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9 Apr 2014
Original lesson: Ratt Style by Gabriel Leopardi

Apparently the record button is also the "suck" button lol. It's funny how once you know you're on camera you begin to over-think things. Oh well. Just a bit more experience in front of the camera I think I should be better. It was definitely a good experience. This was recorded using the camera mic. I placed the camera right in front of the cab and the stereo speakers directly in front of the mic. This helped eliminate the rattling of the strings that is usually picked up at such a low volume. Enjoy :D

1 Apr 2014
I wish I had a money tree cool.gif

As far as the features of this guitar, they're nothing that unique. Mahogany body, maple neck, and EMGs. It's a pretty standard metal machine. But what's so special about is the aesthetics. Its a wicked looking guitar, and very unique. I've never seen one like it.

The whole body is a satin black, and the quilted maple top is finished with a unique type of paint. It's not really satin, but more of a frost, similar to the look of a car on a cold autumn morning. It adds a depth to the maple top that can't quite be achieved with other finishes. The binding is translucent, which adds to the "cold" look of the guitar. It seriously looks like something an Ice Giant would be rocking.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, its only $400. If you have a coupon you could probably get it for much less than that.

The pictures don't do it justice, because I don't think this finish can be properly photographed.

Somewhat detailed pic

29 Mar 2014
Ok, I've been putting this off for a while now, because I've been waiting for the right time to do it. But if there's anything I've learned in life, there is no right time to do anything, you just have to jump in it and hope for the best.

I had a hard time choosing instructors, because you're all great. But I think the best way forward is with someone that has the same taste in music as me. I like 80's metal, 90's grunge and alternative, and some pop music such as Coldplay etc. I also really like Southern Rock, but as far as I know, nobody here does, so that's not really a requirement tongue.gif

Who fits this description? None other than Gabriel biggrin.gif
22 Mar 2014
Blackstar is phasing out their older model HT-5, so the prices have been reduced. The newer one, the HT-5R, has reverb and a tone control for the clean channel. I just picked up an older version, and it is a great little amp. For me, the lack of reverb isn't a problem, because I would rather have a stomp box that I can turn on and off, and that has more parameters to tweak. So far, I haven't found the lack of a tone control to be an issue. It's a killer deal - you should jump on it now before it is gone.

I must mention that I used a 20% off coupon from Musician's Friend. If you sign up for their mailing list you'll probably get one. The regular price without it is $329.

You can find it here:

Blackstar HT-5 Head
22 Dec 2013
I recently acquired a Gibson SGJ for the stunningly low price of $376.76, including tax. I wasn't even in the market for a new guitar, but the stars seemingly lined up for me, as I got a gift card and some cash for my birthday, and Guitar Center marked down all their SGJs to a price of $399 before tax. I knew I could find a better deal than that, so I found a 12% off coupon online and used it. When it was all said and done it only cost me $176 out of my pocket. Not bad for a guitar I always wanted. Tony Iommi is my ultimate guitar hero, and this is pretty much the reason why I wanted an SG.

So, how is it? Is it a cheap piece of s***? No. There are things about it I really like, and other things I don't particularly care for.

What really drew me to this particular SG was the finish, or lack thereof. Its nothing more than stained wood. No filler to smooth out the grain, and no globs of polyurethane or lacquer. Its about as raw as a guitar can get. It feels amazing. Very comfortable to hold. This finish is actually a cost saving measure, which suits me perfectly, because I've never been a fan of glossy finishes. Another cost saving feature is the use of maple instead of mahogany for the neck. Again, I see this as a double win. Gibson necks are notorious for being very fragile due to the design of the headstock angle. Hopefully the use of a denser wood such as maple will compensate for this flawed design.

The fret job and intonation are spot on. No dead spots and no buzzing. The edges of the frets aren't rolled, so they're a little sharp. The fretboard is very fast, and the short scale length makes it easy to play. Its a very nice playing neck, though I wish it had extra jumbo frets.

The pickups are the Gibson 490R and 490T. At first I didn't really care for them, because they're a bit under powered for my taste, especially compared to the other guitar I have that is equipped with EMGs. I wanted to change them out for higher output pickups so I can create my ultimate Iommi instrument of doom. But as I been playing them, they're starting to grow on me. They're very crunchy, and very articulate. As a whole, the guitar got a great classic/hard rock sound, but it doesn't have the bottom end to play really heavy stuff on its own, without the use of an overdrive pedal. Unplugged, the guitar is very resonant, which is probably due to the very thin body.

The Kluson Deluxe tuners are a 16:1 ratio, and do the job. They look cool, but I would rather have modern locking tuners with an 18:1 ratio. Of course, that costs more money.

The pickup toggle switch feels flimsy, but works... for now. We'll see how it holds up. The volume pots aren't that good. There is hardly any sweep, so rolling off the volume to clean up the gain is difficult. When you roll it from zero, there is nothing, nothing, then BAM! I'm quite sure these are 500K pots, which don't have the volume tapering capabilities of 250K pots. But I've played other guitars with 500K pots that taper volume better.

My biggest complaint with the guitar isn't with the manufacturing quality (which is really good), but the design of the SG itself. I'm a firm believer in Strat-style guitars. I think its the best shape, with the best ergonomics, and with the best controls. The SG isn't as comfortable as a Strat to play sitting down or standing up. However, it is very light, so that's one advantage that it has. The volume and tone controls are out of easy reach, and I would rather have one master volume instead of two. The input jack sticks straight out of the front of the guitar, and if you're not using a right angled plug, makes the jack susceptible to being hit and broken.

Despite its faults, I think its a great instrument. Its a riot to play, because its raw and uncivilized. While other guitars sing, this one barks. For $376 bucks, you will not find a better instrument.

As of today (Dec 22, '13) you can purchase it here for this low price. Get it while it lasts.

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