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11 Aug 2020
Today I'd like to share some songwriting experiences as some of you suggested HERE..

Have you heard the song LOOP by Ramen, my band?

I want to share with you some pre demos and details on how we get the final version.

At the beginning of this year, I was very into Rage Against The Machine and I was thinking that it would be great to have a song with that feel but that had a more modern production. That's this riff came to my mind so I've recorded it with my phone:

Attached File  Riff_Demo.mp4 ( 108.11K ) Number of downloads: 12

That riff was simple but very promising. I've decided to give it a full song structure, trying to keep the same riff for most of the parts, or at least for intro, verse and chords, as it happens with many hip hop songs (and also RATM ones).

I've used cubase to program midi, record guitars and base. This is what I've got:

Attached File  Ramen_pre_idea_4.mp3 ( 3.87MB ) Number of downloads: 9

After that, I've worked on some melodies. As I always do, I've sung in a non existing language but that sound close to English.. laugh.gif

Attached File  Ramen_pre_idea_4_con_voz_refe.mp3 ( 3.87MB ) Number of downloads: 8

That was the demo that I've shared with the rest of the band. They loved the tune so we worked on arrangements, lyrics, recorded, produced and this is what we finally got:

Translated version:

What do you think? Do you have any questions? Do you work your songs in a similar way?
7 Aug 2020
John Petrucci Is Back, and Portnoy too!!

6 Aug 2020
Hello friends!! Welcome to this new "post-quarantine" collab. Although it seems that Quarantine is eternal in my city. sad.gif

This one is based on my new lesson: Dark Blues Rock

Backing track: Attached File  Dark_Blues_Rock_Collab_85bpm.mp3 ( 662.07K ) Number of downloads: 46

This is an only audio collaboration. Please record your solo over this backing track, share your only guitar and mix audio files!

Key: D minor (Check the lesson to know the chord progression and suggested scales)
Tempo: 85 bpm

Who is in? smile.gif
4 Aug 2020
Hello friends! Here I'll start sharing experiences and answering your questions regarding all the things that involve having band, choosing the right bandmates, finding your style, composing, arranging, recording, getting gigs, touring, promotion and everything else! (As we've talked HERE)

If these thread is welcome, I'll continue this series. So feel free to add more answers here, and also to share your own experiences based on the topics covered.

As I already have some specific questions about my new band, this first thread will be based on answering these ones.

1. What's it like to re-group? What's going to stay the same? What's going to be different? (Klasaine)

Cirse broke up because our singer decided to go solo (simpler version of the story). It was a very hard moment for us (the rest of the band) since we were living one of the best moments in our careers. We'd just done the biggest tour and the plans where to reach USA by the end of 2019.
At first, we decided to take a break in order think what to do next. After some weeks, my brother (bassist), Tato (Drummer) and me had a meeting just to have a nice time. The cool thing was that all our friends said us to continue with Cirse. After some thinking and some other meetings, we decided to search for a singer and re-group.
There are many advantages of re-grouping and continuing together. The first one that we noted is that it has a great impact in our followers. They love the fact that we are still making music together, and we also love it as we have a really nice friendship.

What's going to stay the same? Each of us has a strong point. Our drummed is great with public relations, my brother is very involved in production, and I enjoy composition, production, and social networks. By the way, at least during this first year, we are all involved in everything.

Attached Image

What's going to be different? In Cirse, I was the main composer. I've composed music and melody for all the songs, and I was also the only involved in production. Now we are working more like a team with this things.

2. how you got the gig with Metallica and Duran Duran? (Phil66)

There is a question first, "how you got the gig with Paramore". In 2010, we released "Imaginario", our second album and there was a famous band (formed after us) that was sounding in a similar style. We were very underground, but Paramore was one of the most popular bands worldwide. One day we found our that Paramore was coming to Buenos Aires. It was our opportunity to show our music to many potential fans.

Our manager (at that time) searched for the producer that was bringing them to our country and visit them. At the same time, we asked our most loyal followers to do some kind of crackdown in Facebook. They created a group called "We want Cirse opening for Paramore". And suddenly this group was full of people!
When the producer heard our band and found out the group, he thought that we were the best option for that.

Opening for Paramore backstage

The show was a success and we started a nice relationship with this producer. That same company organized lots of shows and festivals here, and as we had a good experience (also people loved the band and we did the biggest jump in our careers), we ended playing with Metallica, Duran Duran, Incubus, Avril Lavigne and many others thanks to them.

Attached Image

3. Have the Cirse fans automatically become Ramen fans? Has there been any negativity from Cirse fans comparing the singers? Have you any different goals for Ramen, than you had for Cirse? (Posterboy)

Have the Cirse fans automatically become Ramen fans? Fortunately the band has been really well received. It's tricky to start with a new name, but I can say that it couldn't be better. As I've said before, our fans loved the fact that we are still together making music.

Attached Image
(notice that the flower appearing there is "CIRSE" flower)

Has there been any negativity from Cirse fans comparing the singers? I haven't seen any negative comparison. Both are very different and this was something that people valued a lot. We didn't try to find a copy, it's a totally different type of singer, with different voice, attitude and image.

Have you any different goals for Ramen, than you had for Cirse? We are living a different world (and even more with Covid!). The main goal is to try to make great things that we are proud of, without rushing. We are also thinking on making less shows but with better quality, and focus more on going outside our country.
One of the things that we decided is to try to make music that sounds modern, fresh, new... We didn't want to do the same old thing. This means that we are experimenting with synths, electronic drums, other type of guitar sounds, rhythms and melodies. The idea is to create a new identity, a new sound for us. That's the main goal now... we are just starting the journey, but if you compare Cirse with Ramen, you'll see that everything is different, but we keep the essence.



Listen to RAMEN:


What about you? Do you have experiences re-grouping a band? Have you ever opened for a most popular band? Let's learn more experiences about this!
And also, feel free to add more questions for future thread! smile.gif

I hope that you enjoy this post! Have a nice week.
22 Jul 2020
Hi guys! How are you?

As some of you may know, my band Cirse broke up the last year and now I have a new band called Ramen. I was thinking that I can share with you many details about my experiences with Cirse, and now with Ramen regarding composition, arranging, production, recording, playing live, dealing with bandmates, recording video clips, live sessions, marketing, press, social networks, youtube, spotify, and lots of things more.

With Cirse, we've released 4 studio albums, one live with an Orchestra and 2 Eps, wetoured all along Argentina, México, Paraguay, and Uruguay, and we played with bands like Metallica, Paramore, Duran Duran, Bring Me The Horizon, Incubus, Dave Mathews band and many other ones.

We are living a new beginning now. Ramen is the same band but with a different singer so in some senses we are starting again but with much more experiences and knowledge.

Attached Image
Martin Magliano (Drummer) - Sebastián Leopardi (Bass Player) and me. That day we decided to continue together and start a new band.

Attached Image
Ramen during our last youtube livestream.

Are you interested? Which topics interest you the most? smile.gif

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hey gab just wanna say, well done on this solo in this song dded&v=1OaVXdm5xak#! the whole song rocks!
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