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31 May 2008
I bought my 1st Carvin a DC400 about 2-3 weeks ago from a local music store for $775.

It has a 14-15" fretboard radius and I think they are the C22N & C22B pick-ups.

I traded my Gibson SG in on that one.

Here are some pics of it:

I bought my 2nd Carvin on Ebay for $405 shipped.
It is a nicely optioned DC127 with M22N and M22T pick-ups I believe.
I just received it on Thursday (5/29th) of this week.

I think it is a 14" radius, maybe 12".

Here are the pics of that one:

Last up I just bought today on ebay for $800.
IT is a DC127 with tons of options, it would be $1550-$1600 when I priced it out new on Carvins site.
It has a M22N and M22T and a 15" fretboard radius (cool).
It is a KOA body with a Quilted Purple top.

Here are some pics of it:

I spent all total $1980 for 3 beautiful Carvins, but the best part was:
I traded my 2007 Faded Gibson SG for $400
I sold my 2005 Gibson Les Paul Standard last night for $1500
I sold my 2008 Fender American Strat today for $750.

Do the math and I still have $670 if another Carvin comes around!!! tongue.gif

1 May 2008
I've went through many amps trying to find the perfect sound, that 80s type Tube distortion without a pedal.

Listen to some early Kiss songs, "Hotter than Hell", "Cold Gin", etc.. or even some AC/DC (Back IN Black). you'll know the tone.

Those bands used Marshalls cranked to the hilt, but that is too loud for my Home so after lots of traveling to Music stores and buying and returning amps I found the perfect amp.

It is the Orange Tiny Terror Class A Tube Amp.
It has a toggle to vary between 7 watts or 15 watts.
Only 3 control knobs - Gain, Tone, and Volume.

Even at low Master Volumes tunring the Gain Knob gets you anywhere to Marshall Crunch to Heavy Hard Rock/Metal Distortion.

Within the last month I bought and returned a Peavey Valveking 112 50w tube amp ($400) and a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 112 40 watt Tube amp ($590).
The Peavey had slightly better distortion, but not great, the Fender Hot Rod had beautiful cleans, but the distortion sucked without a Boss DS1 Pedal. Oh yea, I retuned the $40 pedal too as it is no longer needed. tongue.gif

I also returned my Fender Vibro Champ XD 5 watt Tube/Digital amp ($240), it was nice, but not that authentic sound and the 1x8 speaker was weak.

I also sold my Roland Cube 60w modeling amp and my Fender Microcube amp along with my Dean Vendetta XM.

All those returns, exchanges, and sales left me with $1000 to spend on a perfect amp.
I played the Marshall DSL and TSL combos, the Mesa Express 5:25 and 5:50, and my favorite a Marshall JCM2000 head thru a 4x12 Marshall cab.

Then it happened, the little Orange won me over. The guy felt bad about not recommending it first and cut me a great deal at $400 BRAND NEW for the head, then he was going to sell me a New Marshall 2x12 cabinet specially wired for the Head for $290, but I explained it would not fit in my sports car and it was kind of heavy after my Back surgery..

I asked him about the Epiphone 1x12 Cabinet. He looked it up and said that would actually be even better, but he did not have one in stock. So off to GC and $130 later I had the perfect cabinet.

I still have a $230 credit at the one Music Store, hmmm, maybe a nice reverb/delay pedal (any suggestions?) and/or a Vox DA5 battery operated practice amp for travel when I don't want to risk losing my Orange.

Here is a video of the exact combo I found on YouTube, it is not me, but at least you can hear it.

28 Feb 2008
I have a 2005 Gibson Les Paul Standard and a 2008 Fender American Standard Stratocaster, but lately I have been itching for a Lightweight guitar with full humbucker sound for practicing.

The Les Paul is like bending down to pick up a brick everytime I want to jam and the Stratocaster is fairly thick and not quite as light as I thought it would be.

So, out I went searching for a Gibson SG Standard or 61 Re-issue, but always keeping my eyes open for a Faded Special if it felt right.

In the last couple of months I had played a new SG Special Faded that had sharp frets and high action, a SG Standard that played and sounded ok, but not quite worth spending $1000 for, and I also played a 61 Re-issue that definitely did noit play well enough to warrant $1400+.

Sunday I decided to head out to some local Music stores in search of the perfect SG for me, I had seen some good deals on ebay, but with SGs I have found a wide disparity in how they play, so I figured I better pay a little more and find one I could play in person first.

The second music store I went to had quite a few SG Standards, 1 61 Re-issue and 2 Special Fadeds.

Of course I played them all. The store had a DVD video of some excellent blues/rock/funk going and this gave me a great chance to jam along and check out how the guitars really played.

For some reason, maybe the low price , but I kept coming back to this one Faded SG.

