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Falseta, Bulerias, Solea, Tango, Granaina, Taranta, Alegrias, Farrcuca (etc) - you have got it all here.


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  • Difficulty7


    by Sergio Dorado

    A toque that never can be missing in a concert or in a flamenco party: bulerías. Bulerías is a more rhythmic toque, with more accent variations and energy of flamenco repertoire.

    Tags: Rasgueo, thumb, rasqueado
  • Difficulty5


    by Sergio Dorado

    A toque of Granaina, a style derived from the Fandango.

    Tags: Thumb, arpeggios
  • Difficulty3

    Flamenco Rumba Lesson

    by Al Christie

    A Rumba lesson using different popular chord changes that you will hear on many records. The chords are not that difficult, but to change with the rhythm is.

    Tags: flamenco, rumba, Alzapua, flamenco chords
  • Difficulty6


    by Sergio Dorado

    Let's go to see a theme of farruca. The piece have a little introduction, and the tempo changes at the moment the rasgueados enters.

    Tags: farruca, acoustic, rasgueados
  • Difficulty5

    Thumb - Index Study

    by Sergio Dorado

    Technique exercise. Will allow you to emphasize the thumb melody, whereas the index creates rythmic and harmonic support.

    Tags: thumb, study
  • Difficulty6

    Rasgueo Study

    by Sergio Dorado

    Rasgueo is basically a rythm applied to one or more chords, so the essence of this lesson is rhythm.

    Tags: Rasgueos, golpe, rhythm
  • Difficulty2

    50 Rasgueo Exercises (I)

    by Sergio Dorado

    Strumming guitar is a thing that exists in all kinds of styles that have a guitar, because it is an effective way to keep in time and to mark the harmony context. But it's in flamenco music where strumming reaches the highest level.

    Tags: Rasgueos, flamenco
  • Difficulty4

    The Origin of Tangos #1

    by Rodrigo Gonzalez

    In this series we will discuss the origin of 'tangos'.

    Tags: Flamenco, Tango, Spain, Andalucia
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