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26 Mar 2020
Hello team!

I've purchased an AKG P120 microphone just yesterday and I have absolutely no experience regarding audio settings
for a bright acoustic tone! The reviews were really awesome and the audio quality is great for it's low price, I was really hyped about this delivery. I'm using an audio interface Line6 POD UX1 which comes with POD Farm audio software where I've selected a Noise Gate, a preamp and a compressor as I saw in a Youtube video.

Noise Gate
Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

What's your take about what settings and equipment should I use from the software?

I've tried recording a simple sample with it and something like the below file came out, which I modified using Audacity!
I used Hard Limit to clip the trebled sound that came with the snares (I play fingerstyle), Bass and Treble to increase each
accordingly and then amplified the whole soundtrack! I think it lacks many components, not really any brightness or color in it
(still better than using my phone though)

Attached File  ParanoidBefore.wav ( 11.33MB ) Number of downloads: 179
(Before Audacity)
Attached File  ParanoidAfter.mp3 ( 407.53K ) Number of downloads: 148
(After Audacity)

I might be noticing a little hissing, maybe from the gain? The volume of the original file is pretty low. Does this have an impact if it's amplified too much? Should it be a little louder when it's recorded in the first place? Also, is it optimal to use reverb from the software or add it though Audacity?

I know I've just bought it yesterday and the whole thing needs lots LOTS of experimentation, but a little guidance alonside would be
helpful, I have to learn some things before blindly tweaking everything in the way! smile.gif
4 Nov 2016

Well, I know this is a GUITAR forum mainly but this time I want some
vocal feedback! Especially people who know about vocal techniques
I NEED YOU! biggrin.gif

I started practicing vocals 2 months ago and I'm seeing some kind of progress

I played this song with my friend just for laughs but I was seriously singing, at least for the 1st half!
Can I get some feedback on my voice? I feel like my singing is too weak!

I want to be able to sing in a Live Session in about a year from now, and to do that
I can just have a normal, not too high, vocal range!

But I want these notes to sound good and strong!
What can I try to improve? What is this that I lack?
25 Mar 2015
This is a take of a close friend of mine at university! What do you think? wink.gif

21 Mar 2015
Original lesson: Slow Rock Solo by Emir Hot

Still experimenting with tone....didn't do that beautiful harmonic as scripted on last part! Couldn't sustain the note

18 Mar 2015
Original lesson: Funky Satch by Piotr Kaczor

Ok,I'm kinda reluctant with could be a lot better.Especially the tone. Would like some feedback on tone here apart from technique etc! I get that the sound should really come from dynamics,been trying them but the setup could be better too. I decided not to use distortion pedal(screamer),delay and reverb.I'ts only amp,here's the setup

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