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8 Sep 2014
Just watched this video - naturally, they make everything look easier than it really is, (you know, cutting out all the swearing and people telling them to stop making noise in public smile.gif, but I love the iPad interface, and think this is where recording is going so I think you should start thinking about this in terms of gearing up for it.

2 Apr 2014
By our fun loving legend, Paul Gilbert
2 Apr 2014
oh dang... I hate it when naturally talented people have the talent I want, but know I can never have... taunt it on the tube! doh! Still pretty impressive to watch though - if you thought the dog video was cool, here's a smug little child that tells you what note is played....

Kid demonstrates perfect pitch: YouTube http://buff.ly/1dO3Vdy

and the wiki on absolute (perfect) pitch
27 Mar 2014
I really haven't found anything in the Jazz world I like. in fact, almost all of it sounds like a cat in heat to me. It must be the lack of bends and constant hitting of wrong notes. Don't take it personally if you play jazz. Technically, it's amazing and I admire the heck out of anyone who can triad their way through life - but sonic ally, it gives me dry heaves.

27 Mar 2014
EZDrummer2 sounds like a HUGE improvement over, possibly even, Superior Drummer 2.0 in that the new application allows you to compose an entire drum track for a song in the host application before it ever reaches your DAW. This sounds like a great direction for ToonTrack. I may have to shelve superior drummer until they do the same for Superior Drummer smile.gif

What do you think?

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Happy birthday man!
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Todd Simpson
Great thread with the Metal Modeling idea! I posted my .wav file just now. Let me know what you think.
12 May 2010 - 3:08


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