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22 Aug 2015
I've always liked EMGs, for a multitude of reasons. For metal, the 81 in the bridge got a massive and powerful sound, and for cleans the 60 in the neck is pristine and full. Aside from their tone, another great thing about EMGs is the ease in which you can change them, due to their quick connect feature. I've rotated the 81, 85 and 60 in all positions just to try a variety of sounds. The 85 in the bridge with the 24V mod is wicked. Of course, one of the greatest attributes of active pickups is they do an excellent job of causing tone purists to get massively butt hurt.

However, I have few issues with the classic active EMGs. While they sound great with massive amounts of gain and with a very clean sound, I've never been too happy with the mild crunch sounds and the various amounts of gain between clean and mean. I'm also not crazy about the way it sounds when you dial back the guitar's volume knob. Also, while the compressed sound lends itself well to an even tone, my tastes have shifted away from that. I've recently been playing medium output passive pickups, such as the DiMarzio Chopper, and I love how dynamic it is. It transmits all the nuances of my playing, for better or for worse.

EMG recently released some new pickups that make the claim to combine all qualities of passive pickups with an active design. This sounded very appealing to me. I checked out the Richie Faulkner video demoing the EMG 57/66 set, and was like, "That's it! That's the tone!" I ordered them and installed them in an LTD H-1001. They replaced an 81 in the bridge and a 60 in the neck.

They're excellent pickups. I wasn't expecting to be so impressed. They're so clear and articulate. The 57 in the bridge has great crunch sounds and high gain tones, and has much of the dynamics of passive pickups. It doesn't have quite the "thump" of the 81 but it does make up for it with tight palm mutes. You can play open chords and hear all the individual notes. They're both very similar to a classic PAF sound. The 66 in the neck is very clear and finally, what I've been waiting for, no muddiness. It's got a very "tubular" sound.

Now, this is just an initial impression. I've only played it through a Blackstar ID Core. Haven't had a chance to play it through a proper tube amp.

I highly recommend these, especially if you already have EMGs. They have a nice vintage look, so when a tone snob compliments the sound they emanate, you'll get to enjoy watching him have a massive meltdown when he finds out that they're active.

31 Jul 2015
I wish I could've participated in something like this!

Anyone in Detroit want to cover a Bob Seger song? laugh.gif

22 Jul 2015
Original lesson: Anvil Style by Gabriel Leopardi

Pretty much first time filming with the DSLR. I'm using a Blackstar ID Core 20, and its mic'ed up with a Zoom H2 thats plugged directly into the camera. Guitar is a Fender Strat with a DiMarzio Chopper in the bridge. The strings are dead... but will be replaced soon. I had a better take earlier, but I had no pants on... don't think you guys want to see Sasquatch rocking out to Anthrax...

14 Jun 2015
...mostly because modern pop gives me diarrhea. I'm not exactly anti-pop - there are definitely some 80's and 90's pop songs that I still rock out to. But I heard this song at the gym and it definitely caught my ear. Something about the intro, the driving beat, the way the vocals are introduced... powerful stuff...

To me, good song writing is good song writing, no matter who wrote it. All that matters is that it makes you feel something, because music is a way to communicate emotions. Language and words come secondary.

26 Jun 2014
... because I need all the help I can get.

But this ain't really about me. It's about an interesting article I just read. A journalist in Kansas City mailed out her picture to 27 different designers around the world and asked them to make her beautiful, according to what is beautiful in their own country. It's really interesting to see the extent some of them modified her picture.

My favorite is her original picture. I really don't think she needs any help at all because she is naturally quite beautiful. But of the ones that were touched, the Italians and the Romanians did the most tasteful work. It seems like they prefer a more natural look.

However, the UK and the US dropped the ball on this one. What the hell is that?! Reminds me of the Korn song "Freak on a Leash". She doesn't even look human. I guess this means we're the most superficial? Of course, it's kind of silly to draw such broad conclusions from a simple social experiment.

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