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24 Oct 2015
I've been working a lot on my picking technique recently, because I would like to play surf songs. Many of these songs require pretty vicious tremolo picking. The master of course, is Dick Dale.

So I've been watching a lot videos of live surf music, and came across Laramie Dean. He's got pretty intense picking, but his hand barely moves!

24 Oct 2015
Is it just me, or are the tabs incorrect for the first part of this lesson? It seems like the picking pattern is different.

Chord Picking Etude
23 Oct 2015
Original lesson: Beginner's Corner 14: Minor Pentatonic Scale by Bear Rose

So I've realized that there are two things I really need to work on - picking hand technique and timing. I chose this lesson because it's really simple, and I can focus on picking and timing instead of learning the melodies and rhythm of a song.

In this lesson I wanted to focus on picking while my unused digits are curled up and out of the way. I want to break away from playing with my fingers anchored on the pickguard.

It's a bit of a departure from the face-smashing metal that I love to do. However, I've already noticed a positive effect on my playing after focusing on this picking technique while playing clean.

Also, I've gotten so used to reliable metal timing (kick! snare! kick! snare!) that I have issues with playing along with a less prominent beat. This lesson has helped me with that.

I'm also posting this after having a few beers. It sounds brilliant right now, but we'll see how it sounds in the morning! laugh.gif

23 Oct 2015
It appears this band is from Argentina. Are you familiar with them? I love their melodies! I'm such a big fan of surf music, its really an experience to hear surf music live. It's so powerful, yet uses little to no distortion.

15 Oct 2015
I'm about to order a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 to start using amps sims. I'm going to download Reaper and probably LaPou amp sims. However, I can't find the system requirements on the Reaper website. I'm also looking to get a video editing software to produce better quality REC takes.

Also, I have a question on RAM. The manufacturers website says the maximum supported RAM is 8GB. However, Crucial.com says I can use up to 16GB. Which one should I trust? Also, would it make that much of a difference going from 8GB to 16GB? Or will the processor's speed negate any addition RAM capacity?

Here are my Laptops specs:


Here is the RAM upgrade at Crucial:


Thanks for your support!
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