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Characterized by aggressive alternate/hybrid picking, double stops and strong blues influences - country is a style way too cool to miss out on.


  • Difficulty4

    Steel Guitar Bends Etude

    by Chris Shofner

    This lesson is an introductory etude to steel guitar simulation bends. It contains a variety of bends as well as a key modulation. This lesson also utilizes a hybrid (claw style) right-hand picking technique.

    Tags: steel guitar bends, chicken picking,...
  • Difficulty5

    Drop D Country Slap

    by Javier Aviles

    Country song for slap & hybrid picking technique practice in dropped D tuning.

    Tags: drop D, country, slap, hybrid picking,...
  • Difficulty4

    Rhythm and Claw

    by Chris Shofner

    This lesson covers three different chicken pickin' licks that can be used in rhythm or lead playing. It stresses the use of hybrid picking along with double-stops and pentatonic scales.

    Tags: Don Rich, Brent Mason, Chicken Picking,...
  • Difficulty4

    John's Walk

    by Marius Pop

    This song focuses on a simple concept inspired by John Mayer.

    Tags: John Mayer, Fingerstyle, Phrasing,...
  • Difficulty6

    Chicken Pickin' Solo

    by Chris Shofner

    This lesson covers a chicken picking style solo that includes various related techniques such as: open-string pull-offs, steel guitar bends, and banjo rolls.

    Tags: Brent Mason, Brad Paisley, James Burton,...
  • Difficulty5

    Triplets Country Folk

    by Javier Aviles

    In this lesson I play a Country Folk song using Hybrid Picking technique to play arpeggios. It sounds like Albert Lee music.

    Tags: country folk, Albert Lee, hybrid picking,...
  • Difficulty5

    Ethnic Country Rock

    by Javier Aviles

    In this guitar lesson I used a classic taste of the old country and blues style. Delta bluesmen like Skip James, John Hurt, Big Joe Williams and Charlie Patton use this kind of rhythm.

    Tags: country rock, fast slide vibrato, hybrid...
  • Difficulty4

    Double Stop Ballad

    by Javier Aviles

    Ballad composed for practicing double stops technique in ballad settings.

    Tags: Double Stops, Country Ballad, Bending,...
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