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Chris S.
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24 years old
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Born Jan-5-1993
Playing, building and customizing guitars, amps and effects.
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30 Jul 2016
Hey guys!

So I don't know if you remember me talking about it before but I suffer from wrist pain due to tendinitis - specifically in the top part of my wrist, where the face of a watch would sit - on my picking hand.

I wear a small wrist strap everyday that helps add a little bit of stability to my wrist but I've run into a problem:

As it is adjustable, there is Velcro that wraps around the whole strap, and when playing certain things like sweep picking, the Velcro tends to snag and get caught on the bridge and prevents me from moving any further - quite annoying.

So I was wondering if you guys know of any wrist supports geared specifically towards to guitar playing that won't give me this issue?

Thanks guys!

12 Jul 2016
In case you guys haven't heard my remake of my song Goodbye bounced around the forum here it is:

The remake came for two reasons:

1. I was unhappy with the instrumentation

2. It wasn't considered "radio friendly" with the body smashing against a car at the end of it

So with these two changes the tune will now receive a single play on a local radio station.

Hope you guys like it smile.gif
6 Jul 2016
This question to anyone with mastering knowledge:

How do I get my tracks as loud as a reference track?

I understand one of the final steps is to use a clipper and then limiter to boost the track and then limit it so it doesn't clip - but it's still never as loud as any reference track I stack it up to.

For example: I mastered a track, and listening to it in the car I needed my volume on 20 when any other song is around 16 or 17 for the same volume.

If I just push the limiter even more I feel like I would be over limiting the track and everything just starts to fall apart - am I missing something here?

Thank you smile.gif
1 May 2016
So my local radio station 97.9X (Rock) will be airing my latest song "Forever" tonight on the 'Locals Only' segment, where it is only two spots behind the closer.

It's very humbling to be able to hear your own creation on the radio - and I was wondering if anyone else has an experience to share? smile.gif

97.9X Locals Only
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