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27 Feb 2007

Hey guys,

I am having some trouble figuring out how to play below lick with my picking hand.
I'm almost certain it should be played with sweeping technique (correct me if I'm wrong), but I can't seem to figure out a smooth pattern of up and down movements with my picking hand.
(All notes are 16th notes, by the way)
Any suggestions of how you would play this?

|--------------16------------------------ 16--------

Thanks in advance

20 Feb 2007
Hey all,

Ever since I joined the GMC, I have been a good student and have made my homework everyday, eaten my porridge every morning and brushed my teeth for at least 2minutes every morning and evening.
(Well actually, the latter two things I already did before I joined GMC)

Anyway, eventhough the change of my playing fundamentals resulted in a chaos in my performance in the beginning, I quickly started to see progress in my re-learning of playing guitar. I was psyched about it and it motivated me even more.
However a few weeks ago, I reached some sort of plateau, and I don't really feel that I am improving so much.

Is guitar playing like other physical activities, such as weight lifting, where you will notice quite instant and fast progress in the beginning, hit a plateau for a while, experience a considerable leap after a while, just to hit a plateau again...and so on...??

Or is it simply me, trying to learn too many new techniques at the same time? (A typical practice session consists of 30 min warm-up with scales and finger positioning, 30 min alternate/speed picking, 30 min sweeping practice, 30-60 minute goofing around/improvising)
Should I just stick to learn one technique at a time? (Hence the title of this topic...)

Please give me some input here. It would also be interesting to know how you guys plan a practice session.

10 Jan 2007
I thought I'd introduce myself as well.

I am 28 years old, from Stockholm Sweden, and have been playing guitar on and off since junior high school. I listen to various kind of music, basically everything between classical music and heavy metal. But my guitar repertoire tend to lean towards hard rock and heavy metal.

Self taught as I am on guitar, I would say that my "home made" style of playing has improved over the years. But for some time now, I have felt that this "home made" style will never get me as fast and accurate as I would like to become. I have come to realize the immense restrictions in the way I play.
So I decided to start over from scratch and do it with correct technique.
As you may realize, it is really, really difficult to "un-learn" what I know, and learn to play in a whole different way. So I am experiencing a very difficult and challenging time as a guitar player right now, as many basic and easy things sounds like crap and I mess them up due to this whole change of style...

But when I stumbled across this site, I felt hope for the very first time, and after 2 hours of various lessons by Kris, I have noticed more progress than I have for the past 2 weeks. So thanks Kris!!!

My gear:
* LTD M1000 FM
* ESP Eclipse 1 CTM
* Boss MT-2 distortion pedal
* Boss CS-3 Compression/Sustainer
* Guitar Rig 2
* .008-.038 strings
* .46 Dunlop Pick

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