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At this level we start to see faster Alternate Picking, more complex rythmic figures such as galloping and triplets, along with some more complex chord shapes. In addition, we will see use of 3 note-per-string scales, higher tempos in general and more advanced sweeping and hybrid picking.


  • Difficulty5

    Classic Funk

    by Javier Aviles

    Classic funky rhythm. I play different guitar grooves, chords and muted strumming scales.

    Tags: funk, groove, strumming, muted scales,...
  • Difficulty5

    Open String Pull-Off Riff

    by Chris Shofner

    This lesson covers a modern country style open string pull-off riff with double-stop hammer-ons/pull-offs and behind the nut bends.

    Tags: Brent Mason, Brad Paisley, jim Campilongo,...
  • Difficulty5

    German Christmas Song

    by Guido Bungenstock

    A beautiful german X-mas song with some jazzy chords and modulation. A good example how a simple melody can sound big.

    Tags: slide, phrasing, bending, vibrato, x-mas,...
  • Difficulty5

    Greg Howe Tapping

    by Ben Higgins

    Learn how to use 3 note per string tapping like Greg Howe with this simple group of licks.

    Tags: greg howe, tapping, shrapnel, 3 note per...
  • Difficulty5

    Pentatonic Major Soul

    by Javier Aviles

    R&B soul track featuring improvisation in A Pentatonic Major.

    Tags: Pentatonic Major, ionian, bending, 6ths,...
  • Difficulty5

    Ballad soloing - dynamics and phrasing

    by Darius Wave

    Influenced by Andy Timmons and Jeff Beck. Learn how to play with wide dynamics range and keep control over phrasing. Let's get through some licks that will teach You how to squeeze a full palette of tones from Your strat guitar (or superstrat with Single Coil in neck position). All supported by popular, ballad chord progression that will leave enough time and space to make You fully focused on what You play. Focus on details.

    Tags: Phrasing, Ballad, Solo, Andy Timmons,...
  • Difficulty5

    Power Rock Slide

    by Javier Aviles

    Power rock song featuring slide playing of melodies and rhythm.

    Tags: bottleneck, slide, rhythm, slide melody
  • Difficulty6

    Smooth Arpeggio Lines

    by Guido Bungenstock

    The most important six arpeggio shapes in two octave patterns combined with cool licks. Easy to memorize and fun to play. Smooth sounding!

    Tags: Arpeggio, smooth, Progressive, Soloing,...
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