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17 Nov 2013
Hey there GMC,

I really love GMC but I do miss new classical guitar lessons such as those from Dejan Farkas or Gerardo Siere. They really did a great job but they don't seem to be around anymore. I understand that Electric Guitar styles have a broader fan base but some new lessons covering the warm and wonderful nylon guitar sound would be nice...So Kris...can't you hire a new instructor specialised in classical guitar? smile.gif
What do you guys think?!
Thank you...
23 Apr 2011
Hey GMC,
I wonder if somebody can help me out with a question of mine.
I am just playing some high gain distorted riffs which make use of to eights of xx scratch sound with the snare drum.
My problem that I don't really get that punchy percussive scratch out of my guitar. I know the theory behind it to lightly touch the strings and so on but when I do it there are too many overtones ringing from the strings.
I also find it quite difficult to change quickly between for example an open G Powerchord and immediately putting your hands flat on the strings again.
So how do I get rid of the overtones and produce really punchy percussive scratch even with high gain distortion?
Thanks for your help
9 Dec 2010
Hi there GMC,
I have a question about my Guitar a Jackson Soloist SL3MG. I bought it in April this year and I practice guitar almost everyday. For some time now it really bothers me, that I don't get nice clean sounds out of my guitar. If I strumm a little bit harder or pluck the strings harder there comes distortion very quckly. It has nothing to do with clipping of the channel stripps it is no overdrive. The problem also occurs on my amp ( I usually play through guitar rig and headphones). Strummed chords on the acoustic channel are always a little bit distorted when strummed a lil bit harder.
Now I have to admit that the Jackson was shipped with no manual at all even though I bought it entirely new. So that is the reason why I didn't really know that the EMG pickups are active ones and that's the reason why I wondered about the battery in my guitar the other day laugh.gif Please forgive me but I played a Fender Strat for 6 years and active pickups where totally new to me till this point
All in all my final question to all those out there using active pickups or have a clue about them...does the crappy clean sound has anything to do with the fact, that I haven't been changing the battery for the pickups so far??? I also have the impression that the general output of the guitar tends to get lower..How often do I have to change that battery? Is there a continuum meaning that the lower the battery the crappier the sound or is it just if it is empty there is no sound at all anymore and before that point it is all fine?
Please help me out with that?
22 Nov 2010
Hi there GMC,
I have a question concerning the scale degrees. When learning scales you actually have to learn the 5 major scales patterns only one time because they are all the same for every major mode. But what changes, are the scale degress within these patterns of course. I have learned all the position of the scale degress of the major scale now. My question is, as the position of the scale degress differs for every major mode, do I have to learn all 7 positions now? Because knowing where the scale degrees are is important for soloing right?
What do you think? This seems to be a lot of work...
19 Jul 2010
Hey there GMC,

are there any Logic 9 Users out there? Because I have a question about it.
Well, I am a proud owner of Logic and I'm a huge fan. There is much to learn but it is really worth it. I have a question though concerning all the guitar stuff in Logic namely AmpDesigner and PedalBoard and stuff.

What do you think about these? I have tried them out and I think the sound is pretty decent even though I haven't find a Distortion Lead Sound which really fits my taste...
Do you think they are really just as good as the toneport or guitar rig tones? Because I wonder the following...all those devices are more or less external soundcards which are also specifically made for guitar so the tone must be very decent. I used to own UX toneport 2 and the tone was very good indeed. Then I changed it Korg Pandora PX5D which produces also stunning tones.

So now what I want to know...aren't those Guitar tones you get out of Logic dependent on the Sound Card you got in your Mac? I have a very new iMac but I am not sure if that Soundcard can be as good as those Toneports or GuitarRig Soundcards, can it?
Thanks for answers

Cheers biggrin.gif
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