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26 Apr 2015
Check out this video of young Green Day playing at a high school gig:

Recently I also saw some young days photos of the Iron Maiden when they were kids and man it really is amazing when you think more about it. For example above we can see Green Day playing at a high school with bare minimum of gear and everything. The truth is that we ALL (musicians) start at the same place and to through the similar path. In the video above we can hear a young band playing their songs and they rock. You can hear that they are really good and love what they are doing even with very few people in the audience. They did what they loved, played all the gigs and look what they did. I saw them live few years back here in Belgrade, Serbia on a huge stage and they've put on a great show. Now what is amazing is that if you'd tell those kids at that time about what they are about to accomplish and do with their music and where it would take them it would probably seem over the top, crazy and impossible. But, they did it! I really believe that nothing is impossible, especially when it comes to music. We just need to believe and dream. Worst thing is to get stuck dreaming and never give it a try. As long as you have dreams, you can do it you just need to try and give your best.

I think that the above video is very humbling and gives a good perspective on some things as sometimes when we look at successful musicians, there is a tendency to skip or forget how they got there. They didn't teleport there or just miraculously did it rather they must have gone through all the practice, ups and downs, frustration, crappy gigs, composing tons of (bad) songs and then more practice till they got where they wanted to go or dreamed of. Everything is in our own hands.

Now another video here:

There we can see a 7 years old Novak Djokovic, currently ranked number 1 tennis player in the world. What is noticeable is that he really knows what he'd like to do. He used to dream about the Wimbledon title and would practice lifting the make believe trophy. At that time, it (becoming world number 1) was something which most if not everyone would consider impossible but yet, he did it. How? Practice!

Where did he start? At the same place everyone else did.


Here are a few photos from my personal archive (can you find me in them? smile.gif ) :

Attached Image
In this one (if I remember correctly), we should be able to see Novak Djokovic and Viktor Troicki both ATP ranked players.

Attached Image
I think that there is young Novak Djokovic in this one as well.

Both are from tennis tournaments organized by Tennis association of Serbia played at the coolest courts in Belgrade. Those courts are now completely rebuilt, owned by Novak and bear his name. If you'd tell that kid back then that he would make it, well - it would seem impossible right? It's NOT! smile.gif

This is just something to think about, I hope that it will inspire you as much as it inspires me when thinking about practice, music and making progress. The only wrong thing we can do is not to dream big and try.
13 Apr 2015
Hey everyone smile.gif

I always like to look for good music gear deals, even though I'm not really buying rather just window shopping. As I know that getting a home studio setup can feel complicated and sometimes intimidating to beginners, I was wondering if it would be a good idea to try to get together some suggested setups? We could do it together finding the "best bang for the buck" gear and then posting it neatly in organized manner explaining the setup.

We can get started here:


* PC or Mac computer
* audio interface :
* monitors :
* software :
* other gear :

Intended purpose of the setup: record guitars at home over backing tracks. Being able to create simple backing tracks using free plugins and record guitar over them. This setup should be based on software only, no real guitar amp should be needed. This setup should also be as budget friendly as possible.


I'll go first and suggest some possible components for the above setup :

* PC or Mac computer (can someone help me what would be the minimum required configuration where intended purpose of the setup could be achieved on?)

* Audio interface : since this setup is intended for recording guitars only, an interface with a guitar input should be enough. I personally have experience with POD Studio GX ($99). My second choice in this price range would be Focusrite Scarlett Solo. I like the POD Studio GX as an option as it comes with POD Farm software which allows for guitar amp and cabinet simulation right out of the box.

What do you think about the above audio interfaces? Does anyone have experience with any cheaper options which allow for recording guitar and doing in the computer mixing/midi programming of backing tracks?

* monitors : now at this intended use of the setup, I don't think real monitors are actually needed. A nice 2.1 computer sound system can do a nice job as well. Now, does anyone have any recommendations for "Best value for the buck" 2.1 computer speakers system? Or if real music monitors can be got for the same price, then that would present the better option I guess?

* software : I think the choice here is pretty straightforward and it would be - Reaper as the DAW (digital audio workstation or audio recording software). In case of using POD Studio GX, software for simulating a guitar amp/cabinet would not be necessary. To produce backing tracks, I'd suggest starting out with Addictive Drums 2 trial (it offers functional but limited drum kit). Again, I need your help choosing a free bass VST as well as some other instrument VSTs which are free (for piano, strings, organ etc).

* other gear : for this setup one would need a guitar cable to connect to the audio interface. Also cables or adapters will be needed to connect the PC speakers (or monitor speakers) to the audio interface.

I'd like to invite everyone to share their opinions and gear suggestions in setting up ultimate "my first home studio" setup smile.gif
23 Mar 2015
When I was a kid, even though my family doesn't really any musicians, I have always got support to start playing. At the very beginning, I was very interested in learning how to play the piano. All I was interested was to play rock n roll / oldies music and this is what I would imagine me playing on the piano :

After a long time of playing small kid keyboards I borrowed from a friend, my parents got me nice 5-octaves "arranger" keyboards which I spent hours playing smile.gif
Later on, quite later I have shown interest in playing the guitar - this was mainly in order to be able to enter a local school band.

Now to cut the long story short, I must say that looking back now I was very lucky to receive support from my parents when it comes to music. Of course, there were tons of moments where I would play (loud) and I would get : "turn that down immediately and similar comments" which I would literally see as "sabotaging my musical career hahahah smile.gif" . I'm so glad now that I picked up music as a kid and stayed with it as it makes me really happy and it is what I like to do. Of course, I can't blame any parents in not having a belief in music as a choice for their kids but it must be extremely hard for those to stick to playing in such non supporting environment? I made it a bit easier for my parents as my school grades didn't suffer much so they didn't have that "excuse" for limiting me.

How are your experiences with parents and the choice of playing music as a hobby or way of life? smile.gif
16 Feb 2015
I found this idea and video pretty awesome. I can't stop listening to it, there is something contagious about it smile.gif
It is really amazing what kind of music he gets just by mixing back and forth between guitar signal which is live and 4 seconds delayed.

13 Feb 2015
Just found this: http://playback.fm/birthday-song

It allows you to find out which song was #1 on the day you were born. Have no idea about the accuracy of the data though smile.gif

Here is mine:

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