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If you're proud of your recorded music then get it professionally mastered. Visit me at www.miromastering.com
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20 Jul 2014
This video is just in from NAMM via SoS:


May be worth a look for anyone interested in midi guitar - whether that's Pat Metheny and a Roland or Alan Holdsworth and a Synthax
9 Jul 2014
This should be of interest to those of you who upload their songs to itunes, cdbaby and all the other digital aggregators and distributors...

You should always have an ISRC embedded in to your music as it uniquely identifies your track, album and links it to the appropriate record label and is the only way that you can be ensured to receive any broadcast rights. ISRCs are routinely embedded in to redbook PMCDS but not those meant only fr digital distribution. Until very recently if you uploaded material to a digital aggregator you would have to either inform them of any ISRCs or send them a physical redbook PMCD and hope that they would apply them properly. One large aggregator was found to have ignored 1000s of ISRCs from small labels and individuals choosing instead to apply it's own code.

Earlier this year the European Broadcast Union agreed the outline for a new standard for broadcast Wavs, which includes a requirement for embedded ISRCs. In line with this forecoming standard a few daw manufacturers who specialise in post production and mastering daws have sarted to code this in to their suites. Prism who make the mastering daw that we use, have just announced that the forethcoming update will include this functionality along with the ability to produce gapless tracks and accurate fades for non-redbook PMCD broadcast Wavs. We've been busy beta testing the pre-release candidate and are now happy to announce that we can check, confirm, read, write and edit ISRC on broadcast WAVs meant only for digital distribution. We are one of only a very small number of mastering studios that can do this at present.
24 Jun 2014
This has just been posted by the UK's Music Producers Guild. It's worth a read along with the links for anyone who is interested in the relationship and financal arrangements between social media and independepnt labels and artists:

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