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15 Nov 2014
commercial song writing - what labels / consumers are looking for - pretty interesting.

Faster to read these than watch the video
Part 1

Part 2

5 Nov 2014
I'm researching plugins to give me access to syphonic sounds (like those in movie soundtracks - James Horner, et. al) and I came to realize that in the same way tube-amplifier mfgs are likely sweating a little because of the rise in products like POD, Rack11, etc., they will soon be extinct (with a few hold-outs - there are always holdouts!). Symphony's seem to be selling themselves out of work I think, when they strike deals to record their instruments for these plugins like Action Strings from Native Instruments. Kind of an inevitable irony I think.

anyways, just chillin out.

4 Nov 2014

I'm currently working on a project that requires a piano. Since I' was in a hurry, I went ahead and purchased ToonTrack's EZ Grand Piano from their EZ Keys line. It was pretty expensive, but I went ahead because of my time constraints and it has a lot of great features that I think will help me for my particular project.

However, going forward, I will need to expand my collection of keys/strings.

I'm wondering if anyone knows of some free or cheap, but really good synth plugins similar to Native Instruments Orchestral and Cinematic line?

31 Oct 2014
I showed up for work this morning and everyone's in a costume except for me...
I feel kindof like I'm the only one who showed up for work with a costume on.
29 Oct 2014
I've been a fan of zombie movies all my life and when WD showed up, I latched right onto it.
One thing I really love about the show, as unrealistic as it is in terms of decayed bodies actually having strength..., is the character development. Every season has it villains, and the Governor, played by Philip Blake was probably my favorite villain to date. I think he was brilliantly cast for this role.

Season 5 - just kicked off where season 4 cliff hanged us. You could tell by the last scenes of season 4 left off where the story-line was going, and the nature of the enemy, but I have so say Episodes 1 & 2 of Season 5 are absolutely brutal in a no-bars held kind of way.

Anyone else a WD fan? Who are your favorite villains, and favorite heroes, and more interesting would be to ask, who do you think has been the best actor of the entire show?

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Happy birthday man!
1 Dec 2010 - 12:31
Todd Simpson
Great thread with the Metal Modeling idea! I posted my .wav file just now. Let me know what you think.
12 May 2010 - 3:08


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