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13 Dec 2011
Greetings GMC - a quick moment to make a correction to a post I made a few months ago.

Some may or may not recollect the details of a post I made a while back. It went something like this -

Don't listen to master guitar instructors who tell you to apply just enough pressure to keep the string pressed against the fret wire when string bending. Instead, one should (listen to an unknown hack like myself) and press down very firmly against the fret wire and keep a loose wrist. I know this is true because blah... blah... blah.

Boy, was I wrong (except for the loose wrist part). It only took me a little over a year to discover that both great instructors on this site and guys like Guthrie Govan and Joe Satriani were right. Amazing, no? Light pressure is the right pressure on an electric guitar. Hope this post saves someone a lot of painfully frustrating practicing sessions.
4 Jul 2011
Dear Ivan,

My name is Bryan Moore and I just wanted to thank you for helping me achieve a monumental musical goal.

When I joined GMC a little over a year ago, my main goal was to become a master string bender.

I spent hours carefully studying close-ups of every player both on this site and youtube. All the while hearing your words of, "don't worry mate, after a year of intense practice, the deep string bending vibrato will come."

Well April 1 marked a year for me and guess what? I knew I still didn't have it.

I felt a little panic set in. I mean I had spent hours upon hours going after this thing. Driving my wife completely insane I might add.

It wasn't until I saw your Classic Black Sabbath piece that things started really coming together.

Your over the shoulder cam is what did it for me. Your guitar's action was considerably higher than mine. I watched how your fingers tucked slightly under the string above the one you were bending. And they flattened out a bit as well. And your wrist and arm looked so relaxed. After I raised my action and started trying to immulate your technique I knew I was on to something. That was over a month ago I guess.

I don't mind telling you that this weekend was the most incredible musical ride of my life! I couldn't believe these blues bends were coming from me. I felt completely done with guitar a couple of years ago, but I can tell you that feels like another life now. I can't believe how much fun I have ahead of me and I owe some of this to you.

Thank you and best wishes.

26 Jun 2011
Greetings GMC,

Over the past week I've been focusing on string bending every note of the melody in songs like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Three Blind Mice, and Mary Had a Little Lamb. Highly recommend this exercise to anyone interested in getting your bends up to pitch. I can already tell it's paying off in my blues playing. Maybe Guthrie Govan's string bending arrangement of Flight of the Bumblebee will be my focus for next week!
20 Jun 2011
Greetings fellow GMC classmates.

Just thought I'd post my two cents on string bending since I'm really start to get the hang of it.

You know how you read where pros say try to hold on to the string as lightly as possible while bending? Just enough tension to keep the string pressed to the fretboard? Don't listen to them.

The problem with this advice is it is mostly coming from guys who learned how to bend at a very early age. It's almost like second nature to them.

I think the key to getting the hang of it is in a firm three finger grip and a relaxed wrist. I've read where Jerry Arcidiacono mentions this (about the wrist that is). Learn to keep your wrist very relaxed and even experiment with an over-exaggerated grip on the strings. In time you will learn how to relax your grip a bit, but the important thing is you learn how much pressure it actually takes on a guitar with medium to high action to keep the string from slipping on you.

Hope this helps.

13 Jun 2011
Greeting GMC,

I'm having a very productive string bending session today and wanted know if you guys thought my technique sounded okay.

Instead of my typical approach, (I hold on to the string with three fingers and rely on pressure and grooved calluses) I started pressing into the fretboard just beneath the string I'm bending. Of course I'm still holding onto the string but with a lot less pressure. My fingers are signifigantly flatter and the string is resting a little higher up on my fingertip.

It feels great, but just wanted to know if anyone thought I might be getting into a bad habit or something. I hope not because I'm finally getting a nice controlled vibrato. By the way my action is low to medium.

And yes Daniel Realpe I know, I'm micro-analyzing it again.

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