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Sensible Jones
47 years old
London-ish. UK.
Born Mar-15-1967
Gear List:-
Ibanez RG 350 DX (with Seymour Duncan HB and Jazz Pickups),
Yamaha RGX 211,
'67 Framus Jaguar finished in Burr Walnut,
G&L Asat Classic,
Warmoth Strat with Fender custom Shop Neck,
'73 Strat (Less paint than Rory Gallaghers!!)
2 Hand built Strats by me,
'72 Thinline Tele,
TC90 Tele,

Acoustic/Electro Acoustic:-
Hand Built Suzuki Nagoya.
'86 Ovation Balladeer.
Flametop Marlin.
'67 Eko 12 string.
Artisania 'Admira' Nylon string.

Various Other Acoustic Instruments:-
Mandolins, Banjo's, Autoharps.

FX and Amps:-
Zoom 9000's, 9030 DSP, 9150 Valve Preamp, 8050 Floor Controller, Marshall 8008 Poweramp, Laney 2x12 Cabs, Peavey Renown, Peavey Solo, '67 Selmer 50 MkIII Treble 'n' Bass Head with original 2x12 Cab.

Bass Gear:-
Yamaha BB330 Bass, Trace Elliot GPX7 Combo.
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17 Oct 2014
As the Power Supply on my 1967 Selmer is starting to pack up I decided I needed to get something to use whilst it goes for repairs. It had to be Tube, a bit more modern, but simple. Not too worried about Modern Hi Gain sounds as I don't need them live.
After a conversation with my friend Irene Ketikidi she told me she had an amp for sale and, as we're friends, she would sell it to me for a slight reduction in her original asking price! This was her main Live Amp until she got an Endorsee deal with Orange, so this thing has travelled to more places than a lot of people have!!
So, on Wednesday, I travelled up to London to go get it and here it is:-
Attached Image
It's a Traynor YCV 40, Handbuilt in Toronto, Canada. It sounds great, really bright cleans and Crunch and takes nicely to having the Gain turned up. The Clean Channel works really well when driven with my old Zoom Stomps, especially the Hyper-Lead.
Sound-wise it's very similar to an old Fender Twin that I used to use years ago!!
Here's a random YT clip of one:-

biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
8 Oct 2014
I just heard about this and thought it looks like quite a good 'Space saving' solution! Hopefully I'll get one to play with in a couple of weeks!
What do you guys think?
3 Oct 2014

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3 Oct 2014
....that I haven't been around for a week or so?
Well I'll tell you where I was anyway. I got asked at very, very short notice to go Tech/Roadie/Sound Desk for a friends band on a small Tour.
They did 1 show in each Country a day! We went to France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland. I also got to meet up with my older Bro who lives and works in Zurich!
Very tiring but really good fun. It reminded me that I need to get out and play more as I miss that feeling of a Live Show!!
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23 Sep 2014
This says it all!!!!
Attached Image
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