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It takes a lot of time to make something looks like it's a piece of cake to play! Once you achieve it yourself you start to respect people who can really shred and make music with it!
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17 Mar 2008
The time has come for me to leave GMC – definitely not by my own will but we won't discuss that here. It's time for me to move on – we're always looking for something better and more interesting and even if someone doesn't like it – you should always do what you think is right!

What i wanted to say to all you upcoming guitar players is: it was a great pleasure to work here, i learned a lot while teaching and i hope my lessons did some good to your playing. Was cool to have those collaborations, it was fun!

Practice hard, never give up and rock on!
See you around the globe guys wink.gif

Pavel- apologies for the edit on your contact details - follows on from Sinoman's comment (post no 40) about Spambots - thanks Sinoman smile.gif .
17 Mar 2008
Ok, here we are at the end of our collab! We had some interesting takes, some were better, some were worse but all in all we had a good mix of skill level and it turned out really good! Here is the mp3 so you can judge yourself.

Bring It On - Mixdown

Attached File  Bring_it_On___Final.mp3 ( 9.41MB ) Number of downloads: 798

Members in order of appearance (21 participant):

1. Smells
2. OgranisedConfusion
3. DeepRoots
4. botoxfox
5. leedbreak
6. Tjchep
7. Juan Valero
8. superize
9. kaznie_NL
10. silentkap
11. coffeman
12. gus
13. Fran
14. Trond Vold
16. Stevie·Ray·Vaughan
17. ballistic31
18. preownedguitar
19. bodo
20. Muris
21. somecrazyguy


1. Smells

Definitely inspired by Satriani wink.gif That was some cool stuff, played really confidently which is VERY important. You did run out of key in the second part but it is not that noticeable. It was C-Major, and your solo ran into C-minor which did show up but the ending is killer. Love that Satchy scream in the end smile.gif

2. OgranisedConfusion

Your take was pretty good but you’re unsure in building beginning and end. The whole solo is pretty good with some minor mistakes, the tapping part was a bit messed up tempo-wise, but the overall idea was good. About the ending – ending of the solo is really important. In the end of a solo you’re making your last statement and it is vital to emphasize it. Check Smell’s solo for instance – a very firm end, really effective. Work on that and your solos will be screamy wink.gif

3. DeepRoots

The structure of your solo is good. You have the head and the tail of the solo but what you are missing is some vibrato on long notes. The music must flow – so if you add some vibrato to your longer notes it will sound much better. Also I think you should experiment with your lead sound. It’s pretty Z-ish, add some delay and it will be much better, and also spend some time playing around with your distortion settings, maybe add some more middle?

4. botoxfox

Your sound really reminded me of Tony MacAlpine. I liked your solo – both the structure and your lead sound. The end of the solo was kind of floating, sounded like you were not sure what to do there so work on making effective solo endings smile.gif

5. leedbreak

I see you work a lot on alternate picking wink.gif But your phrasing here suffers – you should not overuse the AP – I guess your goal was to make a good shred solo – but shred solos must also have phrases. Give a solo some air, make it breath – short pauses are not a bad thing to do.

6. tjchep

Took me some time to align your solo start with the backing track biggrin.gif biggrin.gif You have a pretty interesting lead sound but sometimes you run out of rhythm. A bit of metronome practice should solve the problem! There is s huge mix of licks in there and I see you like bending and you got some good vibrato going there. Rock on man! Thanks for your solo.

7. Juan m. Valero

You legato-tapping addict hahahahaha Nice solo man, a few wrong notes came in here and there but over-all that’s a cool sounding solo man wink.gif

8. superize

Hey man! The only thing you are really missing is vibrato on long notes. Also you should work on your bending, and make that note you bend to sound firm and steady. Maybe add some delay to your lead sound? Not much – but just to make your lead sound thicker.

9. kaznie_NL

Same thing here m8. You need to add some vibrato to your playing, especially on long notes. Also work on bends – make them more precise. Sometimes you run out of the scale – you’ll fix it with some more practice, and also don’t be afraid of mixing different note length wink.gif
Some delay won’t hurt and the solo ending should be also a thing to consider working on. But all-in-all you’re doing a good job – keep rocking!

10. silentkap

Not a bad sound at all but some vibrato won’t hurt. See you have a lot of slow stuff in your solo and those long notes don’t sound good if they don’t have vibrato applied. Check some vibrato lessons around here and you’ll be well on your way to writing some good solos.

11. coffeman

Like your lead sound! But your solo structure suffers a bit because of your overuse of long notes. See, the rhythm of the backing is pretty aggressive and is driving you to some movement in the solo, but instead – you put long notes in places where you could do better with some faster stuff.

12. gus

What I really liked about your solo are those few seconds in the end where you put in some pick-tapping. Your lead sound is not that high-gain so a bit of delay would help you in getting better lead sound. Also work on improving your bends and vibrato.

13. Fran

Same as coffeman! You overused that one long note and ate up half of the solo. You have quite good lead sound and it’s a shame not to use it for some more melodic and intense stuff. Also work on your solo endings wink.gif

14. Trond Vold

Cool stuff man! You caught some cool melodies in there and I like the sound of your bridge pickup – really screamy! Cool solo construction!


