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Falseta, Bulerias, Solea, Tango, Granaina, Taranta, Alegrias, Farrcuca (etc) - you have got it all here.


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  • Difficulty3

    Flamenco Rumba Lesson

    by Al Christie

    A Rumba lesson using different popular chord changes that you will hear on many records. The chords are not that difficult, but to change with the rhythm is.

    Tags: flamenco, rumba, Alzapua, flamenco chords
  • Difficulty7


    by Sergio Dorado

    A toque that never can be missing in a concert or in a flamenco party: bulerías. Bulerías is a more rhythmic toque, with more accent variations and energy of flamenco repertoire.

    Tags: Rasgueo, thumb, rasqueado
  • Difficulty5


    by Sergio Dorado

    A toque of Granaina, a style derived from the Fandango.

    Tags: Thumb, arpeggios
  • Difficulty7

    The Origin of Tangos #2

    by Rodrigo Gonzalez

    Let's continue exploring the origin of tangos.

    Tags: Tangos, Flamenco, Andalucia, Spanish, Paco...
  • Difficulty2

    Flamenco First Pieces: Solea

    by Sergio Dorado

    If you've decided finally to learn flamenco guitar this piece must be your first step. Learn some variations of the toque of Solea and introduce you in concepts such as thumb, golpe, cierre, etc.

    Tags: Thumb, thumb-index, golpe, tap
  • Difficulty3

    Flamenco First Pieces: Malaguena

    by Sergio Dorado

    Malagueña is a fandango from Málaga. It's a free style in E phrygian tonality.

    Tags: malagueña, arpeggio, thumb-index,...
  • Difficulty6

    Flamenco Granaina Lesson

    by Al Christie

    The Granainas comes from the region of Granada in the south of Spain. It is a free form and has no strickt tempo and you can play each part as you want, with your own feeling. Al Christie shows how!

    Tags: Granainas, Granaina, Spain, free form,...
  • Difficulty6

    Alegrias Flamenco Lesson

    by Sergio Dorado

    Alegrías is characterized for a variety of rhythms, and a great sense of movement and sensual phrasing. In Spanish, "alegrías" means happiness, so you must perform it with grace and optimism.

    Tags: Rasgueo, arpeggio, thumb
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