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My interests are of course guitar playing. Besides that I'm a Tottenham Hotspur fan through and through.
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11 Apr 2014
EDIT: I just listened on my laptop, and I guarantee it will sound terrible on there. So better to listen with proper speakers. laugh.gif


Here's a very short and boring demo:

Attached File  8_string_on_7.mp3 ( 750.1K ) Number of downloads: 72

I've been wanting an 8 string for a while, but I thought a cheaper compromise might be buying a set of strings for an 8 string guitar and putting the lowest 7 of them on my 7 string. To my big surprise there's not been much of an issue. Still just playing around with it and I need to work a bit more on settings to get a better tone and all that. But I wanted to share it anyway so far.
10 Apr 2014
So, I've had my Laney MXD120H half stack for sale for half a year now or so, no one's interested, despite what I'd say is quite a reasonable and cheap price. I'm down to selling it for a third of what I paid for it when I bought it.

Anyway, long story short, no interest, it's at my parents house, as there'd be no need for me to have it around my apartment anyway.

But...here comes the weird part. Someone was supposed to come and have a look at it today, but in the end decided against showing up to have a look. Then my mom called me and said: "Hey, what do you say we buy it off you and then we're the ones stuck trying to sell it? Is that an idea if you need the money?". I declined at first, but she told me I could always just call and say: "yes, thank you!".

Don't know what to do here biggrin.gif It's "only" like $250, but I guess I could use the money. I'd just feel bad about them then being stuck with it!
16 Mar 2014
I have a Steinberg CI2, which I use frequently and without problems on my desktop. It works perfectly without any issues. It's a USB card. However, I've previously used it with my laptop without any problems as well, about half a year or more ago. However whenever I use it with my laptop now it cuts off for a few seconds every now and again, sometimes more often than other times. It's quite annoying when one is trying to record or generally just practicing whatever.

I have tried updating drivers, reinstalling Windows, basically anything I could think of. Anyone know what's going on here and how I can possibly fix it? As said, it works perfectly on one computer, but on the other it just doesn't.
13 Mar 2014
I was up in my attic storage space the other day and got the idea of rearranging it for a place to practice, where I wouldn't get distracted by internet, TV and so on. I have a sofa up there along with a table already, but...it's not too cozy and it's a bit scary since there's not much light during the evenings!

I'm terrible at things like this, but I want to make it more cozy and comfortable, so any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Here it is in its current state:

Attached Image
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Awesome playing in the big Collab Dude!!!
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