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Bogdan Radovic
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Belgrade, Serbia
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Music,bass guitar,composing,tennis
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2 Apr 2014
Just saw this video shared on FB - now that is how you end it with a "bang" smile.gif

10 Feb 2014
Just read this article : http://www.cleveland.com/popmusic/index.ss...c_guitar_g.html

There are pictures of the guitar available in the link above. I was curious about that is that sticky tape doing on the guitar body and why are they preserving it and then I saw a close up picture in the gallery that it is actually a set list!?

How cool is that?
I would usually have a set list on the floor or on the amp, neither one was very comfortable to me when performing live. If it is on the amp, I would have to turn my back to the audience and if it is on the floor, I would need to walk to it and stare at it to read it. John Lennon's solution seems to be most practical, discrete and private smile.gif

It is amazing how much care do they take when transporting/displaying it, same as with any history relics.
4 Feb 2014
Hey - has anyone watched the Super Bowl? smile.gif

It was my first time watching a Superbowl (and actually following a American Football match) and it was very fun as I was cheering for Seahawks. There was a live broadcast in HD here on FOX tv. I was pleasantly surprised and blown away how cool was the half time show smile.gif That Bruno Mars vocals guy dances like James Brown. It was awesome to see RHCP (one of my favorite bands) perform.

Now what surprised me later on when watching the recordings on youtube is that RHCP played unplugged?! smile.gif
I'm not sure I have ever watched so real looking playback show. They seem to have recorded a live sounding backing track, all with the improvised mid section of the song (Give it away) and added Bruno Mars layers... Very interesting approach indeed and now I wonder, was everything playback? I suppose they had the no vocals backing and that Anthony was singing live? Were drums played live too or were they comming of the backing track.

All in all - if you haven't watched it, check it out here. It was quite a performance smile.gif
17 Jan 2014
Hey guys - I was wondering if you have noticed this latest trend in the Hollywood movies where they bring back old school stars to the screen?

I think they are still brilliant and very inspiring, especially if we take in account their age.
I'm also very happy to see more of Arnold movies lately smile.gif
26 Dec 2013
I was recently thinking about the guitar amps and trying to guess the trends future calls for.
As with everything nowadays - amps are getting smaller as well.

I have especially noticed this with bass amps - there are some monster heads out there that can fit in your gig bag pocket.
Also there are lots of small guitar amp heads like Suhr Corso, Vox Lil Night Train, Orange Dark Terror etc...

This has led me to think, do we really need big rigs nowadays?

Sound is most important of course, but do we need bulky amps with tons of power?

This was my gigs philosophy when it comes to gigs space vs amp power :

1. Small clubs

In this space the amp usually is not mic-ed. Sound is comming of the stage. Amp needs to be reasonably loud to compete with the drums. Usually 50w solid state amp works extremely well in this situation.

2. Medium to large clubs

Here the band is getting mic-ed and everything goes to PA system. Stage volume is rather low and amps are used as monitoring.

3. Large venues/festivals etc

Here the full band is getting mic-ed + there are on stage monitors guaranteed. Again, stage volume is rather low and monitoring is mainly from on stage monitors assigned to each band member. What I have noticed on big stages is that you usually don't hear much of the amp sound on stage, especially if its an outdoor gig.

I suppose old amps always strived for power as they were used as primary sound source on gigs and sometimes only vocals would go on PA, even on larger gigs etc.

This has led me to think, when do we need to utilize huge rigs and high volume from the amp itself in these modern days?
What do you think guys?

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