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6 May 2014

^^Just wanted to share what I've been working away at lately! I'ts a two part series, although it is missing an ending and some of the transitions are wacky. It's coming along slowly but surely biggrin.gif

I can't embed the link into the forum because it's a private track on my soundcloud right now!

Any feedback is always appreciated, Cheers!
15 Apr 2013
Tried to learn this in 2011 and 2010. Couldn't pull it off back then but now I can! Nice to see that I am improving!

19 Mar 2013
QUOTE (ozsarman @ Mar 19 2013, 02:51 PM) *
Very nice tones and great work. Can you share tones and more explain mixing/mastering part?
So which program do you use for mix/master?

Here are the FX I use as of right now, though it is constantly changing.

Full Song : All FX On
Attached File  All_FX___Full_Song.mp3 ( 7.15MB ) Number of downloads: 62


Multiband Dynamics:

Harmonic Exciter:



ALL FX ON: Attached File  Ending_WITH_MASTERING.mp3 ( 2.35MB ) Number of downloads: 55

ALL FX OFF:Attached File  Ending_NO_MASTERING.mp3 ( 2.35MB ) Number of downloads: 40



Raw Drums:Attached File  Raw_Drums.mp3 ( 603.06K ) Number of downloads: 51

Drums w/EQ:Attached File  Drums_EQ.mp3 ( 603.06K ) Number of downloads: 48

Drums w/EQ and Master FX:Attached File  Drums_Master.mp3 ( 603.06K ) Number of downloads: 56



Raw Guitars:Attached File  Raw_Guitars.mp3 ( 2.35MB ) Number of downloads: 44

Guitars w/FX:Attached File  Guitars_FX.mp3 ( 2.35MB ) Number of downloads: 44

Guitars w/FX + Master FX:Attached File  Master_Guitars.mp3 ( 2.35MB ) Number of downloads: 39

Clean Guitars w/ALL FX:Attached File  Clean_Guitars.mp3 ( 1.76MB ) Number of downloads: 39

I also use an EQ and different patch for the bass in the first half of the song to brighten it up.
I used 3 different tones for the guitar solos, but no FX was added, all tone is from the POD and master FX.

At the peak of the song, there are 12 Guitar tracks running simultaneously, as well as the bass/drum track. All guitar parts are double tracked, including the clean guitars (Some near the ending are triple tracked)

Please post if you have any questions and i'll try my best to answer!
18 Mar 2013
Came up with some cool new Clean tones, they sound pretty cool! Thought I would layer some heavy stuff over it too!

Some of the drums aren't perfectly in sync yet, but its a work in progress!

Attached File  albumsong1.mp3 ( 7.15MB ) Number of downloads: 162

Newest version (Some master FX added, new tighter tone patches made for Rhythm Guitars)
Attached File  All_FX___Full_Song.mp3 ( 7.15MB ) Number of downloads: 112

7 Mar 2013
Hey guys!

My name is Tyler Teeple, I am from Ontario, Canada and have been playing guitar for about 9 years. Some of my most current influences include:

-Marco Sfogli
-John Petrucci
-Guthrie Govan
-Andy James

I haven't been on here for a long time! Great to see the community is still so active/awesome!

I thought I would freshen up on some of my teaching/tabbing/guitar pro skills as I am now teaching at BandHappy.

I have included a guitar pro file with 4 Guitars (including solo), bass, and drums. I will also post a .txt version of the tab!

This solo is in A and generally revolves around the pentatonic scale.

Full solo:

Slowed Down/No Backing Track:

Lick 1

Generally straight forward, make sure you get a clear sustained sound on the Tapped Harmonic!


Lick 2

Here comes the blues!!! You'll find the quick slide between D and D# (The "Blue Note") a couple times in this solo so make sure you have it down!


Lick 3

Time to rock with some double stops! Another quick slide between D and D# here as well. The ending lick contains some position shifting but with a couple plays through you should figure out a fingering that works for you.


Lick 4

This one looks easy, the the timing might throw you off a bit. Make sure to start the lick an eighth note after the first beat.


Lick 5

Shredding time! Some straight up alternate picking here, slow this one down if you are having trouble, not the mention the fact there is DOZENS of alternate picking lessons on this very site!


Lick 6

Kind of reminds me of an Andy Timmons style lick. Remember to turn down your volume knob to make it sound... crunchy? tongue.gif


Lick 7

One of the hardest licks of this solo. The timing makes it very difficult to play, on top of the position shifts/slides/bends that are occuring. Try to practice this to a metronome if it's giving you trouble!


Lick 8

My favorite lick of this solo! Really epic on beat 1 of Bar 40. Be sure to hit a climax there. Roll your volume up just before this lick, as the additional backing guitars fade in during it! Make sure you hit this aggressively!


Lick 9

Almost homefree! A short repeat of the end of lick 8 here following by a fast pentatonic run. The speed and stretches make it a difficult lick to pull off, but practicing it at a lower tempo really gets the positions locked in.


I hope you enjoy learning/watching/playing this solo!

Backing Tracks:

Full Speed (190 BPM) - Attached File  Backing_Full_190.mp3 ( 2.52MB ) Number of downloads: 163

90% Speed - Attached File  Backing_90_.mp3 ( 2.83MB ) Number of downloads: 36

85% Speed - Attached File  Backing_85_.mp3 ( 2.98MB ) Number of downloads: 30

70% Speed - Attached File  Backing_70_.mp3 ( 3.65MB ) Number of downloads: 30

Guitar Pro File

Attached File  gmc_lesson_2.gp5 ( 31.73K ) Number of downloads: 27

Tab .txt File

Attached File  GMC_Solo.txt ( 14.64K ) Number of downloads: 46

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Love your work mate...awesome playing and skills
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