I see you were mixing a few audio tracks together wink.gif When doing such a thing make sure to level them to the same volume level ‘cause in this case we have one piece of a solo which is loud and once which is too quiet. You put some good use of wah pedal. Not a bad solo at all – just watch how you mix your audio stuff next time wink.gif

16. Stevie Ray Vaughan

Good firm solo! Maybe you should just make your sound more screamy by lowering your middle frequencies. Also the solo ending is something to work on wink.gif

17. ballistic31

Good solo m8! Simple yet effective construction. You got a decent lead sound. Some notes where out of place but considering it’s an improvisation we can let that go wink.gif Good job!

18. preownedguitar

Definitely not a bad solo but the ending could do better wink.gif Your sound is pretty good, I see you do use vibrato which makes the solo flow so all-in-all it’s good, just the ending to work on.

19. bodo

Cool tapping start – you just have to align it to metronome wink.gif I liked the solo and mix of all the licks you got there. You’re on your way to some good soloing.

20. Muris

Definitely not a metalhead but delivered a good sounding solo smile.gif I see you love to experiment smile.gif Sounds cool man!

21. somecrazyguy

Welcome man! I put you in the last second as we had some spots free. Nice solo, a bit of delay would make your sound even better. Tapping part is really good, and I see you caught the backing track groove and rhythm and you used your solo to emphasize the rhythm – good job and very well spotted! Good job m8!

That's it! Thanks to all who took part in this!
Rock on guys!
1 Mar 2008
Here we go!

The members taking part in the collab:

1. Smells - recorded
2. OgranisedConfusion - recorded
3. DeepRoots - recorded
4. botoxfox - recorded
5. leedbreak - recorded
6. Tjchep - recorded
7. Juan Valero - recorded
8. superize - recorded
9. kaznie_NL - recorded
10. silentkap - recorded
11. coffeman - recorded
12. gus - recorded
13. Joe Kataldo
14. Fran - recorded
15. Trond Vold - recorded
16. USAMAN - recorded
17. Stevie·Ray·Vaughan - recorded
18. ballistic31 - recorded
19. preownedguitar - recorded
20. bodo - recorded
21. Muris - recorded
22. g-forcelover

It's great to see people of different skill level applied for this one, and some of them are not into metal but it will be great to have a mix of styles over the same backing track.

It doesn't have to be shred solo! I won't put any limits on you. The only requirement is - a short solo and a completed idea.

Here is the backing track again, so download it and start rocking (150 BPM): Attached File  Bring_It_On_Backing_Track.mp3 ( 429.84K ) Number of downloads: 493

Deadline: March 16th - so we have 2 weeks for this!
Please post the solo alone and the solo with the backing track.

Start rocking guys!
29 Feb 2008
Hey there GMC-ers!

Time for another collab, ha? Last time we had a rock collab, now let's have some METAL!!!! Watching the collabs around here i decided to do one thing opposite to other collabs: we'll not have 1 minute long solo per member. Instead we will work on developing SHORT solos which have all they need inside. It's easy to make a long solo because you have enough time to repeat certain licks and melody parts but short solo is a whole different story.

Considering a backing track for solo is around 25 seconds per member we are able to take more members this time (last time we only had 11 people in, counting instructors). This time i suggest we take around 15 people, if more of you sign up we can have more.

The final collab will also have an intro which i will not show you here - it will wait until the final mix smile.gif

So here is the backing track - listen to it a couple of times and if you think you're up for a challenge post "I'm in!".
Attached File  Bring_It_On_Backing_Track.mp3 ( 429.84K ) Number of downloads: 589

Rock on! I'll open the uploads topic once we have all places taken smile.gif

Members so far:
1. Smells
2. OgranisedConfusion
3. DeepRoots
4. botoxfox
5. leedbreak
6. Tjchep
7. Juan Valero
8. superize
9. kaznie_NL
10. silentkap
11. coffeman
12. gus
13. Joe Kataldo
14. Fran
15. Trond Vold


17. Stevie·Ray·Vaughan
18. ballistic31
19. preownedguitar
20. bodo
21. Muris
22. g-forcelover

All places are taken! Sign-ups closed! smile.gif
21 Feb 2008
Here is the link:

The last question will possibly make a lot of people think of how they approach guitar. I personally have a lot of experience similar to Rusty's when i meet people who talk too much and don't play at all and call themselves "guitarists". Also i meet a lot of people who only talk gear and don't practice and again call themselves "guitarists".

What's your experience?
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Happy Birthday :|
8 Oct 2008 - 23:06
Don't leave us!!! Seriously, good luck with everything you're going to do in the future.
19 Apr 2008 - 16:12
Pavel, all your lessons are genus.. I signed up to learn your power-metal speedriffing and have learned soo much from all of your lessons.. Are you planing on any more metal speed riffing lessons in the future? Your riffing style is the style i wanna learn the most... Excellent job
11 Mar 2008 - 5:07
Hey Pavel ! Keep up those great lessons!! And we are still waiting for your album :)
28 Feb 2008 - 18:07
Hey Pavel! Looking forward to more lessons- i really enjoy your riffing and ofcourse you're alternate picking runs!....anyhting else..?....did i mention sweeping?!?!
See you round
4 Feb 2008 - 10:53


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