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27 Jul 2015
Seems to be a bunch of new stuff coming out over the next couple of months, Im gonna be broke trying to buy all the albums when they are released huh.gif

The new Ghost album will be great - based on this track - and the bass intro to this is pure eeeeevil! such an awesome sound.

The new David Gilmour track is cool too. I actually liked it more when I heard the lyrics were inspired from Paradise Lost and a bit satan-y smile.gif

The new fish finger death lunch track sounds great as well. Its also a bit demon-y...... maybe I just like that kinda thing rolleyes.gif
The song doesn't start until 1:25 btw

and of course Maiden have a new album soon as well! Im looking forward to hearing that.

anyone else digging these new tracks?
7 Jun 2015
Original lesson: Poor Man Blues Solo by Ivan Milenkovic

I just wanna highlight a quote from the lesson notes : "I suggest that you give yourself a certain amount of freedom as far as timing goes" :)

7 Jun 2015
Probably in the 'ear of the beholder' kinda thing but I thought it would be interesting to hear what different peoples idea of a 'perfect' tone would be.
The tone this dude has is probably one of the best Ive ever heard. Granted, if he is using some of the gear in the vid ( and why would you not! ) we are talking a '68 les paul and a dumble amp in the mix of other stuff so..... kinda exclusive stuff but, man, it sounds amazing!

any examples of your 'perfect' tone?
6 Jun 2015
I got a pod hd500x, had it about a week so I have a few days left to decide if Im keeping it or returning it. Im not very experienced at dialling in tones so there's a big learning curve but I could do with some opinions on the basic tone Ive been trying to create.
I was trying to get a bluesy rock type of tone. I would really love to get a sound like this dude has -

his lead kicks in around the 18 second mark. This tone is for sale and I would just buy it but I know it wont sound like that when I play through it.

I tried to get something similar and also add in an overdrive to boost the lead when more rawk is required wink.gif
I didn't really come close but Id love to get feedback on how I could improve it, I dont really know what to tweak anymore!
Here it is on its own with no backing, first the basic tone and the overdrive kicked on at 0.30.

what do you guys reckon, my tone doesn't really 'sing' like the dude in the vid. any thoughts?

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