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12 Oct 2015

Music can almost be like nicotine, you want more and more and more all the time.
Buying a 7 string, lower tunings, experiment , more strings, more that and so on

I once bought a really nice ESP with ebony fretboard. It was a huge sale almost 30 % off so I got it pretty cheap

After playing a 7 string in Drop Ab for some time, I started playing this one again and its just great

7 strings and such a low tuning almost get too much
This 6 string in Drop C with the seymour duncan is just perfect and everything you need
It feels so compact and nice to play this 6 string and The tuning feels so balanced

So Im going to take a step back and use this guitar instead biggrin.gif its just phenomenal to play

What do you think?
Do we humans tend to want more not realising we already got the stuff we need?

12 Aug 2015
Hello there

I bet we all had this.
One day we love our musical ideas and one day we dont.
I spoke to other muscians about this and this happens to everyone.

Why is it so easy to get satsified with your own music, and some weeks later you will "dislike" your own music
You wont like your idea anymore

As an instrumental player, I have listened and composed so much instrumental stuff, that im now even starting
to get tired on the genre itself..
I dont know which of my compositions Im going to finish off into an actual song.

Some days I really hate my own music..

For me this is the hardest obstacle to find that extra piece of confience to actually finish something and get it out there
11 Aug 2015

I see a lot of young metal/rock muscian talk about modes.
I think most of them have got the whole idea wrong. Or maybe I have? wink.gif

Well for me, this is all that a mode is.

Its the chord behind it.
Ok, that is simply everything for me.

For me there are no "F dorian scales or C lydian scales"
For me they dont exist.
I only think in major scales, and of course i know the names of all the notes on the board instantly

A mode is when you play a certain major scale over a certain chord.
The end.

It has everything to do with the chord behind it.
young muscians learn modes as "shapes" starting on a note. For example A dorian (being a G major scale)
which it is, starting on a certain note doesnt really make it a mode. The chord makes it the mode

I constantly see people trying to be smarter than the other, "oh he should totally play A mixolydian there, I learned that scale today and I can tell it would be awesome right there".

Its with comments like this that gets me thinking people have about as much of an idea of what they are talking about as I have of rocket science

As I was told
"There is no mode unless there is a chord behind it".

Is it just me or does a lot of people dont get this?


For me there is no reason to think about modes as individual scales unless you want to confuse your brain
You only have to think about major scales and what chord is being played
6 Aug 2015

I listened through their album and this part of it really hooked me, great EP
the solo here is from intervals guitarist aaron marshall

My next project will be to cover "champagne" probably, another catchy song from them

Hope you like this cover
8 Jul 2015

Can anyone reccomend me a drum software
I used EZ drummer before but that is on my old computer

I was just about to bring home a superior drummer file but it was 40 Gig ohmy.gif
Is there perhaps other option and prefarably simple pre made loops in different time signatures?

So give me some options would be appriciated
thanks smile.gif
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