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7 Jul 2008
I was wondering what users and instructors here have had formal guitar lessons and who has not?

For formal training I'm interested in serious lessons not I took lessons for two weeks and stopped because my teacher sucked. More along the lines of I've studied for a longer period of time with my teacher and I've learned techniques and theory with them not just jammed and learned songs.

The reason behind it is that I'm finding I don't have much discipline at all and I'm beginning to want to try and find a real life teacher I can go see every week who will challenge me to learn new techniques and theory.

I've gotten a few instructional videos like Rock Discipline by Petrucci, and the Metallica DVDs by Lick Library, and I want to be a good guitarist, but when I look at solos and try to learn them I just get discouraged and then stop trying to learn them because it seems fruitless!

Other thoughts are more than welcomed.
27 Jun 2008
Like all true Metallica fans, one must eventually learn Master of Puppets.

My question for downpicking is where does the motion come from? The wrist? I can't seem to get it from anywhere else.

And when I do get it, my whooole right arm tenses up. I suppose this means I need to slow down and work at a slower tempo until I can play it relaxed doesn't it? Bah.

19 Jun 2008
How do you guys learn all of the notes of the fretboard?

I know all of the ones that I use consistently for chording, but I'm terrible with the higher strings.

I'm going to start learning me some scales seriously and naming off the notes of the scale as I play it but is there such a software that exists to help you learn it or quizzes you?

Other than this, what else can I do to aid the process?
19 Jun 2008
I am just listening to John Petrucci's Suspended Animation and as much as he is my favourite guitarist, I find I get slightly bored with solo albums in general.

Albums that are purely instrumental just seem to be missing something.

Am I the only one in this boat or am I the one missing something about them?
18 Jun 2008
Alright, it's time for Ryan (that's me) to get serious about guitar again.

I've realized that my downfall the last time I tried to do this was not realizing that there's a difference between practicing and playing my guitar.

I PLAY my guitar quite a bit, but I didn't PRACTICE my guitar enough. Hence, progress was hardly visible when it came down to learning scales, theory, and new techniques.

This means I need to sit down and plan out a practice schedule before I sit down to actually practice. This includes learning scales, and practicing techniques. Then I can waste as much time as I want playing my guitar.

My question to all of you is how do you achieve this?

What does your practice plan look like for every day and how do you record your progress?

I was thinking about making an Excel spreadsheet and recording at the start of each week the speed, or whatever unit of measurement you're going to use, and trying to improve it every week.

I know that most of my favourite guitarists (the biggest being Petrucci) have a very in-depth theory understanding so I think I'm going to start by learning the notes of the fretboard and learning scales.

I'm also going to start playing scales up and down while trying to match the pitch, then trying to do it without playing and just singing it to improve my ear.

I require structure because I don't have enough discipline and I need your help!
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