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5 Aug 2011
Hey guys

I remember i couple of years back, i stumpled upon a lesson, with metal riffing with small fills/licks in between. I can't find it again, and i have no idea about the name. The whole idea with the lesson was to have these small fills in the riffing. Could someone assist me?
3 Aug 2011
Hey all

I have a question regarding fretting hand positioning. I'm doing this Lesson at the moment.

If you click on Lesson step 3, you can see the way he positions his hand/fingers. Its as if the finger are pointing down the neck of the guitar, towards the bridge.

The way i do it is by placing my thumb around the center of the neck, and have my fingers almost at a 90 degree angle to the neck. But if you notice, you can see my pinky almost touches the fret with the side of the finger, instead of the tip of the finger. (It does this because of the rather large stretch though, normal at touches with the tip.)

Well, what i want to know is, do i need to work on my positioning? Should i learn to do it, like he does it in his video?
30 Jul 2011
Hey all

It's me again laugh.gif

I was wondering how one should go about picking a lesson of an appropriate level. I think one if my biggest archilles heels, is alternate picking on over 2 or more strings, especially if it's of a faster nature.

I picked Muris' Alternate Workout lesson. (http://www.guitarmasterclass.net/solo-guitar/alternate-workout) Even though its a pretty low level one (4), i have a really hard time with it. I can barely keep it clean at 50% BPM (65). Is this then too far out of reach, and should i pick another lesson, which is can nail faster/better for now?
25 Jul 2011
Hey all

Just re-joined here. I started playing in a band again last year, and i want to be able to progress in my lead playing, faster than i have been until now. Thing is, even though i played guitar for about 15 years now, i suck horribly at any kind of lead/soloing. I can barely manage that solo from Nothing else matters and fade to black intro. I want to be able to play solos like Jim Roots solo from Psychosocial or Dimes from Moth for war. I know it's a long way, but the problem is, i have NO idea where to start. Im so overwhelmed by all these different instructional videos, and since time is somewhat limited to me, i don't want to spend a lot of time rehearsing things that won't even give me progress.

How do i carry on determining what to start rehearsing etc.?

If you wan't to probe me a bit, i'm definately up for a challenge.
18 Feb 2010
Hi Ivan (and other watchers)

I've done this recording as we agreed. I didnt really know on which board to put it, but here goes.
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