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Watching my dwarf hamster Homer
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19 May 2015
Hey guys,

as you might know, fellow GMCer WeePee (Ville) and I did some covers a while back, on some songs we were joined by other GMC members like HungryforHeaven and that Ben Higgins dude.
Well, we decided that it's time to write some original songs (but no worries, more covers will come in the future).
Our talents make a great mix for a band: Ville is a master of playing guitar, bass, programming drums and mixing stuff. And I have a questionable choice of female companions that are a great inspiration for lyrics!

So here is our first original song and video "Happy Couples" (viewer discretion is advised as we hired some sexy Hollywood actresses):

We are also glad to announce that we created our own youtube channel, a facebook page and soundcloud.
So please subscribe, like and share our stuff! And maybe you get to be featured as our next guest musician. Or we'll even write a song about you!

2 May 2015
Hey guys!

I went to Stuttgart yesterday, to watch our (former?) instructor Marcus Siepen and his buddies at work.
For those of you who have seen Blind Guardian live, you know they are perfect and are really entertaining their audience.
What I liked in particular was the way they interacted with each other and joked around on stage, especially Hansi (the singer) and Marcus.
They also said that they are recording every concert for the new live CD that will be released after the tour (whenever that may be wink.gif )
One funny thing was that Marcus actually made a mistake at the beginning of "The Bard's song", he picked the wrong string and looked up the Hansi, and both laughed biggrin.gif
They played in a venue that is usally used for classical concerts and has a special room and roof architecture for concerts, so the sound was perfect, absolutely perfect.
Below are some pics for you to enjoy, I picked different one than those I put on Facebook just to keep things interesting.


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22 Dec 2014
Hey guys,

I haven't posted this yet, but Christmas is a good time to finally do it!

As some of you know, I visited the USA this september and the friendly guy at the airport actually let me enter the country.

Which gave me the chance to meet the master of the torture chamber himself: Mr. Todd Simpson! We went to the shooting range together, had some mexican food and then, just to make it a night to remember, Todd broke his ankle...fun times!

After visiting (among other great places) Nashville, Memphis and New Orleans and finding out that ridiculously talented musicians play there in pretty much every bar, and after becoiming a fan of the New Orlenas Saints ( the football team), which wasn't the best of choices if you want a consistent team that makes it to the play offs...we met fellow GMCer Gary aka Blister!

And of course his famous dog Bentley. And his wife Barbara, who really is a lovely person, just like Gary.

I slept in the room some of you know from the saturday and sunday video chats and played on Gary's guitar.

Bottom line: if you meet random strangers on the internet and they invite you to stay at their house and shoot guns together, by all means, do it!

Here are two pictures so that you can see I'm not just telling weird stories.


Christian aka Gitarrero
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27 Aug 2014
Hey guys,

by now you will all have heard of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which is meant to raise awareness and money to help people like Jason Becker who suffer from ALS.
I know there are lots of pros and cons and arguments are going on, but let's just look at the positive side and not start such a discussion here.

Anyways, I was nominated two days ago, did the challenge and nominated 3 fellow GMCers: mudbone, WeePee and Ben!

Ben knows to obey a german and already did the challenge, I'm sure he'll share his video here and tell us all who he nominated.

1 Aug 2014
Hey guys,

we have this little village in the north of Germany called Wacken. Seems like a few band are secretly playing a show there this weekend.
You can watch a few of them here:


Sadly, they don't say what they are gonna show tomorrow and on sunday yet.
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