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26 Jun 2014
... because I need all the help I can get.

But this ain't really about me. It's about an interesting article I just read. A journalist in Kansas City mailed out her picture to 27 different designers around the world and asked them to make her beautiful, according to what is beautiful in their own country. It's really interesting to see the extent some of them modified her picture.

My favorite is her original picture. I really don't think she needs any help at all because she is naturally quite beautiful. But of the ones that were touched, the Italians and the Romanians did the most tasteful work. It seems like they prefer a more natural look.

However, the UK and the US dropped the ball on this one. What the hell is that?! Reminds me of the Korn song "Freak on a Leash". She doesn't even look human. I guess this means we're the most superficial? Of course, it's kind of silly to draw such broad conclusions from a simple social experiment.

30 May 2014
Not much to say really....

28 May 2014
I don't really listen to Byzantine, but I really like this song. I like how the chords sound in the chorus, because even though it's distorted it still sounds clear and provides an effect I really can't describe.

But I can't figure out the chords laugh.gif
25 May 2014
Check out this cover where he uses a Marshall Jubilee. Sounds pretty killer. This is the tone I want!

..... teeheehee.... I feel a little wicked.... the savvy will know why..... lol
24 May 2014
The guitar equipment industry is massive and diverse. There are few other industries that I know of that have as many manufacturers for such a small segment of consumers. It's also an industry that has survived the trend of outsourcing manufacturing to Southeast Asia. Sure, much of the equipment that is on the market today is produced in a Chinese sweatshop, but the boutique industry in North America/Europe is alive and well. In fact, having a sticker that says, "Made in USA" or "Made in UK" is actually a marketing asset. There is a demand for American/British/European goods, and wherever there is a demand, there is a supplier trying to satisfy it.

This has caused a flood of amps, pedals, and guitars in to the market. Some of it is great, some not so great. Some have sold well, while others have gotten pushed to the side. This doesn't mean that the equipment was bad, but its relegation into obscurity was usually the result of poor marketing, and finicky consumers. Guitarists are not savvy consumers, but rather emotional ones.

One classic example of this is the Ampeg VL series amps. In the early 90's, Ampeg, traditionally known for their bass equipment, decided they wanted a piece of the booming high gain amp market. In order to produce a competitive product, they brought on board Lee Jackson, who earned his fame modding Marshalls for many of the famous 80's metal bands. Together they produced a great amp, but it had one fatal flaw - the badge. Nobody wanted an amp produced by a vintage bass company.

Today you can find one of these amps in the $300-500 range. I seen one not too long ago for $350, but unfortunately I did not have the money at the time to drop on yet another amp head.

Here are a few other pieces of sleeper equipment:
- Peavey Rockmaster preamp
- Crate Blue Voodoo
- Acoustic GT-50

So, what sleeper equipment do you know of?

It doesn't have to be manufactured in the west, or even a discontinued model. I'm curious what other storied pieces of equipment are out there that killer performers.

P.S. - I know I'm kind of stretching the use of the word "sleeper", but I couldn't think of a more suitable word tongue.gif
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