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I need to progress and become a much better player, FAST. I've turned very old now.
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20 years old
Tver, Russia
Born Aug-16-1994
Thrash Metal, Lead Guitar playing, Megadeth, Children Of Bodom, Vocals, Screaming, Shredding, Learning, video games
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10 Mar 2014
Hey guys biggrin.gif I know its been a very long time, years since I've regularly been here. But, here I am (will you send me an angel ?)

Just wanted to let you know, that, after years of playing guitar (JUST 3) I FINALLY GOT A GIG biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif Its on 21st of March. I really want to make my mark with this one, as a lead guitarist/vocalist. smile.gif

Now, the song we're performing is this classic

I got rhythm guitar as the job initially, but, over the weekend, I practiced, practiced, and learnt the final solo, and want to do the vocals smile.gif Singing this one, is tough. So, need help with that. Other than that, a few recordings with guitar pro backing me up as a band coming up soon. smile.gif Stay tuned. Cosmin, Let's go to my thread biggrin.gif

PS - We can't find a vocalist, and Russians have horrible English accents. So, my roommate encouraged me to be the vocalist, because, that was my intention in the first place.
30 Nov 2012
So, I cooked some Roasted chicken sometime ago, and it was delicious.... biggrin.gif Since it was too much, I saved for the next day, and then fried it with some spices and, voila.... another nice dish. Unfortunately, it didn't survive to get its pics taken tongue.gif tongue.gif tongue.gif

Attached Image

Then, we had someone's birthday someday (see, I don't remember even who;s birthday was it tongue.gif ) and, we got this awesomely tasty cake

Attached Image

Then, I cooked some instant noodles last week. Really really tasty biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Attached Image
30 Nov 2012
Hey guys, so, it snowed for the second time yesterday in Tver, AND.... last night, it got pretty intense, and in the morning, we found out that all public transport was down, and the classes got cancelled for the day. We're expecting the same for tomorrow. tongue.gif Its really awesome here. I went out for a little trip to buy some stuff, and clicked some pics along the way. Hope you guys enjoy it. And, guys, give me some tips to face all this stuff wink.gif I know two Russians on the forum... and, I expect some tips from Mr. Rich too wink.gif Enjoy the pics










Lots of pics there biggrin.gif

PS - The forum poster says doesn't work with dynamic links.... now what does that mean ??? dry.gif
9 Nov 2012
Hey guys. I know, I've been really inactive on GMC lately. sad.gif Sorry for that. I'll try to be more active now. smile.gif Hope you guys still remember me tongue.gif

So, I heard Maiden's Rime of the Ancient Mariner the other day. And, inspiration struck, and, I made this biggrin.gif

Attached File  Gallop.gp5 ( 20.31K ) Number of downloads: 103

And, then, I created this a long time ago.

Attached File  spooky_intro.gp5 ( 2.01K ) Number of downloads: 90

Now, I know I've created two things. But, both of them, are totally incomplete, as full songs. Plus, drums need improvement. I need some breakdown, bridge or something. And, a lot more improvements can be there. So, help me out guys biggrin.gif

Also, I can't seem to arrange the riffs as a complete song. They all seem to be pretty random, and I can't get to connect them. sad.gif Any help on that would be great

And, on a side note, I know the spooky intro sounds a lot like Enter Sandman. I don't know how, but, it just came along laugh.gif

See ya around guys biggrin.gif Its great to be back biggrin.gif
28 Sep 2012
Hey guys, thought I'd update you guys, some of you know it already, but, I am in Tver biggrin.gif Near Moscow, Russia. The place is awesome. The univ is nice, Russians all around, many Indians in here, so, not facing any REALLY bad communication problems.

My hostel is filled with Indians laugh.gif I don't really feel I am in Russia until I leave the hostel laugh.gif I hope to get a stable internet connection today, so, Yash, is gonna be back soon wink.gif

Oh, and, right now, a lot, a lot, I do mean, more like, UNLIMITED FREE time. cool.gif Cool, right ? wink.gif See you all around biggrin.gif

And, I really missed you guys. Great to be back home biggrin.gif
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