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When I'm not jamming on the guitar, I also skateboard, surf and really love PC games. Even designed my first website for flash games.

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Check out my game zone, a collection of free online flash games suitable for all ages.
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21 years old
New Zealand
Born July-27-1993
Rock/Metal Guitar, Gaming, Music, Basketball, Skateboarding and Surfing
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11 Jun 2014

Why are we not backing this??? I tired of the boring tar roads which doesn't detect my skateboarding wipe outs! I want these roads in my lifetime, please. This is the future!

Dear Obama cares,

Redirect all your billions of military and spying funds stolen from your US tax paying citizens into this! Then you can be self-efficient and no longer have to invade other countries with the 'terrorism' scrap-goat card (which has expired years ago) in order to steal their oil resources to fund your roads. Problem solved, world peace!
5 Jun 2014
Welcome to the beginner to pro tutorial about how to feel just like your an actual Rock Star!!!

Rock Star 101:

- Work hard without complaining. Don't expect things to be handed to you.

- Be brave and courageous.

- Boost your ego level and bad boy image. Wide stance.

- Look the part. Get ripped clothing, tattoos, shades, and don't forget a nose ring. Black leather and studs.

- Get an awesome axe. Learn a killer riff and just repeat it.

- Learn some death metal screams. Put on a mean tough face and grin.

- Celtic, Saxon, Viking and Chivalric culture - Among many metalheads, especially fans of power metal, there's a strong emphasis on masculinity and the warrior mentality, in sharp contrast to consumerist and metrosexual culture. Long hair and/or beards.

- Get down your dance moves and poses. Devil horns, air fists or at least some hand gestures. Hair whips.

- Always have at least one metal chick in your music videos.

Putting it all together, you should end up with:

laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
3 May 2014
Eddie Van Halen had a concert tour to Auckland, New Zealand at the Western Springs Stadium. Throughout the night he rock out loud and the place filled out!!! So the very next morning he decided to say sorry for the noise around the nearby neighbour. Went door to door giving each a personally signed wine bottle and told them in person sorry for any disruption his band might of caused them during the weekend contest! How cool is that?

So what do you known about famous band member(s) which might of never known/released out into the public?
30 Apr 2014
I guess some of you guys will know your stuff around Headphones and microphones?

Basically using it mainly for gaming however, rather than recording.

My really old Headphones broke, so replaced them with the Logitech G35. But currently hating them. I'm looking to return the Logitech G35 Headset due to it using USB and bypassing my sound card. It also has an issue with making a low 'eeeeeee' sound in the left speaker when the microphone is active but not being used. I also want to get something real which makes good use of my audiophile hardware.

I have a Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD audiophile sound card which I love, hate everything 'Sound Blaster' except for this!

It has either 3.5mm Mini Plug Digital Optical or standard 3.5 mm jacks as an option. Produces 5.1 Dolby Digital Live or DTS Connect (currently set on).

Currently I have interest in either:

Beyerdynamic MMX 300-II - which has Audiophile Stereo 2.0, can this still sound surround?


Turtle Beach Ear Force XP SEVEN - which I might be able to use the Digital Optical Dolby 5.1, would this be better due to my card?


similar as above, but maybe separate Headphones from microphone?

Anyone else also use their Headphones for gaming purposes, familiar with these or something better? Thanks in advance!
1 Apr 2014

This is really kewl!

Anyone else doing the Google Pokémon Challenge? I've managed to collect 15 of them so far.

You just have to download Google Maps to your iPhone:

Then tap the search bar, “press start,” and begin your quest.

Different locations have different Pokémon! The winner gets to work for Google!
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