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15 Dec 2014
Read this thread about ear training has got me thinking on the following: how good is music training in schools in your country?

In my country we have "music class" for 8 years of primary school. It was around 2 classes per week.
I personally loved those classes as we had a piano in the classroom on which I'd play some boogie rock when I get a chance and manage to "hack" the lock on it between classes laugh.gif

But thinking now back, I think those classes were pretty poorly organized and didn't bring much value. For example, we were all playing some kind of basic flute (not sure what is the correct term). Also, teachers were not playing the piano for us or very rarely sad.gif I remember being amazed when a teacher or musical school student would get to perform for us. Such thing was a huge highlight for me and it was so inspiring. It was organized in such a way that all kids got good grades whatever they did so no one really tried any harder to learn something.

We had some basic theory and learned some songs like twinkle twinkle little star.

I have a vivid moment when a music teacher caught me playing piano on the "pause" between classes and she was like: where did you learn to play like that? I was like : "well....midi files found online? smile.gif You get all the notes if you look at the piano roll laugh.gif". She didn't know what I was talking about.

I think music classes are extremely important but somehow at least in my country, those "Art" classes never get understood seriously (unlike physics, math etc). Same thing with "Painting classes", yet good musical training for young kids feels important?
I for one got fascinated with music and playing at the early age and those classes, even though looking back poorly organized were my highlights of the school week. Too bad we didn't have something more comprehensive or modern.

What is/was the situation in schools where you live?
26 Nov 2014
Here is a random thought smile.gif

I don't know if I'm just imagining or if it something else but always when I hear modern country pop/rock songs on the radio, I always get the impression that the guitars were recorded using software modeling or devices like Axe Fx or Kemper. There is something in the sound which gives me these vibes, I'm not sure what.

Some examples :

...or maybe it's just the type of mastering they do on the tracks which makes me thing this?
Somehow as if I'm getting "digital" vibes from the recordings.
27 Oct 2014
Hey everyone!

I thought it might be cool to have a thread which features links and info on how to track and date guitar serial numbers for different brands. I think it can be fun to know a little bit more about our instruments and try to dig up some history if possible.

As I have never did this myself before, please help me compose a useful resource for everyone to use as a reference when they need to get more details on their guitars based on the serial number.

Disclaimer: listed resources represent what I've found online. The accuracy of data found there is not guaranteed, except for Fender which I've had chance testing with one of my basses.

Let's add info for other brands, please do so by posting in this thread :
[Brand] - [Link to information about serial numbers]

Also, it would be cool to hear what you've found about your guitars by tracking the serial number and which of the listed methods for tracking serials are valid.



U.S. made Fender serial number dating charts

Mexican Made Fender serial number dating charts


Vintage Gibson serial numbers guide

Modern Gibson serial numbers guide (1975-Present)


Yamaha guitar and bass serial number dater


Epiphone serial numbers dating guide


Gretsch serial numbers dating information


ESP serial numbers chart


Ibanez serial numbers dating
Ibanez serial numbers - how to read


Identifying Charvel models from Japan


G&L Guitars and Basses serial numbers
G&L models chart


Parker serial number dating


General serial numbers quick reference overview for many different brands

Dating instruments using pots and other parts
Speaker codes and dating
Pot code dater/finder
16 Oct 2014
First I must admit that I have never bought a used guitar in my life.

Thinking about it, there were several reasons to it ranging from - who knows what I'll be getting to crazy ones like : guitar needs to be new so I can channel my musical energy into it laugh.gif

I have been told million times that buying used instruments is a good idea so I wanted to check with others what is the general consensus on it, do you prefer new or used and why? For example, I would hear an argument that guitar needs to be "played in". Is this a myth or there is some truth to it? Also that guitar sounds better as it ages, is this one true? Never really put much thought or research into it.
9 Oct 2014
I was reading another topic here in the forum and I was wondering, how many products (music gear related) are nowadays outsourced and made in other countries?

Does this still matter as much as it did in the past or the quality has increased over time.

Obviously countries like China has taken the lead role in manufacturing products the world consumes.
How much is there difference really between USA, Mexico, Indonesia, China and Japan made guitars in terms of sound?

I haven't been really following this, for example are Marshall amps still made in England?
Does it put you off when you see where the guitar was made if its foreign factory?
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