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music generally but most guitar, computer and electronics
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12 Dec 2007
Hey me and my band is play a song which startes with the chord progression of Amaj9 B C#m7. this i repeated 4 times. and last time i play a Dmaj7 as end note..
the reason i asked is because i would like to know which scales or arpeggio can i play over these chords.. and when to use the right.

my tabs are..


because we have a small break in a song. where i would like to fill in some short of short solo

the video is kinda bad cut. because i didnt have any tool to cut it
and there is played at diffrent speeds.
7 Mar 2007
hello all gmc's.. i have been practicsing speedpick somedays.. but i allways end up with my shoulder hurts alot after around 20-30 minutes of practicsing..

i think my problem is that i dont relax when practicsing.. but i find it hard to relax when i have to count in my head, 1, 2, 3, 4. for keeping the eveness. and got a clue of what my problem is..
22 Feb 2007
hello GMC's..

i have been trying to learn a couple of songs, knocking on heavens door from guns 'n roses and paradise city. but there is some fingerstyle in the begining of those song.
so i when i try to play it slow i always use the wrong fingers on the wrong string.
i have attached the tab so you can see them

i found the tabs on

i choosed those songs because i think they sound very cool. and uses a small amount of chords
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7 Feb 2007
hello i am looking for a metronome and tuner.

and i have been wondering if i should buy them as seperated or in one

thought of buy a Boss TU-60 as it has both. or should i buy Boss TU-12 and Boss DB-30
7 Feb 2007
Hello. i have been trying to practice the spider chromatic lick exercis which i found somewhere on the internet. its where i play on the low e string 5-6-7-8 and then a string 5-6-7-8, but i realized that on kris videos and many other they keep their finger on the threads even if they dont play them. but when i try to do that i feel like i am switching the wrong fingers and such. i am quite sure why they keep their fingers near the thread so they dont have to make big movement, which improves the speed.

so what i do at the moment is that i play the 4 notes on each string. but i remove all my fingers when i switch string.

i dont know if i have missed any lesson where this is covered but i certainly needs a bit assistance smile.gif

Best Regards Gardner
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