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25 Sep 2011
Hey there GMC biggrin.gif I was looking at Jose Mena's lesson on alternate picking in which he said that he had to jump over strings to get over to the next string that he wanted to play to avoid hitting the string that he just picked. I have the same problem where my pick accidentally hits the string that i had just picked with an upstroke, when i was trying to pick the other (higher in pitch) string with a downstroke. So i now have to slow down my picking speed drastically, to try this jumping over strings method sad.gif I find that it requires more movement and i'm not sure if i will be able to pick fast again. Will this technique be ingrained in my hands after a lot of practice and thus feel natural to me? Is it worth learning this method?
1 Aug 2011
Hello GMCers biggrin.gif Just a quick question, I've been practicing alternate picking and realized that some alternate picking patterns are easier to play in triplets rather than 16th notes. Is it alrite if i continue practicing in three notes per beat just for the sake of convenience?
16 Jul 2011
Hey guys i'm going into the studio next week for a couple of recordings for a heavy metal song. I need some suggestions about how to make rhythm guitar parts sound "BIG".....any specific recording or miking techniques? Oh and i also need some tips on making a guitar sound bigger during the mixing. I am most likely to use a Marshall MG half stack...thanks in advance =)
11 Jun 2011
Hello good people of GMC biggrin.gif I have been studying for almost two years in a music course. Basically, i want to know more about how working in the industry really is. To make it easier, i have prepared several questions.

Hopefully any of you "industry practitioners" out there who have experience and knowledge of the music business would be willing enough to share some thoughts and insights. Thanks biggrin.gif
12 May 2011
hey gmc smile.gif I've been wanting to buy a small practice amp like about 15-30 watts. I want the amp to have a very good clean channel to hook my effects through (i use effects from pedals anyway). I was looking at the marshall MGs and was thinking of getting one without the effects. I have line 6 spider 4 75 watt which i probably would be selling anytime soon. After some time of messing around with different amp sounds and tones, i realized that the Line 6 sounds a little too digital. So i'm looking for something that sounds more authentic. Any suggestions?
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