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21 Jun 2014
I'm going to the Vai academy with a friend next week, anyone else here attending?

Excited to spend a week playing guitar with all the other people!

Edit: here's a link www.vaiacademy.com
6 Mar 2014

I'm visiting San Francisco in another week or so, just wondering if anyone here is a local and knows of any really good guitar shops in the city that are worth checking out?

It's my first visit to the US of A, I've been told before that guitar shops over there are a lot bigger and more awesome than the ones we typically have in the UK, so I'm looking forward to taking a look.

15 Mar 2013
Hi guys,

I'm practicing figure 2:8 on this page;


I can't decide whether that should be done full alternate (except for the 2 power chords at the start) or switching back to a downstroke for each group of 1/8th + 2 16/ths. It sounds better and more metal without sticking to alternate picking, but I guess that will limit the speed of it?

I suppose an answer might be to learn both ways. Thoughts?
26 Nov 2012
Hi guys,

I'm wanting to get into sheet reading (reading musical notation). I know *how* to read sheet music (I can identify the key signiture, time signiture and what notes are what - the pitch and the rhythmic value), however I can't read it and play it if you know what I mean, I can't sight-read/play.

What I need it a book which is just loads of sheet music that I can play on guitar, at varying degrees of difficulty (starting easy and getting harder), preferably with recorded examples too so I can check how accurate I am against someone who can actually do it.

Does anyone know of such a book/resource? I found a few books of just like bach pieces and the like but I kinda need something a bit easier to start off with.

9 Nov 2012

My playing so far has been very much either rhythm (strumming chords) or lead (playing monophonic solos), and it's getting a bit boring. So I'm trying to learn to be able to improvise in that cool Hendrix rhythm/lead style where he kind of blends the two together instead of playing static chords.

I saw a Guthrie Govan video where he was explaining that in order to learn to do this you need to understand the CAGED system, where each chord position has an accompanying pentation scale shape. So I went and learnt that as best I can, I think I understand it. I already knew the CAGED system sort of, as I know all the chord shapes and I already knew the pentatonic shapes but had never really tied the two together.

So what I'm doing now, is trying to learn to take the chords to a song and understand which shapes to use and when.

I started by using a simple G->D->C->D pattern, which went fine and I got that sounding quite good. So I decided to try something a bit harder.

I took the chord progression from little wing and am trying to use the approach over that (rather than copying the original note for note, I'm trying to learn to do what Jimi would of done and just improv the rhythm part over the bass).

So, I started with the first few chords on loop; Em->G->Am->Em and repeat. That went fine. Then, it got confusing;

So the next bass notes go Bm, Bb, Am. So, what's with the Bb there, is that just a chromatic passing note played by the bass, what do I do rhythm wise there? How do I harmonise that?

Then, moving on, it ends up going C->F->G->F->D. F isn't in the key (which is Em or G major right?), so how come F is in there? Then I can't figure out how to harmoise that or where to move in my rhythm part during that, any help on understanding this would be appretiated!

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