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When I'm not jamming on the guitar, I also skateboard, surf and really love PC games. Even designed my first website for flash games.

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Check out my game zone, a collection of free online flash games suitable for all ages.
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20 years old
New Zealand
Born July-27-1993
Rock/Metal Guitar, Gaming, Music, Basketball, Skateboarding and Surfing
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1 Apr 2014

This is really kewl!

Anyone else doing the Google Pokémon Challenge? I've managed to collect 15 of them so far.

You just have to download Google Maps to your iPhone:

Then tap the search bar, “press start,” and begin your quest.

Different locations have different Pokémon! The winner gets to work for Google!
31 Mar 2014
Pop music is where it's all at, more money, fame and all the chicks you could ever want drooling over you!

Get with the times. It's time for me to hand down my guitar, I've completely stopped playing and picked up singing lessons instead.

Raymond Braun Media Group (RBMG) has just giving me a sign up contract on 04/01/2014 for joining into a new boy band sensation!

We get to dress up, learn some awesome dance moves, and sing with auto-tune to greatly boost our sales towards the next generation of teens. I encourage all of you to consider the greater fame and wealth we can achieve with less effect and talent.

Wish me luck, joining the pop music industry!
6 Feb 2014
I was wondering if anyone else has their amp/effects rig setup on a rather dirty or overused power supply creating some hum/hiss and if a Line Conditioner would make a huge difference to it?

I'm currently just using a multi-plug extension cord, with a simple circuit tripper, for both my PC, monitor, surround sound speakers, and my guitar amp, pod effects... oh and also my iRobot Roomba (which goes around vacuuming before my mum can yell at me to do chores). Anyways, probably not the ideal power setup.

My Line 6 - DT50 212 Amp is a beast which weighs a ton, has 4 different emulated amps built-in, and runs as digital, fully tube, or 50/50. I've noticed over 2 years, the idle noise has increase. This could be due to some firmware updates, setup tweaks/changes, the amount of dust getting behind my amp (Roomba doesn't get), one or more tubes are dirty or dying, etc. During that time however, my power point was never that good (one of the worst in the house) and has increased the number of devices on it by double. So also checking into that as a possible cause.

I heard the Tripp Lite's LC1200 Line Conditioner was highly recommended for guitarist using tube amps to not only protect from brownouts, surges, and spikes from the power supply which could shorten it's lifespan, but also line noise which might be causing some hum/hissing?

Long story short: Does anyone use a Line Conditioner, UPS, or similar device to protect their Amp as well as prevent noise. Any reviews, recommendations or is it not worth it, etc?
6 Feb 2014
Just because my mum said the games I play where too violent...

Now with 100% realistic climbing feature!
3 Feb 2014
Don't you just wish you could be one of those 'power hungry' mods?
Never meet any of them on the GMC forums and miss some of the good old abuse.

So basically, you try find a reason to ban the person above you. Funny, harsh or just because...

RULES: Only ONE post at a time!!! You can't ban yourself.

Have a great time "banning" people.

ps: Please, don't take it personal if someone else banned you, just seek some revenge on him/her instead.
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Nice palm muting article!
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