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19 Mar 2012
Hi guys,

I hope I don't step on anyones toes when putting some advertising for my new site in here.
It's NOT a guitar learning site so Kris can relax... laugh.gif ... it's mainly a place where me, my uncle
and a good friend from work are gonna review rock music... from blues to metal... but no lady gaga ... (NO OFFENSE)
... we will also try to cover some of the festivals goin on this summer in Sweden with photos and clips, hopefully interviews.
Other things I will put up are tutorials on photography, video and review gadgets of all kind. To name a few things.
Maybe even a "Shifter babe of the month" ?! rolleyes.gif

I've just set up the website and I'm now working with some coding, designing and things like that and post news of course.
There will also be a place where me and my relative (blues guitarist since many years) will put up free backing tracks (blues mainly)
in different keys for download... and we're also working on a more serious backing track album to be purchased from the site
in the future. But small steps... If anyone here should be interested in my site I would be the happiest man alive if you could
visit it ... and also click the Facebook "like" on the right side. It would motivate me a lot!

My music magazine smile.gif

Keep rockin!

Jonas Guitarnoob Stenberg
20 Dec 2011

haven't uploaded any songs for a long time but today I actually recorded a song with an amp for the very first time.
I bought the Laney TT50H with a Laney cab (v30's) and now I'm trying to learn how to record into the Shure SM57.

This is my first try with micing the cab... and my vocals are pretty rough as well.
Did everything in a couple of hours. Okey, enough excuses. Here it is:

I fall down
like a blind man
once I died
but now I live again

a crow in the sky
and I feel the same
once denied
but now I live again

I never told a lie
but you never told the truth
I never told a lie
but you never told the truth

when life has drowned
will it ever be
that I walk the sky
in eternity

now the angels say
that I'm not pure
and how can that be
that I live again

I never told a lie
but you never told the truth
I never told a lie
but you never told the truth

Keep rockin guys!

OH, I would love some feedback on EQ, mix, mastering.. anything. I'm here to learn!
24 Mar 2011
Hey guys!

I've put up some of my tracks I've been working on lately after struggling back from an arm injury.
They are here: Demo tracks

You can download the mp3 from the player and lyrics are available to the right (for sing-a-long hehe)
Enjoy and of course feedback is always cool.

Keep playin!

16 Dec 2010
Hey Ivan!

I've been practicing your lesson "Slow Blues In B Minor" and I haven't put together the licks yet but soon.
I did a test of just playin in the B minor scale and sing something.
This is actually the first time I sing and do the lead part in one take so I wasn't too focused on playing.
Will practice your lesson more and implement your licks in another version!

Hope you like it! Love the backing track! You rock!

UPDATE: I had to finish the song so new version now. I was in a really good blues mood! Hehehehe. Goodnight!

Attached File  Jonas___Never_make_it_thru__sing_n_play_test_.mp3 ( 7.32MB ) Number of downloads: 258

Like I never knew
when I saw you with another man

now I stand here all alone
trying to understand
what I've done

you broke me down yeah
never saw it comin oh no I wasnt even scared
of loosing you
time will help me I'm sure
but I will never make it thru

A long time ago
I was the only man for you
I didnt even know how to love
now I've lost you I've lost
yeah I've lost you

I will never make it thru
Oh why did you leave me?
Why did you betray me?
What did I do so wrong?
I did everything I could do
but it's too late now

14 Dec 2010

I feel like I'm spamming this forum with song ideas right now but all progress is good right? smile.gif
Anyway, I tried another kind of groove on the drums... a bit of BLS groove I think.
My voice ... felt a bit pushed today because I sang a lot yesterday but it's ok for a demo I guess.
The main reason that I don't sing too dynamic and with more melodies is that I struggle a lot from
pitch problems and I'm actually not that good of a singer and need to focus a lot when singing and stay in key.
Of course there can be lots of improvement on the vocals but not today! Hehehe.

Drums: Addictive drums
Guitar: Studio UX1 (drop C)
Bass: Studio UX1
Vocals: One track on the verse, two on the chorus

So, for you BLS fans ... hope you like this one. The solo sucks tho! I'm sorry! Was too tired .. eh actually I can't play better than that. lol.

Attached File  Jonas___Never_let_go__drop_C_v2_.mp3 ( 5.64MB ) Number of downloads: 341

Can you see the fire in the sky
never would I stand in line no no no
it's a long way to hell so let's go
we gotta go we gotta find a way you know

You promised me that you would never let go
Did I ask for too much when I loved you so

Won't you reach for me this time (time)
I refuse to bow down again (again again)
Can I hear you scream you're mine (that you're mine)
Before I loose my mind yeah

You promised me you would never let go
Did I ask for too much when I loved you so

If you wanna piece of me I'm here oh yeah oh yeah
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