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16 Dec 2014
Hey guys

I just picked up tinnitus. Atleast that is what I think.
I have had it for a month now.
It does not bother my everyday life, only when its completley quiet and there is no background noise.
Like when Im going to sleep

Unfortunatley it got a bit worse now and using headphones can be a bit annoying.
Especially since im using a very low volume right now.

Something important I found out and would like to share.
you will get used to certain sound levels if they are consistent

I have lowered the volume now on every single aspect in my life. And I for example still enjoy music
even though its very low. Now its the new "normal" for my ears.

I just for a second put on the previous volume I used. And oh my gosh, it was loud!
cant belive I have been listening to music that loud for such a long period.
I was used to it so It did not notice how high it was at the time

So my suggestion to the rest of you, check the volume you are listening too. and the level of your amp/musical interface
Have a friend listening to your noise level and see if they think its loud.

lower the volume some percentages!
might save your ears smile.gif
17 Sep 2014
Hello guys smile.gif
Got any good classic metal songs that could be used as practice?
Prefered in standard tuning.

Holy wars by Mega death is a good one im going to start learning to workout my right hand riffage

Maybe Ben higgins has a few to reccomend? biggrin.gif
11 Sep 2014
Hello guys smile.gif

Ive always been told not to think about such things and to only think "muscially"
Well, often in my songs i make time signature changes, tempo changes etc.

Now im composing a kind of shreddy rock tune and I was thinking of keeping the same tempo throughout the song.
Just having the changes in the harmony and the rythm stays steady.

Just wondering, are most songs like this or is it more usual with tempo changes?

I kind of liked the idea to keep the rythm simple and steady all the way
Or might the song require some tempo changes cause of dynamics?

It will be build kind of like a "pop" song having the guitar singing.
intro-verse-pre chorus- chorus and so on

What do you make of this?
17 Aug 2014

It sounds a bit weird, Its just how I say it to describe certain chords used, "distortion chords" I called them smile.gif
So basically chords played on a distorted guitar in rock/metal genres.

Since we are not barring a full jazz chord for example while we play metal and so on.
But there is till more to be done than power chords smile.gif

So lets share some chords and voicings we like, when playing a specific style where we use distorted guitars.
Also in what context, for example "I see this chord a lot in the chorus of metalcore songs"

Chords to create a specific modern sound smile.gif
4 Aug 2014

I got one of these Shure 58 microphones now and its time to start recording smile.gif
I saw that you could use a Pod X3 to record vocals with, but I dont have it at home right now.

So I need an external sound card I guess.
I have an internal soundcard in my computer as well, but I guess it wont work?
Even with an adapter.

So a cheap option wether its a device like M-audio/external soundcard
or another way smile.gif

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