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15 May 2014
Greetings good folks of the guitar community!
I thought it was time to revive my user here, after a far too long time away! Due to other prioritations the last years, the guitar has recieved way too little love, so I was hoping by engaging myself here again, I might spark a new fire! smile.gif

So, anything in particular that has changed lately here that I should be aware of? biggrin.gif
28 Jun 2011
Alright, after some last adjustments to the pickup and volume pot, I am finally finished with my seven string! The original plan was to have a chrome pickguard as well, but that idea have to wait for another time for various circumstances.

Anyways, here is what I started out with:
Attached Image

And here is what I am enjoying now:

Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Not really that much changes that has been done, but I think the overall look got improved (even more when I sometime will change the pickguard!), and the with the new BKP Aftermath, the sound surely improved!

I have also installed new planet waves locking tuners. Some minor unfortunate installing problems, but once installed they work pretty awesome biggrin.gif
Only downside is that they are supposed to auto-clip the strings, and they have some problem with cutting the low B-string, but that`s just a detail.

As you can see, I have also removed the tone and pick-up switch, since I only wanted one pickup. The volume pot has been changed to a Shadow Kill-pot, which is a killswitch as well as volume pot biggrin.gif The volume knob is from Q-parts.

So, what do you think of my little project? smile.gif
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27 Jun 2011
Hi! I am just in the middle of adjusting my truss rod when I ran into a problem.

Usually you adjust the truss rod from the headstock right? And when looking downwards on the guitar, lefty-loosy, righty-tighty applies? But when I adjust my truss from the other side (with the pickguard, and look upwards the neck...is it still lefty-loosy, or is it reverse den, since I`m looking another direction??

Maybe a silly question, but I became unsure if the truss rod was the same way, independent of which side you adjust it from tongue.gif
23 Jun 2011
Hi guys!

I am about to change the setup of my guitar to one humbucker, and one volume pot. No tone or pickup switching (obviously).

Do I need any form for capasitor, or is that only if I would have a tone control?
8 Jun 2011
Hi dudes and dudettes!
As mentioned in a previous post, I bought a really cheap seven string guitar 6 months ago, a Peavey Predator st7. I have recorded some songs with it, and played a couple of gigs with it, and I am actually starting to really like it! So since it still needs some upgrades, I have decided to pimp it up this summer!

This involves:
New tuners
Scalloping from 12. -21. fret
New pickup (bare knuckle \m/ )
Custom pickguard, which will be awesome!
Some new cool electronic features!
Minor paintjob detail

Hopefully, I can do everything myself! The only thing that might require help is the pickup-change. I have bought a soldering kit, but have never done it properly, so a bit unsure here tongue.gif

I will use this post in the weeks ahead to almost "blog" about it and share some pictures, since I think there are more gear-heads but me who finds that interesting smile.gif
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