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23 Jul 2014

Im looking for a solid microphone to record primary vocals, but its good that it can do piano and acoustic guitar as well.
So it will be used at home in my "home studio".

Anyone have anything good to recommend?
I dont have a midi or a soundcard..

Can I record it through my Axe FX?, of course depends on the mic, but to use it in the instrument plugin.
It would be cool cause I could add effect to the voice directly, mess with the EQ etc.

So price range. Well, wouldnt not go over 350 $ I think.

So do you have anything to reccomend? smile.gif

20 May 2014
Hey guys

I know have 2 guitars that I am really happy with and hope to have these guitars as my guitars of service for the rest of my life ^^
Hopefully. Its a 6 string and a 7 string of the same brand which has been the best for me in terms of playability.

This made me think of two things.

Since I like these guitars so much, how do I service them in the best way?
I dont do anything except cleaning the fretboard with lemon oil, and of course If I have money Ill take it to a tech once a year
for a setup/adjustment.

When does frets wore out?

What are is lifetime of the neck, the pickups, the floyd/bridge?
Will you end up replacing your whole guitar after 10 + years?

Its 2 top quality guitars
3 May 2014

My friend brought an M - audio sound card which we managed to get to work.
I use it as input , ASIO in reaper.

We can record but we cant hear anywhere what we are recording.
Cause its both input and output I guess.

So how do we fix this?

Can we somehow keep the ASIO device I have right now
and use the m - audio as record monotoring or something?
29 Apr 2014
Hello guys

I thought we could have a thread and post some videos when we are jamming
you know after having some beers and putting up a recording or improvisation

If you have an old one or want to make one smile.gif

Here one of mine I did recently

26 Mar 2014
Hello guys.

I want a pick I can use both for good rhythm (most metal) and shredding.

The thing is, I tried the Jazz 3 but I think its too small especially for rhythm, It could work for solo though, for me.

So give me some ideas smile.gif

Right now I just use a 1mm dunlop for soloing. And a slightly softer one for rhythm, .96 mm

I see there are some expensive picks out there made out of all kinds of materials, could be worth a try.

Also, for soloing I felt a more sharpend pick could be of more use, however i did not like it for riffing.

What should I get?
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