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17 Aug 2015

This is the first time I've tried using fingerpicking in any arrangement; was a little tough getting the bass and melody notes to ring out for as long I wanted them too, so I worked round it with a synth and strings in the background. Rest of the track is just a regular rock cover of the original.

edit: I've got a shot of my fingerpicking hand in the video, any critique there would be helpful too!
26 Jul 2015

Wanted to start it off with something ambient, so I reversed a clean guitar part and washed it out with reverb and delay; layering a piano and string part underneath. Here's what the original clean guitars at the beginning sound like. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3287032...rds%20Intro.mp3

Then because the melody is so simple and repeats itself a lot in the original song, I thought I'd try and work in a more interesting rhythm guitar part.

Picked up a 'Minor 7th Add2' chord from Mark Holcomb of Periphery, trying to incorporate a lot more of those bigger chords into my arrangements; definitely adds something that power chords can't.

Solo starts at 2:08 if that's all you wanna see - Mainly just pentatonic stuff; I wrote it with a bit of an asian feel at the start but once I recorded it wasn't really fitting in with the mix, so this is what's left over. Some sequences, arpeggios, regular stuff.

8 Jul 2015

Here's the original - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMShwUJKvB4

I spend way too long on single videos; got a couple of half-finished projects from over a year ago. Tried to see if I could make a cover video in just two/three days; brand new song, so I couldn't cheat with tabs or midi, work it all out by ear, write a solo, come up with ways to make it different from the original then make a video that's at least kinda interesting to watch on top of all that.

I'll wait till it comes out in English first but I can't believe there's new Dragon Ball! I remember watching it every day as a kid. laugh.gif

I had to cheat a little bit with the arpeggios in the solo with a bit of punch-in studio magic; weird because it's not hard and I could play it at the very start of a practice session but by the time I hit record, my brain just couldn't keep up. I'll leave the tabs for it.

How did it turn out? Mix, arrangement, video etc.

22 Jun 2015

Thanks to Cosmin and Gab for their help on this one! I have tabs of the main guitar solo if anyone wants them, nothing too challenging. - http://full.sc/1TIBIXc

28 May 2015

It's only just started but it looks very promising! First two where he talks about his setup is probably a bit over-the-top for everyone here but I guess it's interesting to see what a full pro setup is like and what his workflow is. The one on the Mad Max string theme talks about how he develops his base melody idea into a full blown track.
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