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  • Difficulty8

    Mark Tremonti Style

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    Lesson covering the style of Creed's and Alter Bridge's amazing guitarist.

    Tags: Mark Tremonti, Creed, Alter Bridge, Shred,...
  • Difficulty1

    Alternate Picking Basics

    by Darius Wave

    Licks examples and detailed explanations of how to start working on the right hand alternate picking technique, including hand positions, basic mechanics of the movement, pick angles, hand angles, strength management.

    Tags: alternate picking, basics, how to,...
  • Difficulty6

    Bullet For My Valentine Style

    by Gabriel Leopardi

    Bullet For My Valentine are a Welsh heavy metal band from Bridgend, formed in 1998.

    Tags: Bullet for my valentine, Matthew Tuck,...
  • Difficulty9

    Jeff Loomis Style

    by Ben Higgins

    Learn some diminished licks and Jeff style sweeps in this challenging lesson.

    Tags: jeff loomis, nevermore, cacophony, jason...
  • Difficulty8

    Creative Pentatonic Scale Soloing

    by Fayeed Tan

    Enhance your knowledge and add more creative licks of the already widely used pentatonic scale by knowing other positions spread across the fretboard.

    Tags: pentatonic scale, phrasing, metal, zakk...
  • Difficulty8


    by Yoppe

    This song is in the rock/metal style, like Nickelback. There are many techniques used like sweep picking, tapping and so on. Difficulty is high. Please stay calm and tackle this lesson slowly.

    Tags: melodic lead soloing, hammer ons, pull...
  • Difficulty5

    TesseracT Style

    by Cosmin Lupu

    Djent/progressive lesson in the style of Tesseract.

    Tags: djent, progressive, Tesseract, riffing,...
  • Difficulty8

    Metalcore Chops #2

    by Darius Wave

    Second part of the Metalcore series. Combine famous licks & riffs with the backing guitars and master some alternate picking solo shapes. Also let's have some fun with tricky harmonics usage.

    Tags: Killswitch Engage, Trivium, Avanged...
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