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26 Mar 2014
Hello guys.

I want a pick I can use both for good rhythm (most metal) and shredding.

The thing is, I tried the Jazz 3 but I think its too small especially for rhythm, It could work for solo though, for me.

So give me some ideas smile.gif

Right now I just use a 1mm dunlop for soloing. And a slightly softer one for rhythm, .96 mm

I see there are some expensive picks out there made out of all kinds of materials, could be worth a try.

Also, for soloing I felt a more sharpend pick could be of more use, however i did not like it for riffing.

What should I get?
21 Mar 2014
Hello, I got 2 great guitars.

However I want more modern sounding pickups in them.

Of course, for heavier sound. And Then I almost only use the bridge pickup anyway.
The neck pickup I use more for soft solo tone or clean playing and its great so I am happy with that.

Now, I got a 5 way system on both gutiars, 2 humbuckers.

What do I need to think of when only buying a new bridge pickup, having mixed brands of humbuckers (2) in one guitar...

I wont install them myself, a guitar tech will do that

Im just wondering if its possible to "mix" it up like this.

Well it maybe be very unbalanced and things like that?
For example I play with the neck pickup with an adjusted tone then switch to bridge and the speakers explode?

Haha, I have no idea
Please enlighten me smile.gif
2 Mar 2014

For some reason, I got logged in as temporary user.. magically I got logged in again normally after a third system reset.

However, everything is still there but my reaper wav. files, needed to load my projects.
My project rpp files are still there, but I cant of course load.

I have looked everywhere. They are gone.

Most of my reaper recordings end up in my folder called "random junk"
and some in "reaper media"

The ones for the project files usually in that folder, that now contains EVERYTHING but my wav files...

Well reaper doesnt have the ability to play my recordings.
Can I still get them outlined in a way? Like to get reaper to remember anything to assist me re composing them again?
23 Feb 2014

Im thinking of how to record my EP.
One thing I like is to record at home. But im awful at mixing and all that...

I can record good bass and guitar at my home.

So I thought of doing it like this:

Someone will make drums for me and send me all individual components for mixing.
I will record guitar and bass.

The singer will record song at some studio.

And then a mixer guy will put it all togheter.
All wav. files I guess

Would it work?
16 Feb 2014

I have recieved notation of for example "major scale in fifhts, thirds"
"dorian scale in fourths".

But no tabs sad.gif Usually dont use that much, but with notations I got several options to play it and
the time it takes working it out...

I think i have seen this topic before, so anyone have some exercises with tabs I can start praticing?

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