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22 Mar 2010
I want to join the green berets... I have researched a lot about anything, and everything about them. From equipment, to operations, and to simple training. I know all about what I gotta score on PT's, and my ASVAB to be qualified. Im just wondering, is there any tips, or something you can tell me that I can't research on the internet?

Or, just anything in general about the military?

Btw, USA Military...
16 Feb 2010
When picking odd groupings such as 7, 10, 11, 5. Ive always been confused on this. Do you play 7 notes per beat, or do you play 7 notes like 16th note triplets, only you accent differently? Does that make sense?

Completely off subject here. I tried changing my email for logging in. Kept on giving me incorrect password. . .
11 Sep 2009
I need some hints, tips, or anything...
I have been out of a job for about a year now... First 6-9 months doing the self-employment/under the table jobs.. After that things died down.. Been looking for any kind of job lately, but I have had no luck. Can't even get an interview out of the TONS of apps I put in. It's really rough, only being 20. Slim to moderate experience with misc. things....
Anybody got any ideas, or can offer some advice to me for find a job?
17 Mar 2009
I have been pushing frets down really lightly, and picking very lightly these recent days. Just trying to stay completely relaxed. But doing this i started to get NH popping out when releasing the frets, any advice on stopping it?
10 Mar 2009
I tried to post a feedback comment for Carlos's new lesson, and it says login to forums to comment. I did, went back there, then it says login to comment. I go back to login again "maybe i messed up first time" no i was logged in already, then i logged in again. Still doing it......

Anyone else experiencing this?
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Stephane Lucarel...
Hi Ryan !
Thanks for your kind words & your friendship.
All the best,
5 Mar 2009 - 22:35


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