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Bogdan Radovic

Location: Belgrade, Serbia
Date of Birth: January 7th 1986
Been playing bass since: 2001

I got hooked on and fascinated by music as a kid, the moment I discovered my parent's old "Beatles" records. That's the time when my idea of playing an instrument and performing in a band was born. I went through a couple of instruments in the early days (keyboard, guitar) until I found the one bass! I love the role of a bass guitar in a band, it gives the song its very soul. Music has brought a lot of joy into my life through love, friendship, traveling and has made many of my dreams come true. I just love its never-ending force.

Playing and Influences
Like I said, The Beatles were the first (Paul McCartney), but I have listened to a lot of different musicians over the years. I am inspired by a good musician on any instrument. As for bass players - I love the melodic and funky style of Flea from RHCP, I also love the unique groove of Victor Wooten and the crazy slap style he has developed. Then there is Stu Hamm with his cool tapping tunes and solo bass stuff. Many times I find myself listening to songs and just isolating bass lines in my head.

I have always been fascinated by technology and the Internet, and it lead me to this amazing place. I feel very connected with all the students and instructors all over the world. GMC allows me to teach everyone, everywhere, and also helps me to learn new things and develop my playing and musicianship. I find the GMC way of teaching the most efficient through FUN song-like lessons packed with serious knowledge.

I hope music will bring such wonderful things into your life too. Now grab an instrument and start playing!

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