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25 Apr 2016
I'm about to pull the trigger on a new laptop that I plan on using for video editing. For the price, this seems like the best option. Just thought I'd post it here to get feedback from more computer savvy members of GMC biggrin.gif;skuId=4503200

Do you guys have any other suggestions?
14 Mar 2016
I would just like to point out a note correction. Well, its more of a fret correction lol In this Iron Maiden lesson, 5th step second bar, the note is correct, but the tab is incorrect. The B in the tablature is written 9th fret 4th string, but is actually played 4th fret 3rd string. Its the only one I've seen so far. Gabe is usually pretty good with accuracy so its probably the only one biggrin.gif
10 Mar 2016
I've been trying to increase the quality of my REC takes, so I recently picked up a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 to record my guitar tracks to a DAW and edit it into the video. I will be using a couple of mics, a Sennheiser e609 and MXL ribbon mic to record the amp.

From the videos I've seen on Youtube, the sound of a dynamic mic up close and a ribbon mic a bit further away is pretty much the sound I'm looking for. The Scarlett has two mic inputs so I should be good.

However, I would rather record directly in to the camera, a DSLR, and remove a tedious step of editing from the whole process. So I've been considering getting a USB mixer, such as the Alesis MultiMix 4 USB or the Behringer 802 USB to record. It seems like the USB mixer also acts as a sound card, so the backing track will play directly into the mixer. Then the mics will record the amp, and I can monitor it through a pair of headphones. I may be wrong, but it seems like I can plug the the Mains Out directly into the camera.

Do you guys see any issues with this setup?
15 Feb 2016
Is it just me, or is there some disparity between the main video and the lesson step 3 video? For the first F major chord in the main video, he plays the open high E string, and it the step 3 video, he doesn't blink.gif wacko.gif

Chord Picking Etude
24 Oct 2015
I've been working a lot on my picking technique recently, because I would like to play surf songs. Many of these songs require pretty vicious tremolo picking. The master of course, is Dick Dale.

So I've been watching a lot videos of live surf music, and came across Laramie Dean. He's got pretty intense picking, but his hand barely moves!

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