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Sweeps, odd meters, unusual scales - it all comes together here!


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  • Difficulty9

    Racer X: Scarified

    by Daniel Realpe

    One of greatest guitar instrumentals from Paul Gilbert and Racer X.

    Tags: racer x, paul gilbert, scarified, string...
  • Difficulty6

    Canon in D - Speedy Metal Arrangement

    by Trond Vold

    Welcome to the lesson of my speedy metal arrangement of Pachelbel's Canon in D. I'm not using much difficult techniques, I keep it relatively simple. The tricky part might be playing it up to tempo and getting the bends right.

    Tags: Pachelbel, Canon in D, tempo, metal, speed
  • Difficulty6

    Thrash Like Mustaine

    by Ben Higgins

    A short riff-tastic lesson designed to get your hands moving like Megadeth mainman - Dave Mustaine.

    Tags: megadeth, dave mustaine, thrash, riffs,...
  • Difficulty5

    Picking Exercise

    by Trond Vold

    We are going to take a look at how to improve and tighten up the picking. The goal here is to PICK every note!

    Tags: picking, economy picking, alternate picking
  • Difficulty6

    Dream Theater: Overture 1928

    by Daniel Realpe

    This is an instrumental song by Dream Theater that features the excellent guitar composition of John Petrucci in an intermediate level, perfect to make that leap to the next step in your playing.

    Tags: dream theater, overture 1928, john petrucci
  • Difficulty5

    Chowy's Metal Tune

    by Chowy Fernandez

    We're gonna focus on the writing of a metal song, with various parts where we will want the riffs to go in a succession from lower to higher and end it with a melody that gives the song a meaning.

    Tags: making a metal song, metal composition, two...
  • Difficulty6

    Modern Metal Solo - Marco Sfogli

    by Cosmin Lupu

    Building a solo in the modern metal context

    Tags: Metal, Progressive, Solo, PRS, Cosmin...
  • Difficulty5

    Bebop & Blues in Metal

    by Lale Nikic

    A song-like form of a lesson that has all the parts that are needed for one metal song, but in shorter version. We will cover techniques needed to play this piece, and music theory behind it. Bebop and blues SCALE usage is featured in this lesson. There is a small lead section as well.

    Tags: metal, riffing, d standard tuning, bebop,...
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