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23 Feb 2015

One of the most beatiful unisons I know of smile.gif

I have a friend who plays a lot of progressive stuff, and classical on keys.
So we decided to make this cover smile.gif

Keytar is really awesome I think ^^

Hope you like it
14 Jan 2015

I have chosen to compose a full instrumental song as my next project.
This leads me into an intresting subject I never really got my head around.

When we get a musical idea, we often get it in our head. We have practiced guitar so we will easily
get it out on the guitar, from the head to the guitar, put the metronome in and get it to tempo.
That is fine and so for me, works well.

But when adding drums and messing with time signatures. Its always like I have to change up the original idea
a bit to fit the rythm, regardless of time signature and tempo

I dont have problem writing anything in different time signatures, but then I do it like this:
I can listen to the groove, and record over it, by listening, sinking in and grooving
So, I can put a drum loop on in lets say 7/8 and record something cool. that fine

But what is difficult is when u get these brilliant ideas in your head
And you want to put them in context right away with the drums.

I struggle a bit with that.
It never becomes as I expected

Your suggestions?
14 Jan 2015
Hello, I have EZ drummer, but the package with advanced time signatures are too groovy to start writing on.
By that I mean, I would rather have just basic beats with only kick and snare in different time signatures, I prefer to write music that way.

Or can anyone show me how to write drums easily in a midi editor?
I somehow always screw up when I try to change the time signature, I watched vids and so on but
its like I cant add measures in the editor and it always ends up in 4/4 which is the default value

I use reaper
4 Jan 2015
What do we think of pop music on this forum? huh.gif

What do we think of it with some metal riffs and sweeping in it?
Have a look and see what you think smile.gif

Thanks to Cosmin Lupu, my mentor for assistance smile.gif

If you liked the video, subscribe to my channel or share it smile.gif comment or like its very welcomed
I got some different videos coming up in the future, ranging from classical guitar to metal
29 Dec 2014

Hope Christmas went well for you all.
I have a question since Im about to post a cover of a song.

Its sort of an arrangement, its not really a "cover" since I re-instrumented the whole song, basically turning a main stream song
into a metal song, but with the original track in the background, where only vocals are audible.

Ive seen this done many times, but maybe I will upset the original creator of the song (I dont think so)
but lets say the girl who made this pop song got fourious someone made one of her tunes into a
full fledged metal tune.

Does that give her the right to take down my cover from Youtube somehow?
It would be a shame since It was a lot of work and I hope to get a lot of views.

Is there anything I can write in the title or in the description
Like a "claim" that Its an arrangement and I dont own the music and so on?
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