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Mike RR24
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56 years old
Juarez Mexico
Born May-31-1965
Guitars, Ham Radios,Computers, Surviving !!
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18 Apr 2013
I just wanted to share this mental block I had for so long:


I don't know how many months I have been struggling with this gallop picking when I re read your message and the answer was right at the top:

I found the gallop rhthym quite tricky too. However, the time I really got better at it was when I stopped over analyzing it and just felt the groove.

Thanks for the advice Ben. I'm starting with a D DU - Not sure if it changes per song or not? I;ve seen others say DUDUDUDUDU But the D DU works good for me. Working with a metronome to get the speed up. It feels like I may make it now.

Michael Connell
22 Jun 2012
smile.gif Hey guy's have you seen this yet? It's not even my kind of music but I love it. I cannot seem to stop watching it and although it is a cover. I think it's better than the original. That violin just brings so much to the table when you are making music it seems.
One thing is for sure it the words don't even need to make sense to sound good. Just wanted to share it and get your comments on it. I hope the video shows up here it's not showing it in preview I did a insert youtube. Incase not its' rolleyes.gif

10 Jun 2012
Hey guy's what are numbers that are in Parenthesis mean in Tabs.. like the one's I am attaching a pic of ? Any help would be appreciated. I'm not sure how to handle them.
21 May 2012
Don't know what else to say. I've been studying that stuff of Ben's and I have the concept of what Legato is but I can no way play it like Ben can. mellow.gif Even switching is horribly slow. I Guess this is a normal processing of learning. ohmy.gif

Cosmin I don't know how taxes in the UK go but I hate the U.S. with a passion dude. When I found out what % of my 401k they were taking it's just robbery !! mad.gif I'm really thinking about maybe Germany or London. Not knowing either one is living in Europe better than the US. Some are telling me stuff about running water??? What the hells that about?? Is there running water for showers etc... I can't imagine it worse here then there so enlighten me Cosmin !! Where a good place to live over there where there are a lot of Musicians ????
13 May 2012
Well I am already a GMC user but had to renew due to a changed payment method. My name is Mike Connell and I'm going to be 47 in a few weeks.

My wife and I have been members for 1 year in July 2012. I searched all over the place for online guitar learning sites and was very surprised when I found GMC. After being a member of many other sites when I joined GMC I cancelled all the other memberships. GMC has been a great place to learn. The instructors are very friendly and have kept me motivated in increasing my skills. There are so many good instructors it's hard to not be able to find someone you click with. The price is amazing and not greedy. We also signed up our Daughter as she is a learning guitar player. We have been on a roll buying equipment in the last few years so we have a couple Marshall Heads MA-100 and the MG-100( Don't Cringe) lol, I did however pickup a few pre-amps lately that I thought were really awesome. The Digitech GSP1101's. Got one for each of us and really impressed with how they work in improving our sound. Also added a few more guitars so we have 2 Ibanez, 2 Gibson's, Jackson RR24(Strictly Metal). Fender Strat. LTD EC-1000 and a few others. It great to find something legal to become addicted to !!
We play Metal mainly but are also learning some Alternative/Rock ie: Green Day, Blink 182, Lincoln Park. GMC has been instrumental in our playing abilities and I hope they never go away. Were looking forward to a lifetime with GMC.
See you guy's on the forums and thanks for all your encouragement and help. I can't really name anyone specific cause there would not be room to type them all !! biggrin.gif
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