practice regimen because of set goals.

Wanna kick things off ? Let's try each other on at an open mic.

call me to arrange the date/location/3 songs to perform

Chris ~
9 Dec 2014
What a great show.

In Flames was incredible. The light show was spectacular, and pretty much blinded me - couldn't take pictures because the lights kept blaring right into my face haha.

Opeth played all their greatest 80's 90's music. It was amazing fun. Windowpane, Leper affinity, Deliverance among some of the songs.

Oddly, between sets, when Opeth was setting up stage, one of the stage hands tripped over some stage snake wires and fell head first just to the right of me between the stage and the rails set up to keep the crowd back. Huge thud shook the floor - i thought the guy broke his neck - took 15 minutes before they could move him. They had to rack him and carry him out to an ambulance. As he was passing in front of me, he raised his hand and gave the crowd the horns to let us know he was gonna be o.k. I shook the guys hand as he passed by.

Here's a pic from my vantage point ~


Anyways - here are some photos from front row - I managed to get up front for both bands.
I got some video, but there were crowd surfers who continually got pushed to the front over my head so I had to cut out every now and again so I didn't get my head kicked in smile.gif

Michael Akerfelt - lost 30 lbs I'm guessing. The guy's a rail now

Fredrik Akesson

Uploading vids - will link later.

15 Nov 2014
commercial song writing - what labels / consumers are looking for - pretty interesting.

Faster to read these than watch the video
Part 1

Part 2

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Happy birthday man!
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Todd Simpson
Great thread with the Metal Modeling idea! I posted my .wav file just now. Let me know what you think.
12 May 2010 - 3:08


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