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If I'm not working, or playing on the computer, chances are I'm rockin'!
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23 years old
United States, Arkansas
Born Sep-20-1991
First and foremost, Jesus Christ is my everything. He has blessed me with the talent of playing guitar, though I have played piano when I was younger. I like photography and going to Guitar Center with friends. I love writing music, and it consumes most of my free time. Occasionally I will play a computer game.
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17 Oct 2014
Hi all smile.gif

I wanted to let you know I have been working on a Christmas album the past few months. I have posted some snippets on Instagram and you can follow the adventure by searching #Christmas2014Album.

Here are some previews of the mixes (some not fully recorded/orchestrated):



5 Oct 2014
GUYS! biggrin.gif IT'S HERE!! ohmy.gif


Music available for free at Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

If you download from Bandcamp you will get bonus stuff!!


3 Oct 2014
It's time for a full song release! My band is about to drop an EP. The entire EP is dropping as soon as all of the songs sound like we want them. That's within the next few days. We are a new group (just the two of us right now haha) .. perhaps amateurs at best and too poor to spend hundreds of dollars to get it produced. However, we are very happy with the results and hope to bring you awesomeness in the next few days. It's been a long two years. smile.gif


The EP will be free to download from SoundCloud or Bandcamp. If you choose Bandcamp, there will be bonus content included. I will also post a YouTube stream at some point to promote it. I am also running a website, which will launch at release.

Here's the song lyrics:

Can a man hide himself from the One who made the sun?
Does he reap what he has not sown?
In the light of His kingdom all these will be known.
Until it is ended, until He descends from the throne,
To the end which every brother seeks.
We have been upended and pressed by everyone who speaks.
We can rest our weary souls for our hope is here.
The battle has been won, the prince of darkness vanquished by the Son.
When the archangel cries, the trumpets are sounded.
The dead, they will rise, damnation for those who have touted.
At the things we cried, we have something that mortal eyes no longer see.
I long to see our way made up to the Father who brings glory to His name.
Our day is nigh. Our suffering will be replaced from on high with eyes that shine.
We can rest our weary souls for our hope is here.
The battle has been won, the prince of darkness vanquished by Him.
We can rest our weary souls for our hope is here.
The battle has been won, the prince of darkness vanquished by the Son.

Thanks for your time.
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Thank you for the suggestion! Stoked to get started.
4 Jul 2014 - 4:44
No worries man, it's a badass guitar! I've been looking into getting one myself.
8 Mar 2013 - 16:51
Hey man, what kind of Jackson is it that you use?
4 Mar 2013 - 0:11
Hey Brandon, was checking song on youtube, and came across this guys...and don't ask me why but they remind me of you and felt like show it to you.
22 Jun 2011 - 22:16
thank you very much Brandon ; )
18 May 2011 - 0:02


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