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If I'm not working, or playing on the computer, chances are I'm rockin'!
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22 years old
United States, Arkansas
Born Sep-20-1991
First and foremost, Jesus Christ is my everything. He has blessed me with the talent of playing guitar, though I have played piano when I was younger. I like photography and going to Guitar Center with friends. I love writing music, and it consumes most of my free time. Occasionally I will play a computer game.
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6 Jul 2014
Hello GMC! smile.gif

A while back I started a satirical series in metal production done "the right way". I am basically making a joke of it all; though many of you know metal is my favorite genre. It's been years since I have active on YouTube, and so this series gives me something to do. It seems a few people have enjoyed it already. This video embedded below is my third video in the series, and it covers scream techniques. They are (1) Goblin, (2) Demon, (3) Cookie Monster, and (4) Minotaur.

Please do not actually practice these techniques, as they are intentionally wrong. I had to drink a lot of water during filming. wink.gif

The previous videos can be found in this playlist.
The first one talked about chugging/djent guitars. The second covered tracking guitar and bass, and "mixing". biggrin.gif I have plans for further mix and master videos. What I have envisioned is hilarious; i.e. red lights mean METAL, and never mix in mono. tongue.gif

In case anyone might wonder, my mic I used is the AKG Perception 420. I had it set to the standard cardioid setting. I might try setting it to omnidirectional next time since I kept turning my head from the mic. That just meant more post production volume balancing. smile.gif Then again, my bedroom has echo. (And since this is a joke video, I didn't film in the closet as I normally would record in - the best place I have now.)

This is honestly my old self coming alive again. Some of you may remember from the past. smile.gif

21 Jun 2014
Is your Granny heavy metal? I wish mine was. biggrin.gif
Check out this clip I made on my 8 string. Everything was recorded by me.


Granny's good at cookin'
Sewin', sweepin', spoilin'
But when you ain't lookin'
I'm screamin' heavy metal

I know that it's crazy
Rockin' is my daily
Grannys should be lazy
But not this Granny

Retirement is for fools (x 4)

Granny is heavy metal
Could it be, she's mighty scary

Granny is heavy metal
Can't you see she's not so boring

(guitar solo)

Now you know my secret
Rockin' metal feel it
Call me if you need it
Granny's heavy metal
1 Jun 2014
Hi. I'm wondering which way is more "right" to make a mix? I enjoy a really punchy mix, but maybe my idea of punchy is too much. I know mixing is all subjective, but maybe there's a reason the pros make mixes a little more flat; thus, mixes sound good everywhere, not just in your sonically imbalanced, biased home studio. tongue.gif

I have Superior Drummer Metal Foundry, EZMix 2 with the Guitar Gods guitar presets, and iZotope Ozone 5, but it still hasn't made me a professional mixer. rolleyes.gif Perhaps now mediocre mixing is within my reach if I can be trained to know the balance between the guitars and drums, etc. It seems like the guitars do not need to stand out as much as I have been accustomed to, and the kick to be brought back in.

Perhaps I'm on the right track, but please allow me to show some examples. smile.gif

Here Daniel Bergstrand mixes this Meshuggah Toontrack example. Notice how flat the mix is. The kick drum doesn't really stand out as much as I have grown to thought it should (to really hit you in the face.)

I think I was on the right track when I produced my Falling Winter single last year. I think it's my imagination, but it almost seems like it's more punchy in the DAW before I render it down. huh.gif I use Reaper, btw. But notice how much the kick is standing out. dry.gif

One thing I marvel at is how much mix separation people like Nolly and Bulb can achieve. Everything also sounds very balanced and not too warm. Or maybe that's just the modern sound people go for now. It's like when you turn down the volume, everything still sounds nice and balanced. If you turn it up, the bass and kick drum hit you in the face very nicely.

Does any of this make sense, or just random gibberish? I need direction or at least some discussion. I want to mix like that last set from Bulb.

Thanks for any advise. smile.gif
28 May 2014
Hello community. smile.gif I need a bit of help.

I have been researching online about what I need for replacement of control knobs on my bass pictured here. You will notice the black plastic knobs against the otherwise gold hardware. I would really like to get some nice matching knobs, but I'm not sure what to get. For example, I read you need to know the pot style. Is that the size of the thing that you fit knob onto? How do I know? I'm not really sure what I'm looking for as I am new to this. Ibanez's website doesn't seem to provide that information (or at least doesn't make it very easy). I can't even find out what year my bass is.

I think I found some websites that might have it, but how do I know that's the right size? And I do need to find 2 big knobs and 3 smaller ones. Hmm... I just thought, would I be able to find a gold switch too? A Guitar Center rep was supposed to get back with me and he never did. That's not the first time that has happened. dry.gif

Do you think I can find some matching hardware that wouldn't be a slightly different color than the bridge and tuners? I guess, if was it wouldn't be too bad, perhaps nice. Also, a side question: has anybody ever bought an instrument and noticed grimy or tarnished looking tuners? I think the bridge was kinda like that too, but when I took some alcohol and a rag to it the discoloration mess went away. huh.gif I could have sworn that bass wasn't used.

Any help you can provide on finding gold knobs, and perhaps a gold switch, would be appreciated.

Thanks smile.gif
20 May 2014
Hello community! smile.gif

I haven't been around lately because I have been busy. Some of you may know my band Analyzed Within has planned on releasing an EP "soon". That soon has stretched out over nearly 2 years. Life is like that, and our studio guy's computer crashed a while back, so that was a major set back for a while. However, he is up and running. He and I have been in correspondence the past couple of days. He has sent me several mixes in which I critique to get the sound we're going for. I believe we finally settled on a "sound" for the EP. He said he will be able to apply the same basic mix, (for cohesion) to all the tracks on the EP, once I'm sure there's nothing else we want to change in a huge way.

This EP is going to be for free on Bandcamp. I have some bonus material included: wallpapers, old art designs, digital booklet, a small video of early development, and some pictures.

What do you think of this sample? I am very happy of this result.


When the archangel cries, the trumpets are sounded.
The dead, they will rise, damnation for those who have touted.
At the things we cried, we have something that mortal eyes no longer see. I long to see our way made up to the Father who brings glory to His name.
Our day is nigh. Our suffering will be replaced from on high with eyes that shine.

We can rest our weary souls for our hope is here.
The battle has been won, the prince of darkness vanquished by Him.

We can rest our weary souls for our hope is here.
The battle has been won, the prince of darkness vanquished by the Son.
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Thank you for the suggestion! Stoked to get started.
4 Jul 2014 - 4:44
No worries man, it's a badass guitar! I've been looking into getting one myself.
8 Mar 2013 - 16:51
Hey man, what kind of Jackson is it that you use?
4 Mar 2013 - 0:11
Hey Brandon, was checking song on youtube, and came across this guys...and don't ask me why but they remind me of you and felt like show it to you.
22 Jun 2011 - 22:16
thank you very much Brandon ; )
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