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2 Feb 2016
I've had an awful lot of bad luck lately with expensive equipment breaking. Dunno what's going on but I'm skint and could do without this. Feel like I need to rant. If anyone else wants to rant about rig breakages with me then crack on!

Two weeks ago I put my strat in for service and the guy reckons the threads in the truss rod are knackered and its pinging back everytime he tries to adjust it and I need a new neck which is over £200. I'm a truck mechanic so I'm gonna try and take the truss rod out and see if I can repair it myself as I'm pretty good with threads but I can't at the minute as I have loads of gigs this month and its my only guitar.

On top of that I got it home from being serviced and plugged it in and it didn't work anymore. Got my multi meter out and found the switch inside my shadow kill pot I wired in years ago was knackered. (thoroughly recommend these by the way but you'll need a bit of electrical and soldering skills to fit it) Dunno what the guy did to it as its never played up before. Ordered a new kill pot and then spent 2 hours with the soldering iron out last night and replaced it. Plugged it in and the electrics are working now but since it being serviced the guitar sounds terrible. All the strings are buzzing and rattling like mad so I'm pretty sure there's a truss rod problem but there definitely wasn't before it went in for service :-( I've always been a bit reluctant to mess with the truss rod myself for this reason.

As well as my guitar my boss ds1 has developed a very slight delay from stomping on it to it actually turning on in the last few weeks which is doing my head in. My band go from playing dub reggae to ska to punk several times in each song so it has to come on immediately.

Finally my line 6 m9 over last 6 months 4 of the foot switches have gone from being stiff to hardly working and some now not working at all. I took it apart to see if I could repair it and I was gobsmacked at how badly designed they are and the cheap components they use. On the outside it looks really well built but underneath them big metal foot switches is a tiny good for nothing little rubber switch soldered directly onto the pcb. It was always going to break after a year or two of playing gigs and being chucked in and out of the van. Never been impressed by line 6 but I love what the m9 does but now I'm reluctant to replace it as its so expensive and built so cheaply but it's become a staple part of my sound. Try finding an alternative to it though and I can't unless you want amp models and all that crap and each effect type assigned to a particular switch. I need several delays, a phaser and all assigned to tap tempo. Not to mention the pitch shifter as well.

So I'm proper fed up, I got no money, get paid a pittance for most gigs that barely covers the travel expenses and drinks and I now need to blow a shed load of money on equipment to continue :-( raaaaaaaaaaaaa

Rant over, thanks for your time, this website has always been good to me x

2 Jan 2015
hi guys

if you could give me your thoughts please.

so i've just found out im having a baby! I'm a busy gigging musician and I need to get an amp. i've always played through a cheap old peavey 75w and its on its last legs now. the government in the uk do a take it home scheme 0% finance over 10 months so i've decided to get on and get one now so i'ts just about paid up when my baby arrives. i've already done a lot of research and i'm probably going to go and get it this afternoon, a blackstar ht club 50.

I play in an experimental punk band and we mix a lot of reggae and dub in and also drum and bass and edm sounds. we are a 3 piece so obviously I have alot of pedals. normally I get a very slight bit of dirt on a clean setting on my amp and then everything else I do with my pedals.. when I recorded my album I used a jcm 800 and loved it so really I want this but its way way out of my budget. really i'm after a jcm sound, i'm probably only going to use one channel but maybe 2, i want to be able to play hard and get some valve break up into dirt and play soft and be able to skank clean reggae on one channel and then use my pedals for playing the real heavy stuff. i also want an effects loop. not after a combo as i play so many gigs and i have a cab that i can use anyway. i'm also not interested at all in any amp modelling or overly digital effects laden amps i just really want a nice simple valve amp which i can make break up when i'm on a clean setting if i dig in on some power chords or general riffage.

most of the gigs i play are in small venues when not mic'd but i also play a lot of festivals which are always mic'd and also squat gigs and warehouse partys which could be any kind of stage set up. eg. i played through a 12v rig un mic'd in a squat the other week and the next day in a rugby club hall mic'd. because of this i'm very wary of these mini 15w vox/orange ect valve amps not being loud enough.

second hand isn't really an option cos i'm an old punk and the banks don't really like lending my kind money ;-) but fortunately my friend has offered to do the government take it home scheme for me in her name. sound friend!

my budget is £600 but ideally £500. my research all points to the blackstar ht club 50. i thought it be silly not to ask you lot on this forum before i go and buy my first valve amp as i owe 90% of my musician ship to this website pretty much!

so yeah any thoughts would be greatly appreciated please
1 Aug 2014
Wondering if anyone can tell me if this is possible with reaper.

I love improvising by myself but I get a bit bored playing to one drum pattern/bassline/tempo. I used to have an akai drum machine with foot switches and I could cue the next drum pattern using the foot switches as well as a turn around.

Is it possible to do this on my computer using reaper and say a midi controller/ foot switch or a launch pad type thing so that I can set ideally several drum patterns/basslines/whatever so they are assigned to a button I can hit in real time and que them to play after the current section finishes?

Any advice on how to do this or any other software that will do it instead please?

Thanks very much!
13 Dec 2013
hi mates this is some songs of my band public order act. we started on 1st January this year and have worked really hard. it's my first ever band and im really happy with our achievements so far. these are some of the first songs i wrote. I've taught myself guitar largely thanks to gmc so i thought i'd share the few videos from our gigs this year. we are an underground punk band with other influences and we are what we are, i appreciate its not to everyone's taste including the politics. cheers and thanks for providing a wicked platform to learn to play music :-)

one day i'll learn to put a proper link in a forum ha ha
18 Aug 2013
hi, i'm trying to get a sound out of my effects and i'm struggling a bit. i've heard this sound a few times lately in various reggae/dub influenced bands. My set up is strat - boss pw1 wah - boss od1 - line 6 m9 - boss dd6 - roland cube 40xl amp so im sure i have the neccersary gear. I think its a combination of maybe wah, phaser, delay and reverb. It would be great if someone could give me some specific settings on the pedals to try please.

the sound im looking for is throughout this song but if you liten from 0:11 to 0:31 you will hear what i mean.


thanks very much
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