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27 Aug 2011
Is a triad any 3 notes, out of a scale, played simultaenously? Or are there other requirements (must include root etc)
23 Aug 2011
On the following link, it states the chords derived from the A Hungarian Minor are:
C minor, D7 flat fifth, E flat aug, G major, A flat 7th, and B minor sixth

Are these the ONLY chords you can play an A Hungarian minor too?

If I wrote a song in regular AM, could I play the A Hungarian minor over it? I ask because the A Hungarian minor, has notes , which are not in the key of AM (Eb and G#)
21 Aug 2011
Never been good at theory and trying to grasp the concepts. I understand the major scale and how it has 7 modes.

My questions are:

-Are minor scales derived from the major scale? It looks like most minor scales I see, are just the Aeloian mode of a major scale. The formula is the same right?

-Are pentatonic scales also derived from the major scale in a way? Pentatonic just means 5 notes of any key correct? I notice that the pentatonic scale has 5 patterns (one for each note I assume). Are these "patterns" the same thing as "modes?"

-It seems to me, if you know the major scale and all modes, you automatically know the minors as well. But the pentatonic is a completely separate scale with it's own formula (TS ^ T ^ T ^ TS ^ T)

7 Aug 2011
I have an old RG270 I'm using to try and learn about guitar setup.

I adjusted the truss rod (counter clockwise) to get the neck straight and the guitar is a little bit out of innotation. I don't see any innotation screws on the bridge. Do I really have to take the cover off the back and adjust the position of the springs? If so, which direction do I go, if the guitar is a little sharp? Do I drive the screws into the body or away?

3 Aug 2011
My low E and A string have a *slight* buzz on my new guitar. I'm not sure if it would be audible through an amp. The other 4 strings are perfect. In this case, could I adjust just one side of the bridge? Or is it recommended you always turn both adjustment screws the same?
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