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20 Jul 2014

Maybe some of you have heard this before but I just stumbled across them huh.gif Its like stoner doom funk!
If black sabbath done the theme music to 1970s 'movie' it would sound like this!
Kinda cool smile.gif
20 Jul 2014
Ive been looking at this 7 string from Jackson and I stumbled across some really nice close up pics..... but, is the gap where the end of the neck meets the body normal? should the neck not be flush onto the body?

here's the link to the rest of the dude's pics

I was quite interested in this model but that kinda looks weird to me although Ive never picked up a Jackson before so it might be perfectly normal mellow.gif
7 Jul 2014
Tone issues or maybe just my 'touch' huh.gif

* disclaimer... Im not so great at getting tones, I just blindly alter pre-sets until they kinda sound okay to me.

Its either my fingers ( which is fair enough ) or its my tone / software. For the record Im using a ux1 with pod farm 1 ( old stuff, I know )
Im about ready to bin it and get something newer maybe overloud or something but I wanted to get opinions first, just incase this is something Im doing, which Id probably end up doing again with new software!

I dont think Im getting any kind of sustain. Above the 12th and especially on the G string. Ive used 2 guitars here and although the LP gives me a bit more..... I think its still not right although it gets a little better lower down the neck.

Why would the notes be dying on me so badly here?

5 Jul 2014
Okay, this made me LOL a bit biggrin.gif

1 Jul 2014
I mentioned in my new ibby thead about the angle of the trem. Not having much experience with them Im not sure if it needs to be setup.
can anyone tell from these pics if it looks wrong?

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