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From old school Mississippi to high gain à-la-Gary-Moore, you have all styles of blues covered here. Blues music is often described as the rock guitarists' fast ticket to understanding chord progressions and basic scales - thanks to its simple harmonic structure.


  • Difficulty4

    Blues: Beyond The B.B. King Box

    by Jacob Light

    How to use the B.B. King box to jump start your licks, and how to break out of it and explore some other improvisational avenues. This will not only help to expand your musical palette, but also enable you play in the style of B.B. King in a more elaborate, compelling and three dimensional way!

    Tags: B.B. King, BB King, Blues, Slow Blues,...
  • Difficulty4

    Bottleneck Blues

    by Chris Harrington

    Blues wouldn't be Blues without a Slide + open tuned guitar. Here we look at how to play slide blues guitar!

    Tags: slide guitar, bottleneck, blues, Muddy Waters
  • Difficulty5

    Blues: The Texas Hybrid

    by Jacob Light

    The Texas Hybrid is a mash-up of the playing styles of some of the Lone Star State's greatest bluesmen, in the likes of Freddie King, Billy Gibbons and Stevie Ray Vaughn, just to name a few. I'll share with you some of the ideas and methods that I used to create this greasy sounding hybrid and show you some typical Texas Blues motifs that I like to include in my playing.

    Tags: Blues, Texas Blues, Fast Blues, Fast,...
  • Difficulty6

    Off Beat Boogie

    by Chris Harrington

    We look at playing lead guitar in a finger style and the tonal advantages this can give us.

    Tags: blues fingerpicking, lead, solo, Jeff...
  • Difficulty4

    Mixolydian Sixths II

    by Javier Aviles

    Slow blues song using mixolydian scales with two notes in a sixths distance relation.

    Tags: sixths intervals, blues, soloing,...
  • Difficulty5

    Backbeat Blues

    by Javier Aviles

    I use a backbeat rhythm for this exercise of Modern Blues.

    Tags: backbeat, blues, blues rhythm, upbeat,...
  • Difficulty4

    R'n'B Inspired Tune

    by Piotr Kaczor

    Even the no guitar style of music can give an inspiration and freshness to your playing.

    Tags: R'n'B, phrasing, dynamics, Michael...
  • Difficulty4

    B.B's Blues

    by Chris Harrington

    We take a look at the King of the Blues B.B. King and the techniques that made him instantly recognisable.

    Tags: Blues, B.B. King, minor blues
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