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5 Oct 2015
Original lesson: Muse Goes Stoner by Gabriel Leopardi

Really liked this lesson, so I thought I'd submit a REC take. Probably could've polished it a bit more, oh well. There's a couple of things I'm trying to achieve. One is getting REC takes out there. I feel like if I keep submitting REC takes I will make better progress in the long run. Some of them many not be pretty, but they're just stepping stones to better things. Putting down a REC take is a skill in and of itself. Getting comfortable with recording, constantly learning new stuff, and being "on the spot" is just as good as being a proficient player, in my opinion. The other thing I'm trying to achieve is better right hand technique. I'm actually a left-handed person playing righty, and over time I've developed a habit of anchoring my fingers on the guitar to kind of gauge where my pick is. I would like to overcome this handicap.

27 Sep 2015
My current setup for REC takes is a Zoom H2 in front of a small practice amp (Blackstar ID Core) plugged directly into the camera. It does the job, but dialing a good tone has so far proven to be a bit troublesome. It's fine for it's purpose, but I would like to gradually increase the production quality of my recordings.

What I really like about this setup is the ease I can record a take - Press "record" on the camera, "play" on the backing track - boom. Done. If I mess up, I just start over again. Syncing the audio with video in post production is very time consuming, and I would rather spend that time practicing.

So there are two methods I'd like to try:

1. Mic'ing an amp
2. Use modeling amps, such as Poulin, etc...

- For recording directly with a Mic, how would I go about getting the backing track and the recorded guitar onto the camera? The camera has a stereo 3.5mm mic input.

- How would I do this with a modeling amp? I was thinking of using a splitter from my laptop with one output going to my practice amp, which I will use as a monitor, and one output going directly to the camera.

Any other suggestions?
20 Sep 2015
Original lesson: Winter Ballad by Sinisa Cekic

This is probably my 20th take. I was feeling good about while I was playing it, then I flubbed the last few notes. Naturally, I went apeshit and made the ending a little special. My sincerest apologies. I was going to use other takes but this one really was the best.

19 Sep 2015
I've always been curious how delay pedals are used in a band rehearsal or live situation. From what I know, the delay is supposed to be based on the beat - 1/4 notes, 1/8 notes, etc... So when you set your pedal at a certain note value, it repeats at exactly that value. But isn't it messed up if you play it off the beat you have chosen?

For example, if you're setting your delay for 1/8 notes at 120 bpm, doesn't the timing get thrown off when you play it at another tempo? Most people cannot play anything at the same exact tempo, so don't things get messed up?

For all you guys that play live, how do you use your delay?
14 Sep 2015
It seems like T.C. Electronic got a worldwide sale going on some of their pedals. I just ordered the MojoMojo and picked up the Dark Matter from Guitar Center. They're $49.99 each. Two pedals that cost less than one.

I don't have first hand experience with the MojoMojo, but it seems like it's a transparent overdrive that has very high output levels, which is pretty much what I've been looking for; kind of want to get away from the whole tube screamer sound.

The dark matter is a plexi/British style distortion. It cleans up well with the guitars volume knob, and can also get pretty saturated. It's not something I would use in a death metal band, however. It's got a good classic rock crunch to it. Definitely worth the $50.

For y'all in 'Murica


And you guys on the other side of the pond.

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