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5 Feb 2016
RIP Maurice White, Founder of Earth Wind and Fire, who died at his home in Los Angeles at the age of 74.

19 Jan 2016
Glenn Frey, a founding member of the Eagles has passed. RIP...


23 Dec 2015
Hey everyone. This is something that I wonder about from time to time.
Normally when we think of a happy or uplifting song, it tends to be a song in a Major key, right? And when we think of a sad or dark song, it tends to be a song in a Minor key, right?

My question to everyone is this. Can the opposite be true as well? Is it possible to have a sad sounding song written in a Major key, or a happy sounding song written in a Minor key? And if so can anyone provide any examples? Or describe some approaches that would enable this concept to work?

I am thinking that examples of this are rare but do exist but the only example I could come up with is a song in a Major key that sounds sad.
I think it may be less difficult to pull off making a Major key sound sad than it would be to make a Minor key sound happy. Or maybe I just haven't been able to wrap my mind around a way to make it work or think of a song where it has been accomplished.

For my example of a song in Major key that sounds sad, I submit to you a song from Frank Zappa, entitled "Watermelon in Easter Hay" from the album "Joe's Garage." As best I can tell, this song is in E Maj with only 2 chords which are A Maj and B Maj with an E for the bass note (B/E).
Or have I been fooled by some kind of music theory slight of hand?


14 Nov 2015
Anyone had the chance to check out the Hendrix Strat? How I would love to take one for a test drive! wub.gif


27 Feb 2015
I know we usually only do this for musicians and such here, but I am thinking this man was loved by many of us here so I thought I would post it.
I was very saddened this morning to learn that Leonard Nimoy (Spock) has passed. sad.gif
Live long and prosper in the next life, Spock.

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