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Famous classical masterpieces and arrangements - hone your skills playing music from a bygone age.


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  • Difficulty2


    by Dejan Farkas

    Malaguena, or Spanish dance, is named after the town of Malaga in south of Spain. It is in triple meter and similar to fandango.

    Tags: spanish dance
  • Difficulty5

    Capricho Arabe (3/3)

    by Gerardo Siere

    Famous guitar serenata by Francisco Tarrega.

    Tags: Tarrega, capricho, romantic
  • Difficulty4

    Asturias - Isaac Albeniz

    by Vinod Saranga

    The fifth movement of the Suite Espanola, Op. 47, Asturias (Leyenda) is probably most famous these days in the classical guitar world, even though it was originally composed for piano and only later transcribed to guitar by Francisco Tárrega.

    Tags: Asturias, Leyenda, Tarrega
  • Difficulty2

    Raindrops Lesson

    by Dejan Farkas

    Raindrops falling from the roof and it inspired me to write this piece. It may help you to learn and improve finger picking, keep it fluent and accent the melody.

  • Difficulty4

    Study in B Minor by Fernando Sor

    by Kosei Kubota

    This is the most famous study by the Spanish classical guitarist Fernando Sor. This beautiful piece of music will provide an excellent arpeggio practice.

    Tags: Sor, Andres Segovia, arpeggio
  • Difficulty2

    Spanish Romance

    by Kosei Kubota

    Welcome to GMC's new classical guitar lessons. For the first lesson, Kosei will teach the first half of "Spanish Romance", a famous movie theme from the French cinema called "Forbidden Game".

    Tags: classical, fingerpicking
  • Difficulty6

    Pivot Notes Illustration

    by Vasilije Vukmirovic

    Using pivoting technique, application in various positions

    Tags: neoclassical, classical, pedal tone, pedal...
  • Difficulty5

    Bach Minuet

    by Ben Nisenblat

    This piece it not too hard, but it is a little tricky in some parts because the constant change of the bass notes. It could be confusing sometimes, but the harmony is amazing!

    Tags: counterpoint
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