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When Music has advantages, what are they?

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Music can have advantages for your heart
Music can have advantages for your heart

Music can have a profound impact on the psyche and body of any individual. It has been used since decades to heal the human mind and soul. Getting musical training at a young age can help a child develop brain areas that are involved in reasoning and language. According to experts, the development of brain continues for several years after birth. With the right training, music can actually wire the circuits of the brain in a certain manner. Information on young minds can get imprinted if you try to link familiar songs to new information.

Spatial intelligence and music share a causal link. Spatial intelligence is the ability of perceiving the world in an accurate manner. It can help you in the formation of mental picture of things and the visualization of various elements that can go together. Music has so many advantages that it has also been included in the health care field. You must have heard of music therapy which is used for healing children with ADD and cancer patients. It is also effective in pain management, curing depression, easing muscle pain and promoting easy movement.

Music therapy has gained a lot of popularity as an effective tool for health. It is surprising how it can have powerful effects on the mind and body. Some of the advantages of music are:


Affecting the brain waves

According to studies it has been proven that your brainwaves can get stimulated with strong beats. The stimulation takes place to resonate in sync with the beat. Sharp beats ensure sharp concentration and it can help you attain a meditative and calm state. It has also been proven that any change in the activity level of the brainwaves caused by music, enables the brain to shift speed as required. This means that even after you have stopped listening to music; it can have lasting effects on your state of mind.

Music and your heart rate:

Due to alternations taking place in brainwaves, other bodily functions also get affected. Functions like heart rate and breathing that are controlled by the autonomic nervous system can be altered with music. This can result in slow heart rate, relaxation response and slow breathing. This is the reason why music can play a vital role in preventing the damages of chronic stress and promoting health. You can also ensure positive thinking without depression with the help of music therapy.


You need to practice discipline if you want to learn music. All successful musicians have gone through a lot of pressure and hard work to become successful. If you are learning classical music, you will have to practice signing or playing the instrument on a daily basis. It requires a lot of hard work and patience. So, if you learn music you will also learn discipline, patience and determination.

Music has always helped students understand the concept of sustained efforts, accomplish excellence and learn the meaning of hard work. It can enhance teamwork and disciplinary skills. For instance, an orchestra can sound good only when all the musicians work in harmony. Children can be offered music as a means to express themselves. Experts suggest parents to make sure that their child is trained in music lessons from a small age.

Besides the skill of playing a piano, flute or guitar, it can also offer various developmental benefits to them. It enhances academic achievements and intelligence too. Based on a recent study it was found out that many music majors got through medical schools, followed by humanities and bio chemistry.

Mozart effect

The skills you learn through music get transferred to your communication skills, study skills and cognitive skills. According to a Harvard University study, the spatial-temporal reasoning gets enhanced when children start learning music. Such reasoning tends to improve in a temporary manner when an adult listens to a particular type of music. This study was named as the “Mozart effect” and it suggested that spatial reasoning and music have a neurological and psychological connection.

Other Advantages

From the sci-fi fetal development notions to everyday emotional healing, music therapy has come a long way. As far as emotional benefits of music are concerned, any good song can ease your emotional turmoil and bring you in a better mood. Every human being goes through certain phases in life and most of them prefer to hear to certain songs in order to be happy. This has been considered one among the numerous benefits of music as it helps you give words to your feelings like no other medium. This is the reason why people like playing melodies that captures their vibes in the best manner. In order to improve the relation between music and your emotional state, you can start associating moods and songs.

Did you know there is a strong connection between music and exercise? If you haven’t, then try listening to your favorite song while doing a chest press or push ups at the gym. According to experts, the tension in your muscles can increase due to stimulating music, whereas sedative music can decrease it.

Music also enhances motor skills. Kids who have started learning the basic motor skills such as catching, throwing or jumping while listening to music, perform better as compared to the same exercise without music. Even the perception of chronic pain can be healed with music up to 21%.

Human Development

However, you must not consider it as the primary treatment method. Your favorite tracks can help you only when you are under medical treatment. Another very effective and important advantage of music is human development. Since, it is a universal language it can play a very positive role in this context. It can be discussed with anyone and everyone.

Music helps in developing a better interaction with the brain. It has been proved that people who hear music develop a better interaction with their right and left sides of the brain. So, these are some of the effective advantages of music that can enhance the chances of your overall development. It can never be too late to enjoy the healing powers of music.