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I'm Othneil (Isiah) Drew, Melodic Death metal, Djent, Metalcore solo guitarist. I post original music, tips, backing tracks, and lick of the week on my website.
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23 years old
U.S Virgin Islands
Born Oct-26-1995
Playing guitar, Rapping, Photography, Video editing, and Webdesign
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26 Apr 2013
Hey, I have a question about 7-string guitar tunings if anyone here has owned one or messed around with one.

But anyway. Here's the problem. I usually play in Drop A# with my 6-string guitar which tunings are: A#-F-A#D#-G-C
So majority of my songs are written in that tuning.

Now when I get the 7-string guitar.
The tuning is going to be in Drop A: A-E-A-D-G-B-E. But here's the problem now. it's basically in standard tuning with the extra string. I DON'T WANT THAT. I wanted it to be in the same tuning with all the strings tuned down 5 steps, but I don't have a baritone guitar, so it might not hold the tunings properly!

So, what do you suggest I do to get my seven string guitar tuned the way I have my six string to continue playing my songs on the new guitar?
16 Feb 2013
Ahhhh... where to start... So my school is about to have this pep-rally thing and I really want to play in-front of the whole school, the only problem is that I'm super nervous! I've only ever played at crowds like around 50 people, my school has about 600 students and the stage is setup wierd, which makes me a bit more nervous. I don't really know how to get over this fear, but I need to asap. It's really making me past up on some great opportunities. Any tips/ideas to help me? I know everyone has come across this problem.
12 Feb 2013
Hey, so I've been getting into mixing lately and running into a lot of awesome vst's and programs, but the only problem is... There not free... If your like me, then you don't really have money to spend on equipment all the time. So that's why I'm looking for some free vst's for mixing such as compression, eq, high pass filter (I WANT THIS ONE THE MOST), etc. I've post some VST's that I've found on the web below. Check them out and post a download link to some that you think are helpful, especially the high pass filter, I really want a good/easy to use one!

Also, can you be soo kind to list the order in which you guys apply vst effects when your mixing/mastering? I'm just curious.

90 free mixing vst's

DON'T FORGET to share and post download links to your favorite mixing/mastering VST plugins. And, also, list the order in wihich you apply vst effects when your mixing/mastering... Thanks would really appreciate it... Have a nice day biggrin.gif

-Isiah Drew
18 Jan 2013
Well... I just purchased the Seymour Duncan Dimebucker (Dimebag's pickup) pickup and I'm desperately waiting to put it in my guitar to play around with it. In the meanwhile, I'm just curious on what kind of pickups you guys are using and your opinion on them. (Post a picture of the pickup your using if you want)
-Isiah Drew

10 Dec 2012
‎2012 XMAS Giveaway: GRUV GEAR FretWraps | Enter now before it's to late!!!

Hey, Isiah here. I decided to do this giveaway to say thank you to all the people who subbed and share some of my music... It's just a simple giveaway to start of my channel. I know it seems small but, free is better than nothing... The more fans I have to engage with, the bigger the prizes will be! So please share this with your friends! Later guys, Peace.
-Isiah Drew

*The very first to guitar licks are by Ben Higgins lesson "Running Around". Check him out, he's a great guitarist as you probably know already!
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