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The jazz fusion style borrows the improvisational aspects of jazz - but with a more modern groove.


  • Difficulty7

    Fusion, Blues & Bebop Lines

    by Nicholas Llerandi

    A bank of licks for you to use in the style of John Scofield, Mike Stern, and Tom Quayle.

    Tags: Fusion, Blues, Bebop, John Scofield, Mike...
  • Difficulty5

    Brazilian Fusion

    by Andre Nieri

    Original song by Andre Nieri. Electric and acoustic guitars playing a singing melody.

    Tags: fingerstyle, legato, chords, arpeggios,...
  • Difficulty3

    Acoustic Jazz Fusion

    by Javier Aviles

    In this lesson I change the style to Jazz Fusion to show you how to play some rhythm chords using open strings notes.

    Tags: acoustic jazz, fusion, open strings chords,...
  • Difficulty8

    25 Jazz Fusion Licks

    by Stephane Lucarelli

    25 Jazz Fusion licks from the best guitar players like Scott Henderson, Greg Howe, Allan Holdsworth and so on. A unique lesson to improve your phrasing, technique & your licks collection!

    Tags: fusion lick, phrasing, jazz lick, jazz,...
  • Difficulty3

    Major Arpeggios Exercise

    by Javier Aviles

    Practice playing major arpeggios in a song context and in different positions on the neck.

    Tags: Arpeggios, major arpeggios, ballad, exercise
  • Difficulty5

    Slow RnB Jam

    by Fayeed Tan

    Learn how to feel the backing track and jam in a smooth and laidback style.

    Tags: RnB, Rhythm and Blues, soul, slow, laidback
  • Difficulty10

    Melodic Minor Modes

    by Andre Nieri

    Lesson teaching tricks and tips of the modes of the melodic minor scale. Nowadays, this scale is primarely used in jazz/fusion, but some excerpts of it can be found in other styles as well, such as prog rock, country, funk, samba and others.

    Tags: melodic minor modes, fusion, jazz, samba,...
  • Difficulty5

    Scale-Chords Ballad

    by Andre Nieri

    Take a scale and play groups of notes from that scale to create chords, not worrying about their harmonic functions.

    Tags: Allan Holdsworth, chords, ballad, modes,...
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