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5 Sep 2012
Now that I got your attention, lets talk tongue.gif

I discovered a scale while practicing harmonic minor which turned out as the byzantine scale, ever since I've been "hearing things". (Ben liked this phrase a lot laugh.gif) I made a few licks, constructed some melodies here and there and want to make a song out of them but since this scale is quite weird I need some help on theoretical basis. I'm always fascinated by classical turkish music which uses "makam"s instead of scales, speaking of which the byzantine scale is veeeery resemblant to the feel of one of the turkish makams which I can't name it, yet.

First and most important thing is, "harmonizing". I remember vaguely how major/minor series are harmonized but I can't come up with something in this case. In general, how do we harmonize exotic scales?

Something I noticed about this scale, bending does not blend in well unless you go in for a note and come back without any shenanigans, in my opinion in this manner this scale is absolutely the opposite of the pentatonic scale. This is consistent with the fact that most of the eastern instruments are fretless so bending and vibrato techniques are replaced with something more appropriate, or my ear is so used to it I can't think of a way around. What do you think?

Do you know any music done in this scale? Anything done by yourself?

I understand this stuff might get you involved with eastern music if you've not already done so. I guarantee you this is actually music and have nothing to do with crap called atonal system we've spoken earliler (god even mentioning it gives me shivers down my spine).

17 Apr 2012
I'm currently following Advanced tasks and one thing I noticed something about myself and the other people. I am sure we are all paying attention to the tasks as much as possible but there are too few records coming out of these tasks. I was thinking if there were a system which encourages us to submit our records no matter how good the record is. My ideas are as follows :

- A point system which will rank our progress among participants of the temple. (competition)

- These points will be accumulated by a formula like ( Tempo of the record / Original Tempo ) * (Ben's Rating of the record / 10 )
To explain the formula, Ben will rate every submission over 10. This coefficient will be multiplied by the tempo of the recording divided by the original tempo. The purpose of the formula is to reflect our progress, not give a measure to how good we are.

- A record must be submitted within a week or the maximum points available to the task is divided by 2.

- After the first record (which should come in within the week), ninja's of the temple can re-submit the task as much as they would like to improve their score. Every new submission would accumulate a small amounts of points if it can pass a small threshold (i.e. Ben should rate it at least 4 in order to get these) plus the updated evaluation of the formula.

These are my crude opinions about the subject. What do you guys think ?

21 Mar 2012
I'm having tinnitus for 3 days, probably because of my s****y headphones. I heard that such thing is common among musicians who is frequently in high-volume environments (such as rockers) . I reckon there are some people experienced something like this before, what should I do?
10 Feb 2012
I've been thinking to get a new rig for a long time but didnt have enough money to satisfy my needs. Now that I have a reliable income source I cant think a better time to strike on smile.gif.

About my current gear; I have an Ibanez rg370dxl and a micro cube. I couldn't have asked for a better starter gear but now they are a bit inadequate for my level of play. What I want is, a versatile gear that I can get good tones.

Lets start with the guitars. As a lefty I don't have much choice on guitars, only Ibanez and Fender are generous on us lefties. I am aware that my current guitar is one of the best guitars for lefties with some modification. It can be a total shred monster with some touch, and that's what I am exactly going to do: change the pickups.

I have chosen DiMarzio as pickups as It was rather well documented than other brands. Here is what I picked:

http://www.dimarzio.com/pickups/humbuckers...ivator-x-bridge -- D-Activator for bridge.
http://www.dimarzio.com/pickups/humbuckers...uper-distortion Super Distortion for bridge.

Notice that; according to the website they differ significantly at trem-mid-bass settings.

For Neck pickups:


Some elaboration on these pickups are much appreciated.

Furthermore, I'm planning to get a new axe for blues-rock spectrum. I'm planning to get a Mexican Stratocaster as clean sounds from my Ibanez never sounded good enough(and hell, its a Stratocaster that I always wanted smile.gif) . I've always wanted to focus on blues but all I can get was frustration smile.gif. I've heard that Mexican Strats are weaker than their American cousins and this leaves me in a dilemma.

As an amplifier I cant think an alternative to Roland Cube 80x. I was pretty content with my micro-cube, and this amplifier offers nearly everything I ask.

Here is a link for 80x : http://www.rolandus.com/products/productde...?ProductId=1122

After I choose what to do, I'll go after pedal settings.

Please keep in mind that I have absolutely no previous knowledge about gears, every detail and advice will be much appreciated. Cheers!
2 Feb 2012
Before saying anything, I want to thank Gabriel Leopardi for pulling me out of my nutshell. That PM was just what I needed smile.gif

My name is Cengiz (but I prefer to use "Cem", much easier to remember and pronounce in English), I'm from Turkey and 19 years old. Musically; I've been playing guitar for little less than 3 years, I'm playing piano and singing as well.

I can't really explain how I started to play guitar. Just before my high school years someone had the idea me playing guitar, at first I liked the idea but as the time passed on I get away from guitar more and more for various reasons, eventually I quit it. After 2 or 3 years, something clicked inside me and I felt I have to play guitar. That was the best decision ever I've made.

I am notorious for my motor skills, for this reason my repertoire nearly consists of nothing but exercise patterns. In addition to these, as a mostly self taught guitarist I had some bad habits, for these reasons I am never content with what comes out of my amplifier. This is something that I exceptionally dislike but I am struggling to find a way out of it. I think I can get over it with joining/forming a band but I'm feeling very negative about the whole band stuff. I simply feel I am not ready for that.

I really don't have much to say about who influenced my play, rather than worshipping one guitarist and try play like him, I try to learn something from everyone, not necessarily guitarists, to complete to big puzzle of inner myself smile.gif . That being said, Malmsteen was the biggest part of it, I learned a lot from him not just his play but his stance as a musician. Chopin is the another big part of it, I even considered leaving guitar and focusing on piano completely. Thank god that never happened smile.gif

My gear is nothing but just an Ibanez rg370dxl and a roland micro cube. I really want to get a decent guitar rig but I dont have an idea where to begin with. I am a guitar freak but I have absolutely no idea about the fuss surrounding it(amps,pedals,processsors, pickups etc.).

So this is how I feel as a musician smile.gif. And again, I want to thank Gabriel for making me to write these smile.gif. Cheers!
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