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Bogdan Radovic
GMC Admin & Bass Instructor
29 years old
Belgrade, Serbia
Born Jan-7-1986
Music,bass guitar,composing,tennis
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17 Aug 2015
After reading an article about Flea from RHCP keeping bees: http://edition.cnn.com/2015/08/17/entertai...feat/index.html

....and seeing some photos of him as well as watching some recent Iron Maiden live shows on Youtube it just hit me : man, my favorite bands and artists are getting old! sad.gif

This makes me wonder, which young bands we can expect to continue the legacy of Metallica, Iron Maiden, RHCP and others?

Please share clips of young yet popular bands which have what it takes to become legendary as the ones mentioned above - I'd love to check them out.
17 Aug 2015
Anyone good at any of the sports? smile.gif

As I kid I tried the usual, basketball, football, volleyball and handball and I must say I was never really good at any of them. Especially at basketball and football which we played a lot growing up. Then, I tried tennis just out of the blue and fact that we "friends from the neighbourhood" thought it was hip and bam - I found my sport smile.gif I am the only one who persisted and stick with it and I still enjoy playing it today.

What makes me think is that we always need to try different things to find what we are really good at or what we feel good about. I'm sure that if I trained hard, I could have been better at football or basketball but then again with tennis - it just felt more natural and ultimately fun. Same with the instrument, my first contact with a music instrument was probably the flute in the grade school and piano. Although even though till this day I perceive the piano as an amazing instrument and something I wish I was better at - guitar and later bass were my instruments. I don't believe I was talented or something (I dare to say I think opposite actually) - but it just felt good and fun to practice.

Sorry for getting off topic, what is your sport of choice and are you actively training/getting a chance to play it?
27 Jun 2015
Hey community! smile.gif

I've got this question via email from a fellow musician who needs help in quoting an approximate value of the guitar, this is what he is working with:

1991 Ibanez 450S
Excellent/Very Excellent condition
Color: Blue Night
Original Pickups - V1 S1 V2
Original Edge Trem

Does anyone know would be the price quote/value of this one?
11 Jun 2015
Hey GMC'ers!

I'm happy to bring you a new collab and this one is all about the feelings! Let the rain or sun influence your mood when playing your take, anything goes here. Get angry, sad, happy - let the backing track move you. The track was made by Javier Aviles and is taken from this lesson.

BACKING TRACK: Attached File  Feelings_Collab_85_bpm.mp3 ( 2.33MB ) Number of downloads: 250

Jam Track for practicing: Attached File  Jam_Track_85_bpm.mp3 ( 10.59MB ) Number of downloads: 135

Tempo: 85 bpm


Bb | Cm | Cm | Eb
Bb | Fm | Ab | Eb x3
Eb | Bb | Cm

Needed: melodic lead lines and solos!


When you decide on your final take, please submit two audio files:

1. Your solo without the backing track.
2. Your solo mixed with the backing track for reference.

Please feel free to let me know if this is your first collab and if you need more info on how these work and how to produce the needed files, I'll be glad to help you out!

Deadline: 15th of July

Who is up for it?

Participants: fzalfa, Kristofer Dahl, bleez, Phil66, Chris S, Opetholic, Jim S, Ricky9, Marek Rojewski, Nick6373, Piotr Kaczor.....
8 Jun 2015
Hey guys, just wanted to share a new music video my band just published smile.gif

We've finished recording the first album and it should come out in a few months, it was a great experience for me and I was involved in composing/recording of 4 songs. I'm really looking forward to see the feedback we get when it goes out as the music style we play is a bit rare in our country. I didn't play bass in this song so I'm just the actor this time hehe smile.gif

In short the song is about broken love and the title in rough translation means : I don't see us

Hope you like it smile.gif
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Greetings Bjaron
7 Jan 2010 - 23:30
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1 Aug 2009 - 13:27
Hi Bogdan, thanks for the add! :) Any chance of some Heavy or Thrash Metal bass lessons? ;) Even if that's not your style really, am I right? :)
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