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If I'm not working, or playing on the computer, chances are I'm rockin'!
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23 years old
United States, Arkansas
Born Sep-20-1991
First and foremost, Jesus Christ is my everything. He has blessed me with the talent of playing guitar, though I have played piano when I was younger. I like photography and going to Guitar Center with friends. I love writing music, and it consumes most of my free time. Occasionally I will play a computer game.
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1 Sep 2015
Hia guys! smile.gif

Remember me? tongue.gif I have decided to try releasing weekly videos on my YouTube. I have been off and on a lot lately and I am trying to get back with it. I miss it. I wanted to share an old track with you all. Very few people on earth have heard this. It's an experimental short song I wrote back when trying to find my sound. I didn't want to alter it, but keep its present beauty, but I really enjoy the sound of a Pipa and Erhu in metal context. How about you? I want to do more songs like this - and longer! smile.gif

So here is my latest release last Saturday.

7 Jun 2015
Hey guys -

My Ibanez RG8 string has an issue with the input jack. When the cable is fully plugged in (flush with the guitar body) the sound shorts out - silence. I have to pull the cable back out of the guitar ever so slightly to get it to have full on connection. How can I fix this problem? I have tried 2 cables, both of which work fine in my other guitars.

Please help unsure.gif

10 May 2015
Hey guys! smile.gif

I have just launched a video I have been working on and finally finished!
You might remember a similar thread some time back when I released this song, but this time it's for real. I reproduced it and re-recorded a few parts, and shot the music video over the course of about a week.

This was so fun to make if you can't tell. Enjoy! biggrin.gif

Granny's good at cookin'
Sewin', sweepin', spoilin'
But when you ain't lookin'
I'm screamin' heavy metal

I know that it's crazy
Rockin' is my daily
Grannys should be lazy
But not this Granny

Retirement is for fools (x 4)

Granny is heavy metal
Could it be, she's mighty scary

Granny is heavy metal
Can't you see she's not so boring

(guitar solo)

Now you know my secret
Rockin' metal feel it
Call me if you need it
Granny's heavy metal

Free Download
23 Jan 2015
Hey community smile.gif

I wanted to give a shout out to a former instructor, David Wallimann, who has a Kickstarter campaign for a music project he has had in his soul for 10 years. I am a backer and I wanted to let you know in case you were interested also. Some probably know I am more of a metal guy, but this kind of thing is awesome and exciting. I am anxious to see this take off. He has some nice perks for backers! Check it out smile.gif

Full Length Epic Instrumental Prog Rock Album

16 Jan 2015
Hey smile.gif

I would like to let you know my band is selling t-shirts on Label State. The shirt features our EP cover art, and we plan on adding more designs. Links below. cool.gif


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Thank you for the suggestion! Stoked to get started.
4 Jul 2014 - 4:44
No worries man, it's a badass guitar! I've been looking into getting one myself.
8 Mar 2013 - 16:51
Hey man, what kind of Jackson is it that you use?
4 Mar 2013 - 0:11
Hey Brandon, was checking song on youtube, and came across this guys...and don't ask me why but they remind me of you and felt like show it to you.
22 Jun 2011 - 22:16
thank you very much Brandon ; )
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