I am not one to buy a guitar for retail, but this guitar was too good to pass up. As a bonus, they had it marked at the old price of $579 and after an hour or so of playing all the guitars I said wrap it up.

The big question, Was it really that good or was I just infatuated with a new guitar?

Well, back home I have been playing all 3 my guitars back to back night after night.
I have to tell you, yes the Les Paul Standard has that great sound and a solid Fretboard feel like no other guitar has, the Strat has that distinctive Strat sound, but the Faded SG just is so comfortable to play, like wearing your favorite T-shirt and jeans.
It is light and has lower fret access that blows the Les Paul away.
It has a nice sound, very warm and bluesy, not as raunchy as other SGs I have played, I like it better.
The sustain is amazing from such a light guitar.
Another surprise, the frets are finished nicely and don't bite or cut my fingers like other lower end Gibsons I have owned did.

I gotta tell you, if I could keep just one of my guitars, this SG would be it.

Last year I traded in my Gibson SG Special that I had originally bought in 1981 or 1982, that guitar never played or sounded as good as this one. I never liked it all that much, but this 2007 Faded SG just blows me away. The Worn Brown looks amazing and I wouldn't change a thing.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. wink.gif

I have even thought about selling my Les Paul? rolleyes.gif

26 Dec 2007
Attached Image

Attached Image

Here is the deal....

Back on 11/27/07 I got a screaming deal on a New Gibson Les Paul Studio Faded Honeyburst, it was a Blem for $653.
It is a nice guitar, but it does not feel or play exactly like my idea of a Gibson Les Paul should, but....
It has the hot 490r/498t pick-ups which I like, just like my previous Gibson Les Paul Special Faded and yes it plays better than that one did. It has a medium thickness 59 rounded Les paul neck. Not as thick as a 50s stlye, but not as thin as a 60s style.

For my birthday on 12/23 I bought a New Gibson Les Paul Standard in Latte Cream online for $1699, it should arrive Monday. They matched the price of a Blem on another site after I told them I was going to return my Les Paul Studio. IT is a $2299-$2399 guitar.
I went to many different Music Stores and tried many different Les Pauls out until I found what felt right.
It is a Gibson Les Paul Standard with the thinner 60s style neck.

My dilemma is this, money does not grow on trees, so....

Should I return the Studio, should I keep both, or should I wait until my Standard gets here and make sure it plays and sounds like I want.
I have until next Wednesday or Thursday to return the faded, they sent me a UPS label that is good for 10 days.

Another option I have is, I could sell the Faded later on via Ebay, I will easily get over $700 for it.
It said it was a Blem, but there is no blem, somebody just returned it to upgrade to another Les Paul.

I thought about selling one of my Fenders, but they just play and sound too good.

The thing I am afraid of is returning the Studio and then finding out I like it better than the Standard soundwise or playability wise.
I want on e Les Paul in my corral.

The two guitars are pictured above, the Latte Cream is the top pic and the Honeyburst is the bottom pic.....

29 Nov 2007
I get bored so quick;y and until I find the perfect guitar, I'll keep changing around.

To cut to the chase, I bought:

a Gibson Les Paul Studio (Honeyburst) brand new with a case.

I also bought a almost new Fender Telecaster FMT HH (Cherryburst) in a TKL case.

I got both guitars for only $1077 TOTAL shipped, a screaming deal.

To pay for my hobby and quest for the best guitar I sold 3 of my guitars and one of them is up for sale with bids on ebay.

I sold my Ibanez Prestige RGA121 for $634 with a gigbag, sold my ESP LTD Viper 400 with active EMGs for $435 in a generic hardshell case, and I sold my Gibson Flying V Faded for $510 with a gigbag.

Right now I have my Gibson Les Paul Special Faded (Ebony) on a auction site and it is already up to $449 without a case. I hope the winner of that auction is smart and pays an extra $50 so I can include my Gibson Protector Hardshell Case (a $200 case). If I bought a nice guitat like that I would want the case.

So, am I nuts or what??? blink.gif

I did go to sam Ash where I played a Framus Camarillo, an awesome guitar for $1700, but not worth that much to me yet.

I played a PRS McCarty that was $2500, also an awesome guitar, but again too much money at this point in time.

I plated numerous Les Paul Studios, Customs, and Classics and finally came to the conclsuion....

The Custom is nor worth $2500, too heavy, the Classic was really nice for $1350 pre-owned, but I want to stay with the 490r & 498T classic Gibson Pick-ups, so the Studio was my choice.
You still get the Maple top, but without $1000-$2000 worth of frills like binding.
I kind of wish the Studio had the slim 60s neck like my Special I am selling, but the Fatter Studio neck is great for sustain and sound.

Eventually I will probably step up to a $1500+ guitar, butright now buying and selling high quality lower cost guitars is too much fun. wink.gif

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