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9 Sep 2014
Have people heard about the Vertex Wah & what's lately been going on?
Apparently they've ripped off the BBE Wah and sold it as the Vertex Wah, not only that, way more expensive as well.

I saw a post regarding this on the thegearpage a while back, can't seem to find it again, but a quick google search on 'vertex wah rip off bbe wah' and you'll get some results.

Besides that I'll quote this from a 'thegearpage' post, it's an open letter from Michael Landau.



This letter is in response to the recent events surrounding Mason Marangella and Vertex Effects. I first became aware of the drama concerning the Vertex Wah Wahs through Clif Jones on August 16th. I was late hearing the news because I had been on tour and I’m not a regular on the gear forums. The news was not good, this was exactly the type of drama that has kept me far away from guitar pedal endorsements for most of my life up until recently.

Since I’ve never actually owned a production model Vertex Axis Wah, I anonymously purchased one 12 days ago so I could have it compared to the BBE Ben Wah by a reliable source whom I’ve known for many years,
I wanted to have a first hand account of the results. The results show that the Vertex Axis Wah I recently purchased was identical to the BBE Ben Wah.

Obviously I can’t be involved with a company or associated with a person who runs his company like this,
so officially as of 9-6-2014, I no longer formally endorse any Vertex products.

I would like to state the following facts for clarity:

- I am not an electrical engineer, the only time I open up a pedal is to change the battery.
- I have never used, nor have I ever endorsed any of the production model Vertex Wah Wahs.
- The Wah Wah that has been on my pedalboard since January 2013 is an old Dunlop Cry Baby that was modified by Mason, I don’t know the specifics of the mods, it sounds good to me, it does have a Vertex sticker on it from when Mason worked on it a couple of years ago.
- I do not use, nor have I ever endorsed the Vertex cables.
- I use the Vertex Landau Boost because I love the EXP volume control function.
- I use the Vertex Volume pedal only as an EXP pedal for the Landau Boost.

As of 9-3-2014, I have instructed Mason to give all of the dealers and distributers a 30 day notice
stating that the Vertex Landau Boost and the Vertex Landau Chorus will be discontinued.

Out of respect to the entire guitar community:
If anyone wants to return their Vertex Landau Boost or Vertex Landau Chorus and is having a problem doing so through Vertex or the dealer they purchased it from, please contact Clif @ L.A. Vintage Gear and I will personally provide a full refund.

Michael Landau

3 Sep 2014
So Mr. Big is releasing a new album '...The Stories We Could Tell.' this September (26 EU/30 NA)

And they recently released the first single: Gotta Love the Ride

31 Aug 2014
Not sure if there already have been a post about this, but I couldn't find any, so excuse me if there already is one!

Either ways, for those that don't know, Paul Gilbert recently released a new album 'Stone Pushing Uphill Man' - Paul Gilbert talks: Stone Pushing Uphill Man track-by-track

01. Working for the Weekend (Originally recorded by Loverboy)
02. Back in the Saddle (Originally recorded by Aerosmith)
03. I Got the Feelin' (Originally recorded by James Brown)
04. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Originally recorded by Elton John)
05. Why Don't We Do It In the Road? (Originally recorded by the Beatles)
06. Shock Absorber
07. Purple Without All the Red
08. Murder By Numbers (Originally recorded by the Police)
09. My Girl (Originally recorded by Eric Carmen)
10. Wash Me Clean (Originally recorded by K.D. Lang)
11. Stone Pushing Uphill Man (Non-instrumental)

14 Aug 2013
Check this drummer out! Dean Zimmer

21 Apr 2013
Check out Suhr's 2013 collection, definitely some awesome guitars and they ONLY go for around 5200 GBP (6065 EUR, 7920 USD)! Get 2 today! laugh.gif

I especially like this one

Or this one

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